Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter Review – British Scooter for British Weather! 

 August 27, 2020

By  Rando

Pure air Pro electric scooter review

In this Pure Air Pro electric scooter review I will explain some of the pros and cons of this electric scooter. There are lots of different scooter models to choose from. So what makes the Pure Air Pro special? Is it worth the money?

It is getting harder and harder to choose the best electric scooter to buy because you can choose from a variety of e-scooter that are all in the same price range and have all very similar specs and features. But there are a few features that the Pure Air Pro has that other similar e-scooters don’t. If you are interested in buying this e-scooter then make sure you read through this Pure Air Pro electric scooter review.

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter Review

Pure Electric, which is one of the biggest sellers of electric scooters in the UK, and the Pure Air Pro is the first electric scooter Pure has released under its name. Although this model is Pure’s first e-scooter, it certainly doesn’t feel like it and since Pure Electric have plenty of experience selling e-scooter, they know exactly what type of scooter is best for British weather.

Built buy a British company for typical British weather, this electric scooter should be ideal for someone who lives in the UK or has weather similar to the UK. The design and features of this scooter have taken into account the typical weather one might experience in the UK.

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter Review: Crucial Specs and Stats

The weight of the Pure Air Pro is 37.5 pounds or 17 kg, which is a bit heavy. For example the Xiaomi M365 only weighs 27.5 pounds. This might seem like a drawback when compared to the M365 but the Pure Air Pro has a maximum carrying capacity of 120 kg, while the M365 has a carrying capacity of 100 kg.

Pure Air Pro electric scooter review - 120 kg weight limit

This extra weight also adds more stability when riding at higher speeds. In addition the 10-inch pneumatic tires keep the scooter steady even in wet surfaces. Many e-scooters have solid rubber wheels that feel slippy to ride in the wet and bumpy roads.

The top speed for the Pure Air Pro is a standard 25 km/h or 15.5 mph. Electric scooters in the UK are limited to 15.5 mph anyone by the law. The range is 36 km or 22.4 miles. This is above average range for a typical scooter in this price range. 22.4 miles should be plenty for most people’s daily commutes. The battery can be charged in a quick 4.5 hours.

It has a 350 Watt motor that features unique mapping for a more controlled and stable acceleration.There is also a built-in anti-skid break that has been built-in the motor and this makes braking a lot safer and more stable.

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter Review: Design and Water Resistance

The design of the Pure Air Pro is conventional and it comes in black and grey colors. The folded dimensions of the scooter are 45.3 x 19.7 x 19.7 inches  and unfolded dimensions are 45.3 x 19.7 x 47.2 inches. It is a bit larger than for example the Xiaomi M365 e-scooter. The larger and fairly grippy deck adds more underfoot stability.

The charging port is located at the bottom of the board and is easy to open. The kickstand is also strong and supports the scooter really well. The scooter also features full multi-functional back lit display that helps the rider to keep an eye on speed and battery level, as well as select from 3 power modes.

The Pure Air Pro electric scooter has been designed for easy maintenance. For example the 10-inch tires have easily accessible valves for quick tire change in case of a puncture. In addition you can get authentic spare parts from the Pure Electric Store that are manufacturer supplied. Plus you get puncture prevention fluid with the scooter that minimizes punctures.

Pure air Pro electric scooter review

The Pure Air Pro also features class-leading front and rear LED lights, as well as side-mounted reflectors that provide 360-degree visibility.

This Pure Air Pro electric scooter review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the water resistance rating. The Pure Air Pro has a IP-65 water resistance, which is class leading water resistance. This is really a unique feature when compared to other similar electric scooters. The warranty also covers for water ingress, unlike many other e-scooters. Owning a electric scooter in British weather without IP-65 water resistance and warranty that covers for water ingress, is kind of pointless.

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter Review: Pure Air Pro vs Xiaomi M365

Without a doubt the Pure company decided to build the Pure Air Pro as a alternative to the M365. So is it really a better and more realistic alternative?

At the Pure Electric website you can get the Xiaomi M365 for £469 and the Pure Air Pro at a price of £579. So the Pure Air Pro electric scooter costs 110 pounds more. Also the M365 is 10 pounds lighter.

Pure Air Pro electric scooters review

On the other hand the Pure air Pro has a longer range (22.4 miles compared to 18.5 miles). Not a huge difference but still. Also the Pure Air Pro has a high maximum load capacity (120 kg compared to 100 kg). The charging time for the M365 is an hour longer and it is a smaller scooter in general.

But there are 2 main reasons why the Pure Air Pro would be a better choice. Firstly, and most importantly, the IP-65 water resistance and warranty that covers water ingress is a big plus. If you live in a place where it rains regularly then you need a water resistant e-scooter. It is a big asset to have a spending 130 pounds more, seems to make sense.

Another crucial factor is the maintenance. Changing the tire on the M365 electric scooter, when getting a flat, is notoriously difficult and practically impossible. This is not the case with the Pure Air Pro. The servicing has been made much easier and even novices can quickly change tires. In addition to the spare parts you can quickly get from the online store.

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter Review: Conclusion

Although the M365 is a more popular scooter and is lighter and cheaper, it makes more sense to buy the Pure Air Pro. Especially if you live in a typically British climate where it rains all the time. 130 pounds is certainly a lot of money but it is better to spend that money for a better quality scooter.

In addition Pure is a UK company while the Xiaomi is a Chinese one. It would make sense to support a UK company if you live in the UK or Europe. In addition you get great support from Pure and a 12-month warranty. Pure also provides you with 3 different payment plans if you don’t have the funds to purchase the scooter right away. There are 3 month, 6 month and 24 month payment plans.

So this was a quick Pure Air Pro electric scooter review and hopefully you found it useful.

Owned for approx 6 weeks. Fabulous fun. Very glad I spent the extra for weather, bigger wheels and tyres and sheer manufactured grunt. This thing is so robust. Male, 50,.. Ok so it's a bit bumpy sometimes but I'd hate to know how that feels on a solid tyred scooter. It's built like a tank. It's never let me down. Looks really cool and chunky and gets me to work and back faster than a car, and about 5 times faster than a bus. Speed is fine. No issues. Again, so glad I spent the extra. 10/10 in love with mine.

Mark Humphrey

This is my first e-scooter, and I couldn’t be more happy! Perfect for getting me to the office and back home... is a little heavier than I thought but I’m not really carrying it around anywhere... Just need a Pure Electric app to go with this Air Pro! Hopefully soon!



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