The ZERO 9 Electric Scooter – Best E-Scooter Under $1200? 

 August 28, 2020

By  Rando

The ZERO 9 Electric Scooter

ZERO has quickly become one of the leading brands in electric scooters, and the ZERO 9 is their top-of-the-line model. This scooter has everything you could want in an electric scooter, including speed, range, power, and quality. The ZERO 9 can reach speeds of up to 28 mph, and has a range of up to 25 miles on a single charge. It also has a powerful 600-watt motor that can easily handle hills and rough terrain.

And finally, the ZERO 9 is made with high-quality materials and components that are built to last. If you’re looking for an electric scooter that has it all, the ZERO 9 is the obvious choice.

The ZERO 9 electric scooter is a highly ranked all-around scooter that is on the top of many electric scooter rankings. Many times people are left a bit disappointed with the scooter they have bought because it lacks quality or performance. There are very few people who get disappointed by the ZERO 9.

Let’s take a closer look and see exactly what the ZERO 9 electric scooter has to offer. Does it live up to the hype and is it worth the $1100 very expensive price tag? Hopefully, these questions will be answered in this review.

The ZERO 9 Electric Scooter Specs and Features

The range of the ZERO 9 is 25 miles in ideal riding conditions with a weight of only 40 pounds. This is really useful for people who want to ride longer distances but still need a scooter that is portable. Generally scooter with such a range tend to be much heavier.

ZERO 9 electric scooter

The top speed for the ZERO 9 is a solid 24 mph and is equipped with a 600 Watt motor. In some tests the E-scooter has even reached speeds of 28 mph. For a scooter that weighs 40 pounds these results are really excellent. The 600 Watt motor also has 1200 Watts of peak power and can reach 20 mph is just 7 seconds

The 600 Watt motor is powerful enough to go up quite steep hills at high speeds. 10% gradient is no problem for the scooter. Of course the steeper the hill and heavier the rider, the slower the scooter will go.

The 48V 13Ah LG battery provides 22-25 miles of real world range. When compared to the M365 which has a range of 18.5 miles and a max speed of only 15.5 mph.

ZERO 9 electric scooter reviews

The braking system of the ZERO 9 is one of its best features. Rear drum brake along with the front disc brake means the scooter has lots of braking power. When you are riding at 20 mph then it is required to have very strong and reliable brakes. The ZERO 9 can come to a stop from 15 mph in just 10 feet. The stopping distance on average is around 15-25 feet.

The large air-filled 8.5 inch tires make riding it very smooth even over smaller bumps. Along with the rear and front suspension the riding experience is a lot better when compared to cheaper e-scooters without a suspension. The suspension is fairly stiff and designed to ride on paved roads but can also handle some off-road use.

The ZERO 9 Electric Scooter: Additional Features

The portability of the ZERO 9 has its good sides and bad sides. The scooter has 3 folding mechanisms to reduce scooter size and compactness for storing, as well as improving its portability.

The handlebars can be folded together with screw-type mechanism. This type of mechanism can loosen a bit over time, which is a bit of a weakness for such a folding mechanism.

 ZERO 9 electric scooter dimensions

The scooter itself also collapses smoothly thanks to the anodized metallic tab and hinges, which are mounted onto the deck of the scooter. In addition the adjustable stem can be collapsed as well, which is very useful for riders with different heights.

Weighing in at 40 pounds it is not a super light scooter by any means but an average man should be able to carry it along for a short period of time if necessary. It compacts to a small 43 x 7 x 14 inches.

The brakes are hand operated. The LED display of the ZERO 9 electric scooter shows the battery level, odometer and speed. The LCD display has mode and power buttons. Various program settings can be adjusted from the display, such as acceleration settings and control regenerative braking strength.

the ZERO 9 electric scooter reviews

The ZERO 9 comes with front and rear lighting. The tail lights and front headlight are mounted a little low and they also do not project that far. But LED lights in this scooter really light it up. LED strips are on both sides of the deck and a bright LED strip run up the stem as well.

The deck of the ZERO 9 electric scooter is very wide when compared to other scooters at 20.5×7.7 inches. The deck also has 4 inches of clearance from the ground. People who have bigger feet should find the standing in this scooter comfortable even on longer journeys.

The ZERO 9 Electric Scooter: Final Verdict

ZERO 9 electric scooter cockpit

The ZERO 9 electric scooter is a strong high quality scooter with a clean design. It is also very durable, even the metal parts, bolts and folding mechanism are made to last.

It is one of the best electric scooters that you can buy. The range, speed, durability, build quality, comfort, lots of extra features, excellent handling, make this scooter great value for money. One little negative aspect is the 220 pound weight limit, which certainly excludes some individuals.

It also would have been great if the scooter came with water resistance of at least some degree. There is no official IP (Ingress Protection) rating for this scooter. This means the scooter is not designed to be ridden in the rain, which can be a issue if it rains a lot where you live.

Also if you are planning to buy this scooter then make sure you get it from the manufacturer (RevRides). This gives you extra layer of care, service, and support, which is very important as well. There is also a 6 month warranty and come with one standard charger.

If the $1100 price tag is a bit too much for you but you still want this scooter then you can use the flexible payment options that Fat Daddy Scooters provides. There is a simple lease-to-own payment option, no matter what your credit rating is.

The ZER0 9 electric scooter is certainly worth the money and it isn’t rated as one of the best e-scooter for no reason. It has everything you need from a scooter and you can be sure that you get a very high quality products with a performance that doesn’t disappoint.

Great First Scooter

Tyler Brown

 - verified buyer

I am a NYC Commuter, and got the Zero, and I'm very happy with my purchase. The deck is wide enough that I can comfortably fit on the scooter as a man of 6'2". The only thing I wish it had was a longer battery, but I love the weight of the scooter and understand that more battery power typically means more weight in the scooter world. All that being said, I would recommend this scooter to anyone.


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