Ninebot Segway ES4 – Best Electric Scooter For Commuting to Work 

 October 2, 2020

By  Rando

The Ninebot Segway ES4 is one of the most popular models of Segway electric scooters. Many consider it as one of the best electric scooter for commuting to work. No e-scooter is perfect, the ES4 is no exception but is the overall package worth the price tag? 

Trying to choose the ideal e-scooter for commuting to work is a real tough challenge. Some people do a lot of research beforehand and still pick the wrong scooter, while others get lucky right away. Obviously the more money you are willing to pay the better overall scooter you can get.

If you are planning to ride your scooter to work in an urban environment then there are several criteria the scooter needs to have. 

It needs to be portable, fairly lightweight, easily foldable, have decent range and speed, but also be comfortable to ride and reliable. Things such as max top speed and acceleration are not so important for daily city commutes. The Ninebot Segway ES4 ticks these boxes really well.

Ninebot ES4 Specs

  • 300 Watt motor with 800 Watts of max power 
  •  Top speed of 18.6 mph or 30 km/h.
  • 374 Wh battery with a maximum range of up to 28 miles or 45 km.
  • 7.5-inch front and 8-inch rear solid non-pneumatic tires.
  •  Front and rear shock Absorption.
  • Easy one-step folding system.
  •  Dual batteries for increased range.
  • Scooter weight 30.9 pounds.
  • Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control and LED display.
  •   Customizable ambient light colors.
  • Anti-lock braking system.
  • IP-54 water resistance rating.
Ninebot ES4 - electric scooter for commuting to work
Ninebot ES4 - best electric scooter for commuting to work

Segway Ninebot ES4 review: What makes it a great electric scooter for commuting to work

The ES4 is one of the best city commuter electric scooter for several reasons. It is a great combination and modern technology, sleek design and overall performance.Ninebot ES4 - best e-scooter for commuting to work

  • The 300 Watt battery with a maximum 800 Watt output can reach speeds of up to 19 mph, which is more than enough for a city commuter. The top speed of all scooters is achieved in ideal conditions. If you go uphill or if you weigh more then the acceleration and top speed will not be as high. 
  • The range of 28 miles or 45 km is more than other electric scooters in the price range. When fully charged you should easily be able to ride to work, do other errands and get back home without having to worry about the battery. The ES4 also has dual batteries for better performance. Having an extra battery at hand is always great assurance.
  •  The weight of the scooter at 30.9 pounds or 14 kg is a couple of pounds heavier than the M365 electric scooter. But it should still be light enough to be carried for short periods. The folding mechanism is very simple and easy, making it a great city commuter. Some commuter electric scooters have a folding mechanism that is not very smooth and if you have to fold and unfold your scooter several times during your commutes then it can be a real issue.
  • The front and rear shock absorbers along with the large tires make the riding comfortable at high speeds. Having shock absorbers is really important for rider comfort. The Es4 has solid tires meaning you will not get punctures. The downside of solid tires is that they are harder to ride in wet conditions. Also the electrical and mechanical anti-lock braking system adds more safety when riding. The braking system is very reliable, although you want to test the brakes to get used to the feel.
  • The ES4 has the Segway App, which allows you to connect your scooter via Bluetooth with your phone. The App is really useful and allows you to keep track of riding stats, make firmware updates, turn on cruise control and also lock and unlock the scooter. The LED display shows you crucial information, such as battery life and speed. You can also turn on the headlight by pushing the power button, as well as customize the color of the rear and side lights to suit your style.

Ninebot Segway Es4 Pros and Cons

Is it the best electric scooter for commuting to work?


  • Plenty of speed, range and power for daily commutes.
  • Dual battery is a useful feature. 
  • Easy and reliable folding mechanism making it portable.
  • Solid build quality and sturdy construction.
  • Front and rear suspension for increased rider comfort.
  • Built-In front LED lights and rear light make the scooter visible.
  • The LED display with the Segway App add lots of value as well.
  • IP-54 water resistance rating.


  • A little heavy at 30.9 pounds. 
  • Solid tires are extremely difficult to change once they wear out and hard to ride in wet conditions.
  • Suspension can make load cracking noises.
  • Batteries can drain fast for some ES4 scooters.


Is the Ninebot Es4 the best electric scooter for commuting to work? It is certainly one of the best if your ride to work is on a smooth surface and if you don't ride in wet conditions. If you need to ride on rougher surfaces and often on wet or damp roads then it is not the best choice. 


I don't waste my time leaving reviews on things, but I think this scooter merits an honest review. So here's the deal... this isn't the fastest scooter you can buy (although it moves me at 20mph and I weigh 195 lbs). It also doesn't have top of the line suspension (although it's suspension, for what you pay for, is pretty good), and you won't get 28 miles ride out of it. BUT..... it's a $600 electric scooter. I have put almost 500 miles on it already.

I use it for work commuting, traveling to the girlfriend's house, and cruising through the neighborhood house-browsing (my girlfriend has a scooter, too). It's PERFECT for that. We have SO MUCH FUN on these things. We have both said a million times... THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. 500 miles and not single hiccup, problem, or failure. My son uses it to go to his friend's house, and seriously, 20 mph will get you real far quickly. I can't recommend this scooter enough. For reference, I also have a Zero 8x, and I STILL love my Segway Ninebot.


Hello! My name is Rando and I created this site to help people find the best electric scooter for their needs. Hopefully this site will help you decide which electric scooter you should buy.

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