ZERO 8 Electric Scooter Review – Best E-Scooter For $800? 

 August 27, 2020

By  Rando

ZERO 8 Electric Scooter Review

ZERO 8 electric scooter is one of the latest models of electric scooter. It is made with the intention of providing the best experience to the users.

The design and features of ZERO 8 electric scooter are unique and hence it has become one of the top-selling products in a very short time. The main reason behind the popularity of ZERO 8 electric scooter is that it comes with a number of features that makes it stand out from other products available in the market.

ZERO 8 electric scooter is designed keeping in mind the needs of modern people. It has a sleek and stylish design which makes it look very attractive.

ZERO 8 electric scooter is made using high quality materials which makes it very durable. ZERO 8 electric scooter is very easy to use and it can be used by anyone regardless of their age or gender. ZERO 8 electric scooter comes with a warranty of one year which ensures that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product. ZERO 8 electric scooter is available in two colors, black and white. ZERO 8 electric scooter is priced at $800 which makes it very affordable for everyone.

There are many reasons why the ZERO 8 would be the best choice for a lot of individuals but it is crucial to take a closer look and see whether the hype is real. The questions is not whether the ZERO 8 is better than the Xiaomi M365 or the Ninebot Segway E22E e-scooters but rather is it worth the extra price tag? We are going to find an answer to this questions in this ZERO 8 electric scooter review.

ZERO 8 Electric Scooter Review: Basic Specs and Features

Lets see what the ZERO 8 brings to the table in terms of performance, build quality, comfort, battery life and price.

The ZERO 8 has been equipped with a 500 Watt motor, which has been paired with a 20A controller. 500 Watts is plenty of power to climb up 15 degree slopes with a 150 pound load. There are a lot more cool features that bring the performance to very high level. It takes 5-7 hours to fully charge the scooter.

ZERO 8 Electric Scooter Review - specs

For example the ZERO 8 features front spring and rear hydraulic suspension, along with the 8-inch tires, the rider comfort even over bumps is very smooth with very little vibration.

The top speed for the ZERO 8 electric scooter is 22 mph and it accelerates to 15 mph in 4.9 seconds and reaches 20 mph in 8.4 seconds. The range for the ZERO 8 is 25 miles in ideal riding conditions, which is excellent results for a basic entry-level electric scooter.

The scooter weight is 40 pounds, which is fairly heavy but it needs to be a bit heavier to handle the 500 Watt motor. The maximum load capacity is a standard 220 pounds.

ZERO 8 electric scooter

The cable-activated rear drums brakes of the ZERO 8 are of high quality. Drum brakes are known for their durability and strength. If you want a scooter with strong and reliable brakes then you can be sure that the ZERO 8 will not disappoint.

ZERO 8 Electric Scooter Review: Extra Features of The ZERO 8

What makes the ZERO stand out from other similar electric scooter is its well designed and though-through folding mechanism. It folds down to a compact 39x7x14 inch package. For a 40 pound scooter this is quite a feat.

ZERO 8 electric scooter folding

What makes this possible are the stem folding mechanism, folding handlebars and stem telescoping mechanism. The build quality of these mechanism is really high as well. When locked into place there is no wobble or slop. The foldable handlebars can be locked into place with extra screw mechanism. The folding mechanism that is attached to the deck and stem collapse quickly and smoothly as well.

The LCD display integrates the mode button, power button, as well as the throttle control, similarly to Dualtron scooter models and other Zero models. The LCD display features battery level, speedometer, trip odometer, as well as gear display. The gear display basically shows the speed controller mode. The more aggressive the speed mode the more speed but less range.

The left hand brake lever controls the rear drum brake. The handlebars, which are quite wide, easily fold for transportation or storage. The handlebars are also in a comfortable position that increases rider confidence and stability when riding. Of course the height of the handlebars is adjustable by the telescoping neck.

Review of ZERO 8 Electric Scooter: Lights, Tires and Deck!

The ZERO 8 features deck and fender lights that are forward facing, in addition to the red rear deck light. The lighting is not exactly bright enough to light up dark roads and it would be recommended to purchase additional lighting for added visibility.

ZERO 8 Review

The ZERO 8 has 8-inch aire filled (pneumatic) front tire and the rear tire is solid. For added performance it would have been better to have dual pneumatic tires though.

The deck space is fairly large at 18.2×6.2 inches. The deck itself has a clearance of 4.2 inches. In addition the handlebar-to-deck height can be adjusted from 38.4 to 27.6 inches.

Final ZERO 8 Electric Scooter Review

The build quality of the ZERO 8 is really excellent, especially all the folding parts. It has plenty of power, speed and battery capacity. It is the cheapest model of the ZERO electric scooter models. It certainly has much better specs than the M365 and beats it in every department other than the price. The £150 pound difference is actually that much.

If you are looking for an upgrade to the M365 or other similar electric scooter than the ZERO 8 is just that. For an extra £150 pounds you get more of everything. Buying this scooter is a wise investment and the customer support at RevRides is also second to none.

There is one issue though with the ZERO 8 and that it is that it is out of stock. At least at the moment it is. This alone shows that people love this scooter model and it might take some time before you can get your hands on one. But you can take a look at other more powerful ZERO electric scooters. RevRides has lots of different electric scooters on sale.

FAQ About the ZERO 8 Electric Scooter

Q: Do the ZERO models come with a charger? A: Yes. All ZERO models come with one standard charger.

Q: Are the ZERO models waterproof? A: Not really. The ZERO models are built to with stand small amounts of water, but we recommend avoiding wet conditions like puddles or riding in the rain.

It also has a 6-month warranty.

This was a quick ZERO 8 electric scooter review. Hopefully you got something out of it and made your decision about what scooter to buy a little easier.

Excellent E-Scooter

Tim J - verified buyer

I bought the Zero 8 scooter as a birthday gift for my sister, and she has thoroughly enjoyed riding it the past few months. The scooter was delivered quickly (~1 week from order confirmation to delivery confirmation) with no external damage. Fortunately, the scooter comes fully assembled so she was able to ride it immediately after charging the battery. She uses the scooter daily since she lives about 5-6 miles from her job downtown. I would highly recommend this scooter for anyone who has a 1-10 mile commute for work.


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