Top 10 Foldable Electric Scooters with Seats for Adults in the UK for 2023! 

 January 8, 2021

By  Rando

In just a few years, electric scooters have quickly grown in popularity in many cities in Europe and the United States. Electric scooters are similar to traditional kick scooters, the only difference is that e-scooters are powered by electric motors.

E-scooters have grown in popularity due to their light weight, convenience and speed of commuting. Many cities across the world use ride sharing schemes to help locate, reserve and pay or their usage by using smartphones.

In most countries, states and cities the legislators have quickly started to regulate electric scooters by laws. In fact the UK is the last major European country that has yet to legalize electric scooters on public roads. The use of electric scooters is only legal in privateland in the United Kingdom. 

Despite this fact, electric scooters have become very popular in the UK with thousands of people using them for commuting every day. The reasons why so many people opt for riding electric scooters is because they are low cost, environmentally friendly and effective vehicles for people to move around cities and towns. They also help to reduce parking problems, congestion, as well as air pollution.

Although the most popular electric scooter models are stand up scooters, some people prefer a seated electric scooter. Just a couple of years ago it was very hard to find high quality foldable electric scooters with seat but these days the e-scooter market has grown immensely. 

In this blog post I will go over the best foldable electric scooters with a seat for the UK market in 2023. Although e-scooters are not legal in the UK you can use them on private lands and eventually e-scooters will become legal in the UK as well. 

1. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter - Affordable Electric Scooter with Seat Option for UK Market


Hiboy S2 Overview!

The Hiboy S2 is an affordable commuter electric scooter, which is ideal for your first scooter. It has all the basic requirements you need from an e-scooter.

The Hiboy S2 has 17 Miles Long-range & 18.6 MPH top speed. The frame is made out of strong aluminium and the 8.5-inch solid wheels are puncture proof. 

It also has many useful functions, such as Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), double braking system, speed control and customized cruise control and rear shock absorbers.

The cost of the Hiboy S2 without the seat is about 286 pounds and with the seat option the cost is about 338 pounds.


The overall quality of the Hiboy S2 is very good for a scooter in its price range.

The scooter has been designed to be used on flat and smooth roads, so it will not be comfortable to ride on rough roads. 

The suspension system, which consists of rear shock absorbers is also basic and along with the solid tires you will feel the bumps on the road. 


The max speed of the Hiboy S2 is said to be up to 18.6 mph but many customers have pointed out that for heavier riders this is a bit unrealistic.

The Hiboy S2 also lacks a bit power to go up hills and slows down quite a bit. 

If you are in the 200 pound range and you live in a somewhat hilly area then this scooter might not have enough power for you.


The cost of the Hiboy S2 electric scooter is very affordable. You will have to pay £286 pounds or so for the standard version without the seat. If you choose the seat option as well you will have to pay around £338 pounds, which is not that much. 

This low cost makes the Hiboy S2 a great choice for your first scooter and ideal for teens.

 Scott | verified buyer

Great Fun! Large Rider!

I have had the Hiboy for about a month and it is awesome!

Charges fast. The app works great. You can setup the sensitivity on the acceleration and braking to make it more aggressive or more of a cruiser.

I am 6’4” and weigh 295lbs. I am over the weight limit but this scooter pushes me up to 16mph. My wife and kids can get up to 19mph!

Highly recommend for the price point.

Hiboy S2 Pros and Cons

Best affordable electric scooter with seat option for UK?


  • Affordable price for first time riders  
  • Seat can easily be attached and detached depending of your preferences.
  • Solid tires are puncture proof
  • Robust and sturdy considering the low price
  • Comes with Hiboy S2 app
  • Can be purchased on Hiboy website and shipped to UK!


  • Lacks power for heavier riders  
  • Not very comfortable to ride on bumpy and rough roads
  • The headlight is not bright enough and looks a bit cheap
  • Seat has to be bought separately at extra cost.
  • IPX4 water resistance rating


The Hiboy S2 is one of the best electric scooters in its price range for sure. It has its drawbacks for sure but if you are looking for a low cost e-scooter that has a seat option then this is the choice for you. 

If you are a heavier person (200 plus pounds) then it might not have enough power and range. Plus the IPX4 water resistance rating means the scooter can't be ridden in heavy rain. So it is not very suitable for UK weather. 

But overall it is a really good foldable electric scooter with a seat for the UK roads. Since e-scooters are not legal to ride on public roads yet, you need to ride them on private roads.

2.Smacircle S1 - Most Compact Electric Scooter From UK Retailer!


Smacircle S1 Overview

The design of the Smacircle S1 is very different from your typical e-scooter you can see in the UK. 

This innovative and unique electric scooter is probably the most compact e-scooter ever created. With the smart-folding mechanism you can fit the scooter into the S1 carry bag or backpack.

Also the light carbon fiber frame and innovative seat position, makes this scooter stand out. The Smacircle S1 has certainly set a standard in the world of electric scooters.

  • The Smacircle weighs just 18 pounds without the detachable Samsung battery.
  • The 250 Watt front wheel motor powers the Smacircle up to a  12.5mph.
  • The maximum range of the high quality 200Wh battery is 12.5 miles.
  • Comes with the intelligent Smacircle companion app.
  • Available to buy at UK-based retailer Pure Electric.


The quality of the Smacircle S1 is excellent. It seems very fragile but it is actually very robust.

The carbon fibre frame adds lots of strength to the scooter without adding extra bulk.

The throttle and braking systems are easy to use and the folding mechanism is robust and easy to use as well. 


With a top speed of 12.5 mph it is not the fastest for sure and the top speed is a bit lower than the 15.5 mph max speed limit, which is in effect in many countries in Europe.

The Smacircle S1 has been designed for practicality and for top speed. 


The Smacircle S1 is not the cheapest of electric scooters.The price at Pure Electric for this scooter is £1,299.00, which is quite expensive. But Pure Electric offers regular discounts and you might get a fairly significant discount. 

Mario verified buyer

I don’t just want this, I need this!

 I live in Japan and have to walk 13 minutes everyday just to get to the station. Another 5-10 minutes when I get off the station to my work. If you didn’t know yet, humidity is Japan is horrible and by the time I get to work, I’m drenched in sweat. Smacircle S1 could save me from that!

Smacircle S1 Pros and Cons

Best compact and portable seated electric scooter for UK


  • Extremely compact design makes the scooter ultra portable. 
  • Very light scooter at only 24 lbs 11 oz. 
  • Seat does not have to be bought separately unlike with the Hiboy S2.
  • Quick 3.5 hour charging time.
  • Intuitive electric throttle and braking system.
  • Smacircle App for monitoring your riding stats.
  • The Smacircle S1 includes a 24-month warranty against original defects.
  • Free delivery to UK and  Northern Ireland in 3 working days.
  • £9.99 delivery for Republic of Ireland in 5 working days.


  • Too expensive for most people to buy.  
  • 220 pound max weight limit.
  • Can be too small for taller adults.
  • S1 backpack and carry bag sold separately.
  • IPX4 water resistance rating - not suitable for riding in heavy rain.


The Smacircle S1 is certainly not suitable for everyone and is also too expensive for most people as well. But for some people it can be the best electric scooter in the market. The main benefits of this e-scooter is the unique folding mechanism and light weight.

You can quickly fold the scooter and put it in your backpack or carrying bag, which makes it ultra portable and comfortable to carry around. It might seem a bit small but it is fairly comfortable to ride for most adults.

With the unique, award-winning design, lightweight carbon fiber construction, ergonomic seat position and sensitive electronic brakes the Smacircle S1 is in a class of its one. 

So if you have a bit of money at hand and if you really want a ultra-compact electric scooter then you won't regret it. You can buy the Smacircle S1 at Pure Electric - UK’s leading electric scooter and electric bike retailer.

3. HONEY WHALE E5 - 600 Watt Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat for UK Market


Honey Whale E5 Overview

The Honey Whale E5 is an affordable off road electric scooter with a seat and folding option. It is a great option for people who are looking for a more sturdy e-scooter that can be ridden off road.

  • The 600 watt motor can reach a max speed of 25 mph, which makes it faster than most commuting electric scooters.
  • The maximum range is from 20-25 miles, depending how much power you use.
  • The frame is made out of aluminium and the 10-inch pneumatic off roads tires offer plenty of grip.
  • The Honey Whale E5 has a triple braking system, which consists of double disc brakes and electronic ABS.
  • The weight of the scooter is 51 pounds and it can handle a 120 kg or 265 pound rider. 
  • The cost of the Honey Whale E5 is about £420.


The build quality of the Honey Whale E5 is very good. It has been designed to be a powerful and sturdy e-scooter that can handle off road conditions.

It has magnesium alloy body structure, the folding design is very strong and easy.

The scooter also comes with LED dashboard, quality shock absorbers and brakes, as well as headlamp and tool kit.


The 500-600 Watt motor will power the.scooter to a top speed of 25 mph on flat and smooth roads. 

On off road tracks the speed is lower of course but it is significantly faster and more powerful than your stand commuting e-scooter.


The Honey Whale E5 is a Chinese electric scooter so the price is really excellent. for £420 (price can vary) you will get an excellent off road scooter. 

The only problem is that the low cost and Chinese production is sometimes hit and miss. 

Honey Whale E5 Pros and Cons

Best Off Road Electric Scooter With Seat for UK roads


  • More power and speed than most other electric scooters.  
  • Seat comes along with the scooter and doesn't have to be bought separately.
  • Easy folding design.
  • Quality brakes and robust 10-inch tires.
  • Suitable for heavier riders.
  • Comes with EU plug.
  •  UK standard shipping in 3-5 business days; UK tracked shipping in 1-3 business days.
  • Ships from UK warehouse.


  • Since its a Chinese product the quality can be suspect.  
  • A little heavy at 51 pounds
  • Water resistance rating is unknown.
  • Headlamp is not bright enough for safe nighttime riding.


If you are looking for an affordable off road electric scooter with a seat that can handle rough UK roads then the Honey Whale E5 is an excellent choice. It has more speed and power when compared to other scooters. It is also more robust and can take more pounding. And it ships really fast as well.

The major issue is that it is a Chinese product and you can get a bad scooter and the customer service  is often not the best. You will be taking more of a risk then you would when buying from an European or American company.

But it is a practical e-scooter for road surfaces that most other e-scooters simply can't handle.

4. LAOTIE ES10 -  2000 Watt Seated Electric Scooter from UK Warehouse


Laotie ES10 Overview

The Laotie ES10 is a very powerful and popular electric scooter, especially in European countries. It is a Chinese manufactured e-scooter that has been designed for adrenaline junkies.

It has off road tires and can take you basically anywhere you want to go. Of course it is not legal to ride on public roads but if you have private roads or land then you can have some serious fun with this scooter.

  • 52 V 2000 Watt brushless motor.
  • 43 mph top speed and up to 50 mile range.
  • 440 maximum load capacity.
  • 10-inch pneumatic off road tires.
  • Front and rear shock-absorbing springs.
  • Double braking system.
  • Built-in smart display.


The overall quality of the Laotie ES10 is excellent. It has an iron and aluminium frame, which is very sturdy and also corrosion resistant.

The brakes, suspension and tires can all handle rough and tough off road conditions. 

This scooter really is a total package if you are looking for a powerful and robust off road scooter.


This is an incredibly fast electric scooter that can reach speeds of up to 40 mph or more. 

You really have to be careful when riding such fast and powerful electric scooters. Of course wearing a helmet and other protective gear is a must when riding at such high speeds. 


The cost of the Laotie ES10 is less than £600, which is a great price for such a powerful electric scooter. 

It is a Chinese product, which is why the price is so low. There is the danger of getting shipped a poor model but that is a risk you take when ordering a Chinese product.

LAOTIE ES10 Pros and Cons

Most powerful electric scooter with seat for UK roads!


  • Lots of power, speed and range.  
  • Strong and sturdy frame.
  • Clearance over kerbs is excellent.
  • 3 different speed settings.
  • High quality oil brake & electronic brake.
  •  Suitable for heavier riders with 440 pound max load.
  • Seat is adjustable and comfortable.
  • Front and rear shock absorbing springs.
  • Ships from UK warehouse.
  • UK Standard Shipping in 3-5 business days; UK tracked shipping in 1-3 business days.


  • Not very portable at 70 pounds.  
  • More risk involved when ordering Chinese product.
  • Legal to ride on private roads only.
  • Scooter can be damaged during shipping.


Electric scooter are a lot of fun and the faster they go the more fun they are. If you are tired of your slow commuting e-scooter and want something with more power then certainly buy the Laotie ES10. 

You certainly won't lack, speed, power or range with this electric scooter and the power can be little to much for some. The quality of the scooter itself is excellent with brakes, suspension, tires, LCD dashboard, 35 degree climbing angle, ultra bright headlight and so on. 

The only issue is the potential possibility of getting a damaged or scratched product. It happens more often with Chinese companies and very often the customer service is not very good as well. 

Didn't expect that. beast of a scooter very happy.

Couple of scuffs on handle bars but all in all very good. iv had 55kmh with no helmet got scared but it was no effort for scooter im 120kg. I felt safe. clearance over kerbs is good no rubbing. braking bit sharp but ill adjust that in time. MASSIVE THANK YOU BANGGOOD. took 32 working days to get to UK

5. NEXTDRIVE N-7 - Easy to Fold Electric Scooter With Seat for UK Weather


NextDrive N-7 Overview

The NextDrive N-7 is a really excellent seated electric scooter that is ideal for the city environment and UK weather. It doesn't that much power or speed but it is strong, light, comfortable to ride and very quiet. And it can also be ridden in light rain as well.

  • Top speed is up to 20 mph.
  • Maximum range per charge is up to 22 miles.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 260 pounds.
  • EBS and disc brake.
  • IP-55 water resistance.
  • One key operation for switching on/off and shifting.


It is a strong e-scooter with reinforced steel tube frame. EBS and disc brake work really well, although the lack of suspension is not ideal.

It is easy to operate, very silent and reliable electric scooter with quick folding mechanism. 


This 300 watt electric scooter has a top speed of 20 mph or so. For city commuting the max speed limit is 15.5 mph anyway so there is no need for more speed. 

But it certainly has much less power and speed than the Laotie ES10. 


The price of the NextDrive N-7 at Banggood is a discounted 308.72, which is really cheap but the price can change. 

Banggood offers really cheap Chinese manufactured electric scooters. The customer service at Banggood might not be the best but the prices are excellent.

NextDrive N-7 Pros and Cons

Best Water Resistant Electric Scooter with Seat for UK Weather


  • Sine wave ultra quiet controller. 
  • Easy folding system and ergonomic seat.
  •  Ip-55 water resistance rating (water resistant but not waterproof electric scooter). brak
  • Quality brakes for such a cheap scooter.
  • Reinforced steel tube frame.
  • Easy to use LCD display.
  • Ships from UK warehouse.
  • Great value for money.


  • Lack of suspension  
  • Shipping can take longer than expected.
  • Potential damage during shipping and the NextDrive sticker was absent for some customers.
  • Does not often reach the advertised 20 mph max speed.


This is a very similar to the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter but with a seat and maybe better overall quality. It does have the IP-55 water resistance rating, which makes it more suitable for UK weather conditions. 

Also the frame and brakes work really well, but some customers have reported issues with the brakes. The lack of suspension is a drawback but there isn't a suspension for most e-scooters in this price range.

For a little over £300 it is great value for money and the only issue is that the shipping can take time and the product might be damaged or scratched. But there is a very high likelihood that everything will go well and there will be no such issues.

Finally arrived!

The banggood tracking infos are not updated. i fortunately received my order before the extimated date without tracking responses. anyway the scooter is fantastic . i owned a xiaomi too but this feels like more solid. maximum speed with me on almost 100kg 29km/h

6.TOODI TD-E202 - Foldable Electric Scooter with Adjustable Seat (Ships from UK)


TOODI TD-E202 Overview

This electric scooter is a fairly powerful electric scooter but this one has road tires and is not meant for off road use. It is very comfortable to ride and has all the features of a high quality electric scooter. Not as fast or powerful as some e-scooters in this list but it still has more power than standard e-scooters.

  •  Magnetic steel high performance 1000 Watt brushless motor.
  • Top speed is 30 mph ( maybe a little lower in real life conditions).
  • Max range is 30-35 miles.
  • Front&rear disc brake.
  • Maximum load capacity is 200 kg or 440 pounds.
  • The weight of the scooter is 70 pounds.
  • 3W high lumen lamp beads.
  • Multi-dimensional numerical LCD display.
  • Front and rear suspension.


The TOODI TD-E202 is a complete package. The overall quality is very high with strong aluminium alloy frame, front and rear disc brakes, 10-inch pneumatic tires, double suspension system.

The folding system consists of 4 steps and the seat is very soft and ergonomic.


The 1000 Watt brushless motor can generate a top speed of 30 mph. In real life conditions this might be a bit lower at around 25 mph but this is still about 10 mph over the legal speed limit for an electric scooter.


The cost is around £620, which is a reasonable price for an e-scooter with this many features and specs. 

It is a new e-scooter on offer at Banggood, so it might not be immediately available. There are over 150 people already on alter for this scooter, so the demand is high.

TOODI TD-E202 Pros and Cons

Comfortable and easy to ride electric scooter with 1000 W of power!


  • 1000 Watts of power is plenty for a commuting scooter.  
  • The 48 V 20 AH battery has a long range 
  • Bright headlight for riding in low light conditions.
  • High quality disc brakes and suspension.
  • Can be ridden in light rain as well.
  • LED display showing real-time speed, gear display, accumulated kilometres, power, travel time, etc.
  • Ships from the UK.
  • UK Standard Shipping: 3-5 business days.


  • Can be out of stock and has a long waiting list.  
  • Top speed is a bit lower than advertised in real life conditions.
  • Scooter is foldable but not very portable with a weight of 70 pounds.
  • Acceleration of the scooter can take some time to get used to.
  • Higher risk when ordering from a Chinese company.


The TOODI TD-E202 is certainly a very functional electric scooter with a seat. It has high quality brakes, double suspension system, comfortable and ergonomic seat, robust frame, bright headlight etc. It ticks a lot of boxes.

The downside is that the weight is heavy at 70 pounds, which doesn't make it very portable. If you are looking for a light and portable electric scooter then you would be better off with Smacircle S1 or Hibot S2.

Due to the high demand the TOODI TD-E202 can be out of stock at times, so you have to hurry and get it while you can.

7.FIIDO Q1 - Practical Seated Electric Scooter with Baskets


FIIDO Q1 Electric Scooter Overview

The FIIDO seated electric scooter is a different type to the other e-scooter in this list. This e-scooter is practical and ideal for your daily errands. 

It is a compact and elegantly designed seated electric scooter with lots of storing place for your personal items. So if you want a practical and functional e-scooter with a seat and storage places for your personal items, then the FIIDO is the ideal fit.

  • 250 Watt motor with 500 Watts of peak power output.
  • 15 mph or 25 km/h top speed.
  • 36 V 10 AH UL certified battery has a range of 18 miles in ideal riding conditions.
  • Scooter weight is a light 44 pounds.
  • Maximum rider capacity is 330 pounds.
  • Equipped with front and center baskets.
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Padded with memory foam seat with double suspension system.


The qualty of the FIIDO seated electric scooter is excellent. Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium alloy frame. It also has quality brakes, suspension and tires. 

Equipped with bright front lights and ability add an optional child seat. The FIIDO also has a 6-month limited warranty.


The motor has 250 Watts of power with 500 watts of peak output but the FIIDO has not been designed for high top speed or acceleration.

The maximum speed you can get is 15 mph, which is plenty of commuting. 


The cost of the FIIDO seated e-scooter is £590 pounds, so it is not the cheapest. 

This type of e-scooter is not for everyone but if you are a person who could greatly benefit from such a practical scooter with plenty of storage places, then the £590 price tag is worth it. 

Also look out for promotional offers by VoroMotors to get a discount.

FIIDO Q1 Seated Electric Scooter Pros and Cons

Most Practical and Efficient Seated Electric Scooter for the UK?


  • Very practical e-scooter with plenty of storage space.  
  • Padded with memory foam seat and suspension make riding very comfortable.
  • Front and rear disc brakes work like a charm.
  • Suitable for riders from all ages.
  • Can be folded for storage.
  • Unique keys for locking and unlocking the FIIDO.
  • Suitable for riders up to 330 pounds.


  • Can be a bit too expensive!  
  • Shipping from the United States can take time (10-15 business days) and cost extra.
  • Can be a bit too small for taller people to ride.
  • Can lack some power when going up steep hills.
  • Can be ridden in light rain but not suitable for riding in heavy rain.
  • Not available at UK retailers.


The FIIDO Q1 seated electric scooter is the ideal choice from students, to the delivery person, to bringing your kids to school, shopping for groceries. It is a practical e-scooter for practical people. It's perfect for going to the mail box & post office, dropping off & picking up a car, quick shopping trips.

The FIIDO is not for adrenaline junkies looking for the most powerful and fastest scooter available. It is also not the best choice for people on a tight budget. The FIIDO is not offered by any UK retailer and can only be bought at VoroMotors, which has excellent customer service, extended warranty, spare parts and accessories.

It is much safer to order from VoroMotors than it is to order from Chinese companies.

Everett T.

Verified Buyer

I'm so glad I came across the Fiido Q1S.

I have a 2 stand up scooters that go much faster than the Q1S but love the that I can a) sit down b) carry stuff, and odd sizes, without a backpack c) safer to ride as compared to a standup with bigger wheels, better balance and brakes d) my whole family can use e) much lighter to carry compared to my other 2. In the photo I was able to carry 2 stunt kites, lunch, water bottle, u-lock, Bluetooth speaker and more to the park. If you live in the city, or in a crowded area, want something to get you to point A to B safely, and have the ability to carry items, consider this scooter. 

8.ORCA MARK I - Ergonomically Designed Electric Scooter with Seat for UK Market!


Orca Mark I Overview

The Orca Mark has a different look and design than your standard electric scooter. It has a design of a mini motorcycle or bicycle. This design makes it a lot more comfortable and safer to ride.

The Orca Mark I has a deliberately crafted groove below the holding area for a carrying posture that is more natural. With the new automatic mode, the acceleration of the e-scooter will increase the longer you hold the throttle, which means you don't have to shift gears.

  • 48V brushless geared motor with 350 Watts of peak power output.
  • Can travel up to 20 miles on a single full charge.
  • Top speed of the Orca Mark I is 18 mph.
  • IP-54 water resistance rating (suitable for riding in light rain).
  • Scooter weight is 42 pounds.
  • Maximum carrying capacity is 260 pounds.
  • 10-inch pneumatic car grade tire for front and rear..
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Triple suspension system.


The quality and ride comfort of the Orca Mark I are really exceptional. The quality disc brakes help you to easily control your speed.

The Orca Mark I has bright front lights and rear brake lights.

The reinforced folding mechanism which makes the e-scooter foldable and folding takes just 2 seconds.

The triple suspension system that is equipped at the front, rear and the seat.

The height-adjustable memory foam seat makes riding very comfy.


The top speed of the Orca Mark I is 18 mph and it might be even less depending of your weight and riding surface.

Just like the FIIDO Q1, the Orca Mark I has not been designed for maximum speed. 

It has been designed to be a long range and ergonomic e-scooter for heavier riders.