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August 26, 2020

What is The Best Electric Scooter For Long Commutes

The best electric scooters for long commutes

What is the best electric scooter for long commutes? Every person has different requirements for electric scooters. Some just want a cheap, light and foldable electric scooter for commuting to work or school. A basic e-scooter, such as the Xiaomi M365, is ideal for such a purpose. But other people want to know what is the fastest electric scooter or which one has the best range. You will be absolutely shocked to find out what monster electric scooters are there available to buy.

In this post I will list the best electric scooters for long commutes with looking at the price tag. Lets be honest, the vast majority of people can’t afford the scooters listed here. It is basically just a fun post to show you what a e-scooter is capable of when it is pushed to its technological limits. The limits for some of these scooters are really scary to think about.

The Best Electric Scooters For Long Commutes

The Best Electric Scooter for long commutes: Dualtron X II

The Dualtron X II is the new and improved 2020 version of the Dualtron X. This beast of a electric scooter has a massive 8300 Watts of power. Yes, actually 8300 Watts, which is about 1,400 watts more than the Dualtron X.

The range for this scooter is an unmatched 93 miles, which is about 150 km. The top speed for the Dualtron II e-scooter is 68+ mph. This is more than most speed limits are on highways. All of this incredible and ridiculous power is made possible by 72V 3024Wh (LG, Li-on Battery). This beast is also able to ride on 60-70% steep slopes without any problems.

Hydraulic Bike Tunning 19 Step suspension also adds unrivaled stability to the scooter at such high speeds. The Dualtron X II has LED lighting system with built-in steering tube and Dual LED front lamp., side deck LED light, illuminated LED bar, brake light and ambient LED taillight.

The weight of the scooter is a very heavy 145.5 pounds and weight limit is 330 pounds. The price for the Dualtron X II with a range of 93 miles is $6500! Yep, you have to spend a lot of money if you want to own the best electric scooter for long commutes.

ZERO 11X Electric Scooter for Long Commutes

ZERO 11X Electric Scooter - best electric scooter for long commutes

The ZERO 11x electric scooter is available to buy at RevRides, although chances are that it is sold out. It is the most expensive and advanced ZERO models on the market at the moment. It has more power, speed and range than previous ZERO electric scooter models.

This scooter has 1600 Watt brushless motors that can produce 5600 Watts of maximum power. The maximum speed is 60 mph and on eco mode the range is up to 90 miles when fully charged. It is certainly one of the fastest and longest ranged electric scooters available. Ideal for long commutes. The high capacity 72V 32Ah lithium-ion LG battery is the reason why the range is 90 miles on this beast.

ZERO 11X - best electric scooter for longer commutes

The weight of the scooter is 131 pounds and load capacity is 330 pounds. The 11-inch tires are air filled, dual hydraulic disk breaks. The suspension on the ZERO 11x is long travel front and rear spring, front and rear LED lights and the retail price is $3500!

It is certainly one of the best electric scooters that money can buy and if you have the money and if you are crazy enough then why not buy this beast?

Speedway 5 Electric Scooter For Long Commutes

The Speedway 5 yet again a very high quality extremely powerful e-scooter. But the price range for the Speedway 5 is a bit more realistic than the previous two examples. It is priced at $2100 at MiniMotors. That is still a lot of money but considering what you get with this money it is not that bad actually.

The e-scooter weight is only 70 pounds, while the Dualtron X II is a massive 145.5 pounds. The maximum load is 265 pounds. It features disk breaks with regenerative electric brake. The motor is BLDC hub motor producing 3,600 Watts. The battery is 60 V – 23.4 Ah – 1.4 KW/h with a range of up to 75 miles. And the maximum speed is 40 mph or 65 km/h.

The charging time can be as low as 4 hours when you have the quick charger or as long as 13 hours with one standard charger. The frame is made out of aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy and the shaft is made out of SCM440 steel. It has dual air spring suspension, easy to change tire system and full lighting system.

It pretty much has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a electric scooter costing $2100, which 3 times less than the Dualtron X II.

The ZERO 8X Electric Scooter for Long Commutes

The ZERO 8X Electric Scooter for Long Commutes

The ZERO 8x is a cheaper model from the ZERO series than the ZERO 11x. But it still has enough power, speed and range to blow most scooters out of the water. The powerful dual drive motor generates 1600 Watts reaching speeds up to 30-35 mph. The range for the ZERO 8X e-scooter is 45 miles in ideal riding conditions.

The ZERO 8X is more compact and shorter than some other models of the ZERO series. The honeycombed 8 x 3.5 inch tires don’t require air inflation so punctures are not an issue. It is also equipped with front and rear LED lights with lights under the chassis as well. The handlebars are foldable with double quick release folding mechanism. The weight of the ZERO 8X is 72 pounds and max load capacity is 265 pounds.

It is sold at a price of $1699 at REVRides and it is a very popular model. If you are looking for an electric scooter for long commutes that has a more or less reasonable price tag then the ZERO 8X might be the one. When you buy any of these electric scooters you can be sure that these are the best money can buy. It is certainly one of the best electric scooter for long commutes that has a realistic price tag for most people.

The ZERO 8X Electric Scooter for Long Commutes

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter then why buy a $400-$500 scooter that most people scoot around with? Why not spend a little bit more money for a real rocket, like the ZERO 8X, especially if you have money to spend. You can be sure that you will never get bored riding one of these scooters.

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