What Is The Best Electric Scooter For Climbing Hills Ever? 

 August 24, 2020

By  Rando

best electric scooters for climbing hills

In this blog post I will try to answer the question, What is the best electric scooter for climbing hills. Obviously there are loads of different scooters to choose from and the truth is that most electric scooter are not built for pure speed and power. In order to climb hill effectively you need a scooter with lots of power and we all know that the more power, the more fun.

It can be a bit shocking how much raw power and performance you can get out of a top of the line electric scooter. There are some true monster e-scooters on the market that are too scary to ride for most people but if you really want a scooters that goes fast and climbs hills then choose one of these electric scooters right here.

Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

Speedway 5 Electric Scooter – 37% Climbing Grade

Speedway 5 electric scooter - best electric scooter for climbing hills

The Speedway 5 electric scooter is the latest and best model of Speedway Electric Scooters. This scooter is extremely powerful with amazing stats and features, especially built for adrenaline junkies.

It has a climbing grade of 37%, which is the best that I could find at least. 37% gradient is very steep and to think that an e-scooter can go up a hill that steep is unbelievable. But there are also other stats that makes this scooter unbelievable.

It has a maximum output of 3600 Watts while weighing just 70 pounds. So the power to weight ration is amazing.

This scooter also has dual air spring suspension for comfortable riding no matter what the conditions.

Tire changes can be a nightmare with most e-scooters but thanks to the easy wheel system, the wheel can easily be removed from the hub. When ever you happen to get a flat then you can use the tire repair kit to quickly fix a flat.

The best electric scooter for climbing hills - Speedway5

The Speedway 5 model also comes with headlights, side lights, tail lights and LED mood lighting. The lighting makes it easy to ride in the dark and makes it also stand out. The innovative EYE LCD throttle is easy to handle with all the settings and information you need. The Speedway 5 is also compatible with a fingerprint reader for extra security, should you opt for one.

The maximum speed for the Speedway 5 is 40 mph, maximum load is 265 pounds, maximum mileage is 75 miles. It also features adjustable height handlebar column,  fold-in handlebar extensions and tubeless tires that reduce the risk of punctures.

The speedway V is incredible for commuting! I commute through Washington DC everyday and it has made my commute faster. The acceleration is crazy fast and I can pass cars easily from a stop at red lights. Suspension is quite good, makes bumps and potholes not bad to go over at higher speeds. The battery life is good, with all the speed setting on max I use about 33% battery on my commute which is 16 miles with a lot of steep hills. If your riding on the roads it’s nice to be able accelerate fast to get around cars and out of the way of bad drivers. Make sure to adjust the brakes to your liking. Great brakes. All around a 5 star scooter and definitely worth the price$!

John Brunner

Verified Buyer

Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter – 35% Climbing Grade

Right behind the Speedway 5, in terms of climbing ability, is the Dualtron Storm electric scooter. It is an advanced version of the previous generation model the Dualtron Thunder. It has lots of improvements, stats and features that make it one of the highest performing electric scooters on the market.

The Dualtron Storm is equipped with full hydraulic breaks and 160 mm disks, which give the scooter improved energy dissipation and efficiency and an improved look. The folding mechanism has also been improved when compared to the Dualtron Thunder.

The handle and frame are made out of extra-strong aviation level aluminium. The rubber suspension can be adjusted to 45 different configurations. It also features removable battery, improved water-resistance and replacing the 11-inch tubeless tires is much easier as well.

The Dualtron Storm scooter has been equipped with 6640 Watt Direct Drive Brushless HUB motors and 72 V 31.5 Ah battery by LG.

Dualtron Storm - Best electric scooter for climbing hills

The electric scooter also has several charging options and cane be charged with the standard 1.5 A charger in 21 hours or if you decide to purchase the fast charger then the charging time is only 5 hours.

It is certainly one of the best, if not the best off road electric scooter with a max mileage of 80 miles. The scooter weight is 102 pounds, max weight limit is 330 pounds and maximum speed is 62 mph.

Dualtron X Electric Scooter – 35% Climbing Grade

Best electric scooter for climbing hills

The Dualtron X electric scooter, launched in 2019 by Minimotors, is another powerhouse of a scooter. It has unmatched 6720 Watts with a weight of 140 pounds or 65 kg-s. The range of the Dualtron X is also impressive at an incredible 90 miles or 145 km. Top speed is 60 mph or 100 km/h.

It is suitable for both off road riding and urban riding conditions. Charging from 0 to 100% takes only 6 hours. The 19 level Hydraulic Spring Suspension can be changed on the go. It can support a rider with a maximum weight of 330 pounds or 150 kg-s.

The Dualtron X also has 2 batteries – one 3kW LG 60V 49 battery and another one for charging your phone in the steering tube. It also features massive 13-inch tubeless tyres and dual hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels.

Best electric scooter for climbing hills - Duatron X

The steering column is foldable, as are the handlebars. There is also EYE Throttle, which is compatible with fingerprint lock, built-in e-ABS breaking system, rear-motor locking function, built-in sound horn and head light.

It also has built-in white lights in the front, turn signals, amber hazard lights and rear red break lights. It has a 12-month warranty and so on. Basically it is one of the best electric scooter for climbing hills and riding off road.

Speedway Leger Electric Scooter – 27%-30% Climbing Grade

Speedway Leger Electric Scooter - best electric scooter for climbing hills

The Speedway Leger is another electric scooter from MiniMotors with improved safety and reliability. Unlike previous e-scooters this one is much cheaper, simpler and refined.

It has 2 side LED lights that illuminate the logo. These lights give more visibility at night, as well as make the scooter more aesthetic.

The raised deck at the back provides extra level of comfort in various riding positions. The scooter weight is a light 45 pounds with a 1,360 Watt BLDC hub motor. It has 48 volt – 15.6 Ah – 748 Wh battery that has a maximum mileage of 30 miles. The top speed is 28 mph and max load is 265 pounds.

best electric scooter for climbing hills - Speedway Leger Electric Scooter

All in all the Speedway Leger is a fast and light electric scooter with plenty of power and long lasting battery. Most importantly it costs about 5 times less than the Dualtron X electric scooter. It is just a much more powerful version of popular rental electric scooters.

These were the best electric scooters for climbing hills and generally much faster, more powerful scooters with longer lasting batteries. These e-scooters are not cheap by any means but most people don’t need such powerful e-scooters anyway.


Hello! My name is Rando and I created this site to help people find the best electric scooter for their needs. Hopefully this site will help you decide which electric scooter you should buy.

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