UberScoot Off Road Electric Scooters With a Seat! 

 September 2, 2020

By  Rando

Off Road Electric Scooters With a Seat

There isa huge variety of electric scooters available and you don’t have to be satisfied with a regular 250 Watt commuting scooter that is really boring to ride. There are so many options out there, like off road electric scooters with a seat. These scooters are a lot more fun and pracical when it comes to everyday life. UberScoot offers some really great off road electric scooters with a seat.

UberScoot is a well known PTV (personal transportation vehicle) company that has been in business for almost two decades. UberScoot is also known for their innovation, unique design, advanced technology and quality manufacturing. They produce electric scooters in all categories but in this review I will take a closer look at the off road scooters with a seat that they have to offer.

The UberScoot Off Road Electric Scooters With a Seat


Off road electric scooters with seat - UBERSCOOT 1000W ELECTRIC SCOOTER

  • The UberScoot 1000 W electric scooter has a 1,000 Watt motor that produces well over 1 horsepower while reaching speeds of over 20 mph over medium and steep hills.
  • The range of the UberScoot 1000 W is 10 miles, which can be increased by flippinh into “economy mode” that conserve the battery for more range but limit acceleration and top speed.
  • The frame is constructed out of high-grade steel with quality welding and design. It also features BMX-style handlebars, as well as durable ABS plastic body, deck and rear mud guard.
  • It also has adjustable twin shocks in the rear and a single ‘Cam-Link’ shock absorber in the front for comfortable riding in off-raod terrain. Front and rear disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power in all conditions.
  • It has chain driven drive system with 3 12v / 12ah sealed lead acid batteries. Charging time is between 4-8 hours.
  • The weight off the UberScoot 1000 W is 79 pounds with a 265 pound carying capacity.The pneumatic tires on aluminium alloy rims measure 10″ x 3″.

UBERSCOOT 1000W ELECTRIC SCOOTER - Off road electric scooter with seat

Standard features for the 1000 Watt UberScoot off road electric scooter with a seat

  •  LED battery level indicator
  • Quick release seat. Scooter can be ridden while sitting or standing up.
  • Kickstand
  • Key ignition
  • Advanced ‘Posi Lock’ folding / locking system with one touch easy folding frame

Get it now at UrbanScooters at a 20% discount with a price of $479.00!


Off road electric scooter with seat - UBERSCOOT 1600W 48V ELECTRIC SCOOTER

If you want something with more power that handles better off road then the UberScoot 1600 Watt is a better choice. ‘it is the top of the line, premium electric scooter from Evo Powerboards. It is a great combination of high quality manufacturing and state of the art design.

Off road electric scooters with seat - UBERSCOOT 1600W 48V ELECTRIC SCOOTER

  • It is obviously powered by a 1600 Watt brushless motor that can deliver over 2 horsepower. It can reach a max speed of 20-24 mph
  • The 12v / 12ah sealed lead acid batteries has a range of 12 miles that can also be extended by choosing the “economy mode” that saves battery power but restricts acceleration and top speed a bit.
  • Frame is made out of high quality steel with high quality welding and design.
  • This off road electric scooter also has BMX-style handlebars, durable ABS plastic body, deck, and rear mudguard.
  • It also features variable speed twist throttle and chain driven drive system.
  • Standard front and rear disc brakes
  • The 11″ pneumatic knobby on/off road tires on aluminium alloy rims offer a comfortable riding experience even on rough terrain.
  • The charging time is 6-8 hours.
  • The UberScoot 1600 Watt scooter also has adjustable rear twin-shock suspension system and front  “Cam-Link” suspension. Having quality suspension is obviously crucial when riding on off roads tracks.
  • The scooter weight is 117 pounds, which 38 pounds heavier than the 1000 Watt UberScoot model.
  • The maximum carrying capacity is 265 pounds.

Standard features for the 1600 Watt UberScoot off road electric scooter with a seat

  • One touch easy folding frame with the advanced ‘Posi Lock’ folding/locking system.
  • LED battery level indicator.
  • Smart battery charger.
  • LED Headlight.
  • LED Taillight.
  • Kickstand.
  • Quick release seat for seated or standing riding.
  • Key Ignition

If you are looking for a fun scooter that can also handle off road conditions while looking cool riding it then the UberScoot 1600 Watt scooter is ideal. You can get a 25% discount when ordering from UrbanScooters at only $749. The only caveat is that the scooter is out of stock at this very moment.


UBERSCOOT ES07 SX1200W 48V - Off Raod electric scooter with seat

The 1200 W UberScoot ES07 electric scooter is affordable option from the UberScoot scooters that still has plenty of power. it is a great off road electric scooter with a seat for both adults and older teens (above 12 years of age).

UBERSCOOT ES07 SX1200W 48V - off road electric scooter with seat

  • The 1200 Watt 48VAc hub motor has a top speed of 21 mph, which is standard for all the UBerScoot models.
  • The 48V 12AH SLA (110V – 240V) battery has a range of 15 miles but battery life can also be extended when switching to “Eco mode”. charging time is 4-6 hours.
  • It has 5.5-inch ventilated front and rear disc brakes, which have lots of braking power with sport brake levers.
  • The digital controller electronics are water resistant, which is a great feature.
  •  The LED key and battery indicator system is new for this model.
  • Of course it has standard front and rear mudguards.
  • Smooth front Cam-link suspension and Dual shock suspension.
  • Dimensions for the scooter are 46” x 12.8” x 43.3”.
  • Scooter weight along with the seat and battery back is 70 pounds and maximum carying capacity is 265 pounds.
  • The inflatable cross tread stability tires are 12-inches in size.
  • Also the One-touch folding lever allows for quick and easy folding.
  •  LED lighting system for the front and rear.


  • Hydraulic brake kit for those who prefer hydraulic brakes.
  • Road tires for riding on smooth roads.
  • A leather seat.
  • Hand guards for protection.

This is a lightweight off road electric scooter with a seat with plenty of power. It is easy to handle due to the large tires and suspension. The only problem is that it is hard to find a dealer that sells this model orif they are selling then they can be out of stock. It is hard to actually buy one.

The UberScoot Off Road Electric Scooters With a Seat Conclusion

These types of electric scooters are really practical and fun to ride as well. Most people, especially those who are a bit heavier and older, would certainly prefer a scooter with a seat and decent off road capabilities. The only major problem is that these scooters are hard to buy due to the fact that they tend to go out of stock quickly. If you really want one of these scooters then take your chance while you can.

This is the third electric scooter I’ve picked up from Urban Scooters. I got it on a recommendation from Frank in their main office. Wow! Absolutely, wow! This thing really takes off fast. It’s everything he said it was. It’s solid and worth the price. These guys give good advice. They’re very helpful good guys.

Al Decatur

Everything they said it would be

This UberScoot Electric Scooter is pretty powerful! I love the economy mode feature. I don't always need to go that fast, so it lets me get more range out of it. So far, everything is working great. The breaks are powerful, the motor is powerful, and I am very happy with this purchase!

Peter Sargsyan

Beautiful and powerful


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