NEW Dualtron Spider – 3000 Watt Electric Scooter With 50 Mile Range! 

 October 27, 2020

By  Rando

The Dualtron series by MiniMotors is well-known for their high performance, fast, durable and long range electric scooters. Their Dualtron X is a very popular model although it is very expensive. The Dualtron Spider has also been a very popular model but the latest Dualtron Spider model has given what so many customers have wanted - an ultra lightweight electric scooter with lots of range and power. 

Owning a very fast and long range electric scooter, such as the Dualtron X, has many drawbacks. The main drawback is that they are very bulky, which doesn't make them very portable. Being portable is one of the main reasons for owning an electric scooter.

The latest release of the Dualtron Spider gives you 3000 Watts of power, 37 mph top speed, 50 mile range - all in a scooter with a total weight of only 44 pounds. This is a new standard and it makes owning a fast and long ranged e-scooter much more practical. But lets take a closer look and see what exactly the new and improved Dualtron Spider has to offer. 

Dualtron Spider Specs and Features

  • 3000W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
  • Top speed: 37 mph/60 km/h
  • 1050Wh (LG) battery
  • Range: 50 miles or 80 km
  • Gradability: 37%
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 pounds/ 100 kg
  • Scooter weight: 44 pounds/ 20.3 kg
  • Front fixed suspension with rear variable suspension
  • 5 replaceable suspension rubber cartridges
  •  Anti-lock brake system
  •  Built-in LED light system
  • Smart EYE throttle system
  • Optional smart fingerprint security system
  • Redesigned frame
  • Dust seal protection for motor and brake cable 
Dualtron Spider - 3000 Watt E-Scooter With 50 Mile Range
Dualtron Spider - 3000 Watt E-Scooter With 50 Mile Range

Dualtron Spider Review

Speed and Range

The Dualtron Spider has been created by MiniMotors company. It is an ultralight, yet powerful and fast electric scooter with a long range. 

The 3000 Watt BLDC Dual Hub Motor is able to reach a top speed of 37 mph, which is more than double of the Xiaomi M365. It is not as fast as the Dualtron X, which has a top speed of 55 mph, but the Dualtron Spider also costs a fraction of the price. This newly designed motor with a unique drive system is much lighter than the previous motor but has the same amount of power.

The range of the Dualtron Spider is 50 miles, which is far more than your standard e-scooter with 15-20 miles of range. All of the Dualtron electric scooters are powered with “Safest Lithium-Ion Battery-Pack” manufactured by Samsung SDI of South Korea.The battery circuit and cell are protected from hard knocks and shocks and the battery is coated with high quality 1.2T steel powder. The charging time of the 1050Wh (LG) battery is 8.7 hours.

50 miles of range is far more than most people ever need and although the Dualtron X has a range of up to 90 miles, then the cost of the Dualtron X is way out of reach for most people. 

Dualtron Spider - 3000 Watt E-Scooter brakes

Suspension and Ride quality

Dualtron scooters have excellent suspension systems and they get better with each and every upgrade. The newly upgraded Dualtron Spider is no exception. With such powerful and fast e-scooter it is essential to have top of the line ride quality.

The Spider has front fixed suspension with rear variable suspension with 3 different level settings:

• Level 1 (LOW) Urban roads

• Level 2 (MID) Default

• Level 3 (HIGH) Off-road conditions

This flexibility allows you to change the settings to suit the surface you are riding on. Not only that but the suspension arm angle can also be adjusted:

• Level 1 (LOW) Urban roads

• Level 2 (MID) Default

• Level 3 (HIGH) Off-road conditions

There are even more options available than these. Namely you will have the option to choose between 5 different rubber cartridges. The rubber cartridges are graded for different levels of elasticity and available for both front and rear suspension.

Along with the 10-inch tubeless tires the ride quality of the Dualtron Spider is really excellent and can not be compared to your standard rental scooter.

The steering of the Spider is also very stable at high speeds with no wobble, which gives more confidence to the rider as well. 

Dualtron Spider - 3000 Watt E-Scooter With 50 Mile Range

Braking system

The front and rear disc brakes that the Spider has makes braking very reliable. The Spider also has dual regenerative brakes and anti-lock brake system (ABS) that can be tuned, enabled or disabled via the EYE LCD interface. 

The anti-lock braking system provides a series of intermittent braking signals that help to reduce the loss of control that can occur with tire skids and sudden stops. When you are going 37 mph then you need quality brakes not only to come to a full stop fast but also maintain control over the scooter.

Portability and Lighting

With a weight of 44 pounds the Dualtron Spider is the lightest scooter of the Dualtron series. This makes the scooter much more portable than other Dualtron scooter. It is possible to carry the scooter up a flight of stairs, store it in your car trunk or carry it to public transport. 

The scooter also folds down to a compact 1130 x 243 x 480 mm, which makes it easy to stow the scooter at work or at home with it taking up too much space. The only issue is that there isn't a possibility latch, fold and carry the scooter. This makes carrying the scooter a bit uncomfortable but is not a huge concern.

The built-in LED light system, which is  integrated to the steering tube, front, rear and brake lamps, which give decent amount of front visibility. Although it is recommended to add more lights if you need to ride regularly in low light conditions. 

There is also the steering stem multi-colored lighting system with remote control. This allows you to change the lighting style to your liking with nearly endless possibilities.

EY3 LCD display

The smart EYE throttle system designed by Minimotors has been fitted to all 3-rd generation Dualtrons. With improved functionality, intuitiveness and design, the display is very functional.It has accurate speedometer and battery monitor. There are also lots of possibilities to change the feel and performance of your scooter. 

You can change and adjust regenerative brake strength, auto power-off, cruise control, set kick or powered start mode or enable/disable ABS among other things. 

 Eco/Turbo mode and Single/Dual mode are located at the left handlebar, which control throttle aggressiveness. 

Build quality

The overall build quality of the Dualtron Spider is excellent. The frame is constructed of 6082 T6-tempered aluminum, which is a lightweight but durable alloy, which is also corrosion resistant. The suspension assembly and control arm are very strong and reliable. Even the plastic parts, such as the fender are durable. 

There can be minor issues with the scooter when it comes out of the box and might need some adjustment. For example you might need to adjust the fender and brakes. But these can be taken care of quickly.

Dualtron Spider Pros and Cons

Is the new and improved Dualtron Spider worth the price tag?


  • High quality battery and motor.  
  • High top speed and even better range
  • Durable and Strong build quality
  • Very lightweight compared to other similar scooters.
  • Functional smart EYE throttle system.
  •   World class suspension and braking system.
  • Optional smart fingerprint security system.
  • Dust seal cover for brake and motor cables.
  • Redesigned swing arm, suspension arm, stem base and handle bar.   


  • Lighting system could better.  
  • Only 100 kg weight limit.
  • Not designed to be ridden in the rain.
  • Braking system might need adjustment.
  • Stem doesn't lock when folded.


Overall the new and improved Dualtron Spider is great value for money. It is ideal for those who are looking for a fast, powerful and long-ranged scooter that doesn't weigh a ton. The braking and suspension system are world class for sure. The ride quality is very stable and comfortable.

It also features lots of new and smart technology, such as the smart EYE throttle system. The new design of the scooter has eliminated some of the drawbacks of the previous generation Spider, such as the re-designed frame. Many other features have also been added, such as the dust seal cover for the cables, built-in main power switch.

There are some drawbacks as well, such as the 100 kg weight limit, which is not very much. The scooter also doesn't have any water resistance rating meaning it is not designed to be ridden in the rain. The lights could also be brighter.

But for $2,450 it is great value for money. 


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