Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter Review 

 September 4, 2020

By  Rando

Nanrobot D4+ Electric Scooter

Lots of scooters enthusiasts would love to own an electric scooter, such as the Speedway 5. It has lots of power, high top speed, range, quality, rider comfort etc. Unfortunately the price tag is a bit too much for most folks but there is a much cheaper and almost equally as good alternative – The Nanrobot D4+ powerful electric scooter.

Costing around $700 less than the powerful Speedway 5 is the right choice for individuals who want to have a powerful and reliable electric scooter that has a more budget-friendly price tag. There are lots of features and specs that make this e-scooter stand out from the rest.

It is great to own a standard M365 scooter, but riding it gets boring very quickly and people yearn for something more exhilarating and breathtaking that still has a reasonable price tag as well. Lets see what the Nanrobot D4+ powerful electric scooter has to offer.

Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter: Quick Overview

Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter

  • The Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter can carry a max rider weight of 150 kg, which shows how well-designed and built it is. It comes with all terrain off road tires along with front and rear suspension, which makes it possible to ride the scooter on gravel as well as asphalt.

  • The top speed of this scooter is a very fast 65 km/h, which is possible due to the 2 independent motors, one on each wheel. The range of 70 km on full charge is again exceptional.
  • The folding mechanisms work really well, making the scooter easy to fold and transport. Stopping power is also exceptional due to the high quality front and rear brakes.

Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter: Specs and Features

  • 2 powerful 1000 W electric hub motors power the Nanrobot D4+, one on the front and the other on the rear wheel. The combined power of 2000 Watts and all-wheel drive gives incredible performance as well as control. It is possible to engage just one motor or both motors. Obviously running two motors together gives more power and speed but running just one motor saves battery life.
  • The Nanrobot D4+ has a clever LCD display that shows you information such as speed, time, battery power and the power mode you are currently on. Next to the LCD display are 2 buttons, one changes the power mode and the other turns the display on or off.
  • The break lever is located on the left side of the handlebars, as Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter - display and handlebarswell as the on and off switch and horn button.
  • On the right side of the handlebars are again the front break lever and also 2 buttons. The first switches between two-wheel drive and one-wheel drive. The other button switches between turbo mode and economy mode. The speed of the scooter is controlled by a special trigger on the right side of the handlebars that starts the scooter moving when pulled.

Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter: Breaks and Suspension

Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter - suspension

  • Ridding an electric scooter, especially at higher speeds is certainly not very smooth and comfortable. Cheaper electric scooter simply lack suspension or have poor quality suspension that are not of much use. The Nanrobot D4+ has both front and rear suspension.
  • There are a total of 4 shock-absorbers in the front and one shock-absorber in the rear. The suspension system is designed really well since most of the bumps are felt through the front tire.
  • Of course you are going to feel some bumps but on higher speeds the ride is very smooth, especially when compared to 90% of other scooters. If you combine the suspension with the 10-inch non-slip tires then the ride becomes even smoother.
  • Since the scooter reaches speed of 65 km/h you need high quality braking system as well. The D4+ has disc brakes both on the rear and the front, as well as degenerative braking for re-charging the battery when braking.
  • The brakes are controlled by brake levers fitted on both sides of the handlebars, which are easy to operate.
  • most importantly the brakes are reliable with incredible stopping power. The braking is also safe and smooth. You will not get thrown headfirst from the scooter when you accidentally brake too hard. The brakes also function effectively in wet weather.

Why You Should Buy The Nanrobot D4+

Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter - lights

There are many reasons why you need to buy the Nanrobot D4+ powerful electric scooter. First of all it can reach speeds of 65 km/h and the high capacity 23Ah/52 volt lithium battery has a range of 70 km. You can have a whole day of fun with this range and not have to worry about the battery geting empty. The range and speed of course depend on factors such as the terrain you are riding on, the mode you are on, weather conditions and rider weight. These numbers are comparable to the much more expensive Speedway 5 electric scooter.

The display and the controls on the handlebars are designed really well and most importantly are easy and convenient to operate. The disc brakes also work exceptionally well and can be relied upon. The suspension system along with the 10-inch non-slip tires makes the ride very smooth.

Overall design and construction is of very high quality. It is certainly a great value for money, considering what you get. The weight if 71 pounds is just as light as the more expensive Speedway 5 scooter. The top speed is also in the same range.

It folds down really easily and the folded dimensions of 124 x 24 x 30 cm make it easy to store the scooter in the trunk of your car. Another benefit is the 150 kg or 330 pound maximum carrying capacity. Very few electric scooters have such as high weight carrying capacity. The Speedway 5 only has 265 pound max weight capacity. If you are a heavy rider then it is another reason to buy the Nanrobot D4+.

You will also get a seat along with the scooter that can easily be attached and detached. If you are interested then the water resistance rating for this scooter is IPX3, which means it can take water sprays of up to 60°.

The price of $1420 or € 1.199 is another reason for buying this scooter. You get a lot of value for money with this scooter. Also all the reviews and ratings have been exceptional. There is also 2-year warranty and the customer service is very helpful as well.Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter - seat

Check out this video review of the Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter.

Paul O

D4+ from Nanrobot is a fantastic electric scooter. Would recommend it to everyone looking for a fast and strong scooter.

The battery life is as advertised. No dishonesty here. It essentially gives you the range of a scooter that would cost twice as much! And for those of you with long commutes there's an eco mode that does very well to conserve battery power.

Luca V


Hello! My name is Rando and I created this site to help people find the best electric scooter for their needs. Hopefully this site will help you decide which electric scooter you should buy.

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