What is the best electric scooter for an 8 year old or a 10 year old kid? If your have a 8-10 year old kid who wants to have a cool and reliable electric scooter then the Ninebot ZING E10 scooter is a strong candidate.  Very often choosing an electric scooter is a hit and miss.

The Segway Ninebot MAX electric kick scooter has received rave reviews and very high ratings from customers. In this review of the Segway Ninebot MAX electric kick scooter, I will give an overview of the main features and specs of this electric scooter. And try to find out whether it is really worth the $850

The GOTRAX XR Ultra commuting E-scooter is a very popular and upgraded electric scooter of the previous generation GXL Commuter V2 electric scooter. This type of e-scooter is for people who want an e-scooter but do not want to invest that much money into buying one. There are many reasons why the XR Ultra electric

Segway is one of the major companies in the electric scooter world, so it’s no surprise that their Segway E22E model is a budget-friendly option for the general population. This Segway E22E electric scooter review will cover the pros and cons of this scooter so you can decide if it’s worth your money. The Segway

It seems that everyone wants to have their own electric scooter because they are really fun to ride and very practical. That is all great if you can find an electric kick scooter that is a great fit to you. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs and expectations. Most electric kick scooters are

The Benefits of Foldable Electric Scooters for Commuting Foldable electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities. There are a few reasons for this boom. Firstly, foldable electric scooters are the perfect vehicle for short journeys. 60% of city commutes are less than 5 miles and foldable electric scooters are much faster than walking

Not only are electric scooters very practical when it comes to short-distance city commutes but riding them is also lots of fun. It really is a thrill to ride with your electric scooter around town, especially if you have good roads. It is really incredible how much time you can save if you don’t sit

Electric scooters have become incredibly popular over the past couple of years and the fact is that electric scooters are here to stay. Choosing which type of electric scooter to buy can be a hard challenge due to the wide array of scooters on the market. The way we commute is changing very rapidly and