How fast can this electric scooter go? Race your friends to see who’s the fastest! 

 August 20, 2020

By  Rando

electric scooter speed - how fast can electric scooter go

How fast can an electric scooter go? What is the fastest electric scooter? These are some of the questions that people want answers to and in this blog post I will give examples of some of the fastest electric scooters you can get.

The vast majority of electric scooters that people scoot around with are relatively cheap, with minimal range and power. Most people are looking for an electric scooter that they can commute around town that has a decent battery, top speed and doesn’t cost very much.

This is normal and totally okay but there is so much more to electric scooters than just commuting to work and back. Some e-scooters are real animals with lots of power and speed. If you want an e-scooter that blows everyone out of the water and if you some money to spend then why not buy one of these fast scooters.

1. Fast Scooters: The Dualtron X Electric Scooter

how fast can an electric scooter go - Dualtron X electric scooter

Generally, electric scooters don’t go very fast because there is no need for a very fast scooter. The average speed for a standard electric scooter for commuting is around 15 mph. This is really plenty if you use your scooter for daily commutes.

But electric scooter top speed can be much higher than 15 mph obviously. You have to pay a lot more for such a scooter but you also get what you pay for. The fastest the Dualtron X electric scooter can go is 55 mph or 90km/h at the moment. Going 55 mph on an e-scooter is very fast. But Dualtron X Electric Scooter does have a top speed of 55 mph.

electric scooter speed - Dualtron X electric scooter

The Dualtron X electric scooter pushes the boundaries of what the electric scooter technology allows. This monster of an e-scooter has a stunning and hard-to-believe 6,720 Watts. An average e-scooter has around 200 Watts of power just to give you a comparison.

The Dualtrron X electric scooter also has very wide 13 inch tires, 60V 49Ah battery pack with LG cells.

180Wh stem battery for accessories and lighting. The quick charger allows the battery to be fully charged in just 7.5 hours. Max mileage is 93 miles, whilst the max mileage for the popular Xiaomi M365 is just 18.5 miles.

The climbing grade is 35 degrees or 70%, depending of the state of charge and rider weight. The scooter has hydraulic breaks with standard ABS and 160mm disks. The scooter weight is 145 pounds and the max load weight is 265 pounds.

And the cost for this scooter is a little under $6000. An average person with an average income can’t afford this but this electric scooter is not for an average person. But the Dualtron X Electric Scooter is not the fastest electric scooter around. There is one that can go faster.

2. The Fastest Electric Scooter – RION2 RE90 (RACING EDITION)

So how fast can an electric scooter go?

The Rion2 RE90 electric scooter is the fastest production-hyperscooter available right now and it can go really fast. Obviously, this electric scooter is not cheap and it is not the best choice for beginners. Some of the stats for the fastest electric scooter are really incredible.

The Rion2 RE90 e-scooter has carbon fiber fender and body, sub aluminium rear and front arms. It has dual motors and the dual controllers give out 400 amps each per phase. It also has an inboard mini-computer, carbon giver handlebars, carbon fiber poles, PMT slick racing tyres and 96.6v lithium battery.

Rion Re90 racing edition - the fastest electric scooter

The top speed for this electric scooter is a stunning 100 mph that is limited to 80 mph.

The weight of the electric scooter is 69 pounds, the range per charge is about 60 miles and it costs $6800 plus shipping with a 90 day production time.

It is the fastest electric scooter and why not have one for yourself if you have the money to spend. So if anyone asks, how fast can an electric scooter go? Then you can say 100 mph if limitations are taken away. That is scary fast on an electric scooter.



Dualtron-Storm-Electric-Scooter - fast scooters

If you are looking for high-quality and fast electric scooters then Dualtron has several models of electric scooters that fit those criteria. All the Dualtron electric scooters are of top-of-the-line quality that give you an amazing bang for your buck.

The Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter is no exception. In fact, at the moment it is sold out so it is not even available. But there are several reasons why true electric scooter enthusiasts with money to spend should order it when it does become available.

The Dualtron Storm e-scooter has a swappable 31.5 Ah LG, 72 V battery pack that has remote charging ports. This means the electric scooter can be charged from anywhere and the battery lasts for 80 miles.

fast scooters - Dualtron-Storm-Electric-Scooter

The acceleration of the Storm electric scooter is super fast due to the 6,700 W motors and 40 amp smart motor controllers. Basically once you open the throttle it goes like a rocket.

The Dualtron Storm scooter also make it very easy to maintain and remove wheels because it has quick disconnect motors. This model also has improved electronic cooling, waterproofing, as well as the double latch headset.

It is certainly one of the fastest electric scooter. The max speed for this electric scooter is 62+ mph, max load is 330 pounds, max climbing rate is 35 degrees, scooter weight is a solid 102 pounds. Plus it has a built-in horn, turn lights, break light, Dual LED taillight and headlight, as well as stern lighting.

The charging time with a single standard charger is 21 hours, 10 hours if you have 2 standard chargers and only 4.8 hours if you have a quick charger.



Dualtron_Ultra_Electric_Scooter - electric scooter top speed

The Dualtron Ultra V2 electric scooter is another very popular model from the Dualtron off road electric scooter series. This one is tough and solid off road electric scooter that can take a real pounding and still keep going.

The Ultra V2 electric scooter has upgraded Eye LCd throttle assemply. This means you can the mini computer stores real time readouts and programming settings that keep a close eye on your scooter. You can keep track of speed settings, battery level, battery voltage, optional fingerprint reader and more. The technology in the Dualtron Ultra V2 electric scooter is cutting edge.

Unmatched safety and toughness for various challenging off road environments are provided by forged aluminium rear and front swing arms. The suspension, swing arms and frame can withstand extreme forces because they have been stress tested.

This is not the fastest electric scooter. The electric scooter top speed is 50 mph. It is not designed for pure speed but more for durability and strength. But 50 mph is still very fast.

electric scooter speed - Dualtron_Ultra_Electric_Scooter

It has 5,400 W dual hub motor. 32 Ah, 60 V, 1,920 Wh battery. Charging time with a single standard charger is 20 hours, 10 hours with 2 standard chargers and just 5.3 hours with a quick charger. And the quick charger only costs $150 on the minimotors site. This allows you to charge your scooter 3 times faster.

The maximum mileage for the Dualtron Ultra V2 model is 75 miles, climbing grade is 25 degrees, max load is 265 pounds and scooter weight is just 81 pounds. The cost is $3149.

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