Save Money on Transportation Costs by Buying an Electric Scooter 

 December 15, 2020

By  Rando

In these very hard times we are all going through people are looking for various methods to save money. A lot of people are struggling for obvious reasons and every penny you can save is a big deal. 

If you are looking for ways to save money on transportation costs then buying an electric scooter could save you lots of money. Electric scooter have become very popular all over the world. Not only are they very convenient, fun and practical but can also save you plenty of money and time. 

Especially if you replace your short commuting trips you did with your car with an electric scooterThis way you can save money on gas and since you don't have to sit in traffic jams, you will save time as well. In this article I will go in depth how you can save money on transportation costs by using an e-scooter.

How you can save money on transportation costs with an electric scooter!

Purchasing costs of electric scooters

If you want to own an electric scooter then you need to buy one obviously and if you are interested in buying a basic commuting e-scooter then you would expect to spend between $300 to $900. Of course there are e-scooters that have a much higher price tag but if the goal is to save money on transportation costs then there is no need to spend over $1000 for a scooter.

One the other hand opting for the cheapest e-scooter is also not the best idea because you would then have to make compromises in reliability, comfort and features. You need a scooter that is reliable but has plenty of range, ride comforts and features to make it worth while.

Commuting distances

What also determines the cost saving possibilities of an electric scooter is the frequency and range. The more often you use an electric scooter the more money you can save. If your workplace or school is 5-10 miles away or less, then it would be much cheaper to choose an e-scooter over a car for sure. But if your workplace is 20-30 miles away or more than you would be better of opting for a car or buy a scooter with really long range and high top speed.

For example the charge cost for the average electric scooter user is 5-6 dollars a month. This is not much at all and if you use your scooter regularly for commuting then you can very quickly pay off the initial purchasing price of the scooter.

Maintenance costs of electric scooters

It is not that hard to predict how much money you need to spend on charging your scooter but it is much harder to predict what the maintenance costs are. Most scooter companies offer a 12 month warranty or even less. 

Warranties only apply for technical issues and don't apply if you have misused your scooter or improperly preserved it. The cheaper the scooter, the more likely it is to brake down and the shorter the warranty period will be as well.

Many companies offer spare parts, accessories and maintenance services as well for their scooters. While many others don't offer any spare parts and if something brakes you might have to scrap the whole scooter.  

You can also choose e-scooters that are low-maintenance  if you are not mechanically inclined.

Saving money on parking

The parking fees in some places can be unreal. For example According to statistics the average American spends 1,780 hours at work and in many places you need to pay for parking. In New York City you would have to spend around 600 dollars per month on a parking pass and in Los Angeles around $300 per month. An average person in Chicago would have to spend 2,800 dollars per year on parking, plus various fees and expenses, such as tires, oil, gas, car insurance, car payments etc.

But if you buy a folding electric scooter you don't have to spend anything on parking.because you can simply fold the scooter, take it with you and store it in your office corner for example. Once your workday is complete you simply unfold the scooter and scoot back home, whilst others are spending money on their cars and sitting in traffic.

Combining electric scooters with public transport

One of the benefits of folding electric scooters is that you can combine various forms of transport. Public transport will also save money on transportation costs but public transport will not get you door to door. So instead of walking to your bus stop or subway station you can simply hop on your scooter, ride to your stop or station, fold the scooter once you are there, take the scooter with you and once you have reached your destination you can unfold your scooter again and continue your ride.

As you can see electric scooters can certainly help you save money on transportation costs. So not only can you save money and time when buying an electric scooter but you can also have loads of fun.

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