Sure, you could buy a car. But do you really want to deal with the hassle and expense of parking in the city? And what about public transportation? It’s crowded, it’s slow, and it’s not always reliable. Electric scooters are the answer. They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re surprisingly affordable. In fact, cost-per-mile, electric scooters

New and improved electric scooter models are coming out all the time with many updates that improve upon the previous generation scooters. This is great news because the quality of electric scooters improves and the price stays the same and might even go down due to the competition. One of the best lightweight commuter scooter

If you are thinking about upgrading your existing electric scooter or looking for your first e-scooter then it is much easier to make a decision if you know exactly what you want. When people are looking to upgrade their current scooter they generally want something with more speed and power. The new 2020 version of

If you are looking to buy a cheap electric scooter for UK market then there are quite a few options available. The popularity of electric scooters means that manufacturers have to compete with each others to produce better and better products. This is a really good news for all the consumers because the quality and

Many people would really like to own an electric scooter but can not afford to spend that much money purchasing one. For those people who are looking for a cheap e-scooter for adults in the UK region, a really good choice would be the ZIPPER T2S 350 Watt e-scooter.  This is an affordable folding electric scooter

Chances are that you have ridden a Bird electric scooter before and wondered if you could actually own one. Now it is possible to buy a bird electric scooter for yourself and not have to share it with other people. Many people who regularly ride rental scooters have come to the realization that owning an

Everyone these days wants to scoot around with an electric scooter and there is no question that electric scooters are here to stay. If you are searching for a stylish and popular scooter to ride around with then the Unagi Model One would be the obvious choice. Even pop stars, such as Billie Eilish love

What is the best commuter electric scooter under $500? The vast majority of people who buy electric scooters have a strict budget that they are willing to spend and they mostly look for commuter electric scooters. These days there are so many new e-scooters to choose from but very few are willing to spend €1500-$2000 for

The Apollo Pro is one of the highest performing electric scooters for commuting you can get. This high speed electric scooter for adults leaves all the others far behind. If you are tired of your slow e-scooter with a max speed of 15 mph and battery that quickly empties then the Apollo Pro is the

What is the best urban commuter electric scooter for $1000? It is a difficult question to answer because everyone has their own opinion and every scooter has their own pros and cons. Most electric scooters have been designed and built to be an urban commuter to help people commute in the city quickly, effortlessly and cheaply.  Over

Apollo is a Canadian electric scooter company and their mission is to  bring last-mile transport to people. They have several electric scooters in their fleet, such as the City, Explore, Ultra, as well as the Apollo Light e-scooter. The Light is a compact and lightweight folding electric scooter, which is the ideal choice for daily

The Ninebot Segway ES4 is one of the most popular models of Segway electric scooters. Many consider it as one of the best electric scooter for commuting to work. No e-scooter is perfect, the ES4 is no exception but is the overall package worth the price tag?  Trying to choose the ideal e-scooter for commuting to

The electric scooter market has really bloomed in the last 2-3 years. This is great news for consumers like us because the more competition there is, the better range, quality and price of scooters we can get. It is possible to get some outrageously fancy scooters that cost lots of money but most individuals are

Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter ReviewThe Xiaomi M365 has been the world’s most popular electric scooter for a several years. Xiaomi created the ideal electric scooter that ticks all the boxes and appeals to the masses. In order to maintain their lead at the top of the e-scooter marketplace Xiaomi have decided to upgrade their most

  The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is most likely the best selling electric scooters and has been for the past couple of years. The Xiaomi M365 Pro is the upgraded version and is most likely the best selling electric scooter in Europe. But is the best selling electric scooter necessarily the best? With so many scooters

    The CITYRIDER is one of the best lightweight electric scooter for commuting. Some people want to buy a scooter that has lots of power and range just for the thrill of it but most people actually want a budget-friendly and lightweight electric scooter for short commutes in the city. The CITYRIDER is one

What are the best electric scooters for college students? Electric scooters are a practical, fun and cheap mode of transport for everyone, from young children to business people, adrenaline junkies and older adults. In an urban environment using an electric scooter is much more convenient and practical, especially when combined with public transport, which is

Table of Contents 1 The Levy Electric Scooter Review Additional Features Of The Levy Electric Scooter Is It The Best Electric Scooter for The Money Emily H Chip R Timothy C Share0 Tweet0 Share0     I think it is fairly clear now that electric scooters are not just a fad but are here to

Table of Contents 1 The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Features The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Portability The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Additional Features Conclusion Mantis fun Mantis Pro – First 100 Miles     If you live in a densely populated urban environment and commute to work then you

    A few years ago electric scooters were a novelty and it was fun to cruise around with a rental electric scooter. People discovered that not only are scooters fun to ride around with but they are also very practical. In an urban environment they are very often more practical then a car or