What Is The Weight Limit For An Electric Scooter? 

 September 18, 2020

By  Rando

The Weight Limit For An Electric Scooter

When you are planning to purchase an electric scooter for personal use then you have to take into account lots of factors. The weight limit is one important factor for sure. Different electric scooters have different weight limits so you need to make sure you make the right decision. So what is the weight limit for an electric scooter exactly?

It is necessary to know the weight limit for an electric scooter if you are a heavier person. If you weigh under 200 pounds then you can ride every adults electric scooter and the weight limit of an electric scooter is nit an issue for you.

But if you weight over 200 pounds then you have already reached the limit of some popular scooter models. The more you weigh the harder it is to find an electric scooter for yourself. Not only is it harder to find such a scooter, you also need to spend more money.

For a scooter to be able to handle a heavy person, it needs to weigh more, built of durable materials, have more battery power and more powerful motor, strong suspension and bigger tires etc.

Here is a short list of the weight limit for some popular electric scooter models.

The Weight Limit For An Electric Scooter

1. Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

The Weight Limit For An Electric Scooter -Xiaomi M365

The Xiaomi M365 is the most popular electric scooter in the world at the moment and for good reason. It is a great value for money, has plenty of speed, range, ride quality, portability, reliability and design. It is a really good choice for people looking to buy a affordable but reliable scooter for daily commutes. The weight limit for the Xiaomi M365 is 220 pounds.

If you weigh over 220 pounds then you have exceeded the recommended weight limit. In such a case the warranty is void. The speed, acceleration and range also greatly decrease the more you weigh. For a heavier person the Xiaomi M365 is not the best choice. But there are scooters that have a higher weight limit.

EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter

EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter - Emove touring

The weight limit for an electric scooter generally goes up the more expensive it is. For a heavier person the EMOVE Touring would be a much better choice. The weight limit for the EMOVE Touring is 330 pounds, which is 110 pounds more than for the Xiaomi M365.

This is a huge difference and not only has the EMOVE Touring a higher weight limit but it also has more power, range, acceleration and ride quality. For example the Touring has a top speed of 24 mph and a 500 Watt motor, while the M365 has a top speed of 15 mph and a 250 Watt motor.

The Touring also has a much better range at 25 miles, compared to 18.5 miles for the Xiaomi M365. Also the Touring has great breaks and suspension, which the M365 does not have. The specs are certainly much better for the Touring and not just the weight limit.

Of course it is more expensive with a price of $899 at  VoroMotors.

3. Turbowheel Lightning+ Electric Scooter

Turbowheel Lightning+ - Weight limit for an electric scooter

If you want a scooter with a high weight limit that has lots of power, speed, acceleration and range then the Turbowheel Lightning + is the ideal choice. The weight limit for the Lightning + is 330 pounds or 150 kg, which is the same as the EMOVE Touring but the Lightning + is far more powerful.

The Lightning + has a motor with 1,200 Watts of sustained power and 3,600 Watts of peak power. The top speed is 45 mph or 72 km/h for a standard 175 pound person. For a heavier person the top speed is a bit lower but it is still going to be way faster than the Xiaomi M365.

The range of the battery of the Lightning + is also way better when compared to the standard electric scooter. The range can be 50 miles when fully charged. For a heavy person the range might be 40 miles or so but it is still a lot of range.

The brakes and suspension are also of much better quality. Of course the weight of the scooter at up to 80 pounds is much heavier than the 27.5 pounds for the Xiaomi M365 but this is inevitable. The Lightning + has not been designed to be an ultra portable lightweight scooter but a high performance scooter able to handle a heavier person.

The cost of the Turbowheel Lightning + is a little over $2000 so it is not cheap for sure.

Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

Weight Limit For An Electric Scooter - Apollo Pro

The Apollo Pro is considered to be one of the best performance electric scooters in its price range. The weight limit is again at 330 pounds but the Apollo Pro has many other features that make it very impressive overall package.

The two 1,000 Watt brushless motors with peak output of 1,200 watts generate a top speed of up to 40 mph and accelerate the scooter to 15 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

The battery range when fully charged for a 175 pounds person is up to 56 miles on one 1,000 watt motor and 25 miles with both 1,200 Watt motors. The high performance disc brakes and regenerative brake are able to make the scooter come to a full stop at 24 km/h in just 3 meters.

The Apollo Pro also features  10-inch pneumatic tires and dual spring shock absorbers, which make it extremely comfortable to ride at high speeds. The weight of the scooter is 77 pounds and it also has a IP-54 water resistance rating.

The price for the Apollo Pro is $1,899.00, which is a bit lower than the Turbowheel Lightning+. The Apollo Pro also has a upgraded Pro 60 Volt version, which costs $2,499 and the Pro 60 Volt Ludicrous version which costs $3,499!

Dualtron X Electric Scooter

Weight limit for an Electric Scooter - Dualtron X

If the price tag is not an issue for you and you want to own an absolute monster of a scooter then the Dualtron X is the one. The weight limit for the Dualtron X is 265 pounds, which is somewhat lower than the previous electric scooters. So if you weigh over 300 pounds you might want to lose a bit of weight because it is worth it.

For example the Dualtron X has a  6720 Watt brushless DC motors that can reach speeds in excess of 55 mph. It is also able to accelerate to 25 mph in just 4 seconds and it takes just 2.2 seconds to accelerate to 15 mph.

The maximum range for a standard weight rider under ideal conditions can be up to 93 miles. The Dualtron X has been designed and built for crazy speed and range.

As you can imagine the tires, suspension and frame of the Dualtron X need to be very strong and reliable and they are. The 13-inch diameter tires along with the dual coil-over-shocks and steering damper, make the ride very stable and comfortable at high speeds.

The Dualtron X also has impressive nutt-branded fully-hydraulic disc brakes. The weight of the scooter is a very heavy 150 pounds and the price tag of $6000 is also out of reach for most people. But if you want an electric scooter that really impresses then why not choose the Dualtron X if you have the money?

The Weight Limit For An Electric Scooter: Conclusion

The weight limit for an electric scooter can vary greatly as you can see. Just because you weigh more than 200 or 300 pounds even, does not mean you can’t ride an electric scooter. There are lots of choices out there and as time goes on the choices will only increase.

Sure you need to pay a bit more money but you also get a much high quality and much better performing scooter in general. The weight limit is really not a limit at all.


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