There is no perfect electric scooter because everyone is different. Designers and manufacturers try really hard to cater to everyone’s needs and they have done a really good job, considering the amount of various types of e-scooters on the marketplace. But there are always people who feel left out. For example there aren’t many easy

The Razor company is known for making great electric scooters for kids in all age groups. It is not easy to find a kids electric scooter that is sturdy and easy to ride and with decent speed and range. The Razor Black Label E100 has received very positive reviews from customers and it is considered

  What is the best electric scooter for teenagers? You can choose from a large variety of electric scooters from little kids electric scooters to e-scooters that go 50 plus mph and everything in between. There are a few criteria that an electric scooter needs to have to be a really good fit for a teenager.   Electric