MotoTec Mad 48v 1600w – Big Wheel Off-Road Scooter 

 November 24, 2020

By  Rando

Off road electric scooters are not easy to find, especially big wheel off road scooters. Most electric scooters for sale are fairly lightweight, small-wheeled, commuter scooters, which are very practical in an urban environment. Most people live in an urban environment but some people in the country side where there are no smooth paved road. 

For rough and bumpy roads you need a rough and tough electric scooter with lots of power. One of the best big wheel off road scooters for bumpy roads is the MotoTec Mad 48v 1600W scooter, otherwise known as the VELOCIFERO.

This scooter is the polar opposite of your standard e-scooter you see in city streets. It has lots of power and torque, huge off road wheels, wide deck with a unique style that is ideal for off road tracks. This type of "Mad" scooter is not for everyone but it could just be the scooter YOU have been looking for.

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VELOCIFERO Big Wheel Off Road Scooter Specs and Features

  • Motor: 1600 watt brushless motor
  • Battery: Four 12v/12Ah Lead-Acid (48v Total)
  • Range Per Charge: 18-22 miles in optimum conditions
  • Top speed: 20+ mph
  • Throttle: Twist
  • Frame: High-tensile steel
  • Charge Time: 4-8 hrs
  • Deck:Wood (Bamboo)
  • Drive System: Chain is driven by a twist throttle
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes
  • Suspension:Single front and dual rear suspension
  •  Scooter weight:106 lbs
  •  Tires:145/70-6 (14" x 6") knobby terrain slaying tires
  • Carrying Capacity: 310 lbs
  • Lights: dual headlights and tailight
  • Adjustable height, folding handlebars
  • Other features: key start, horn, kickstand, side reflectors, battery level indicator
  • Warranty: 60 days parts replacement 
MotoTec Mad 48v 1600w - Big Wheel Off Road Scooter 5

VELOCIFERO Big Wheel Off Road Scooter Review

Power, Speed and Range

The Velocifero has a powerful 1600 Watt chain driven brushless motor with a twist throttle. 1600 watts is some serious power and the motor also has some serious torque. You need to have lots of power and torque to handle rough and bumpy off road tracks.

The top speed of the scooter is around 20 mph depending on the weight of the rider and surface you ride on. The Velocifero has not been designed for generating high top speed but 20 mph is still pretty fast. But having high top speed is irrelevant when driving off road.

The 48v battery of this big wheeled off road scooter has a range of 18-22 miles. The range as well depends on which surface you ride, how you ride and so on. For such a massive scooter it is hard to expect to have very long range. For some having a range of 20 miles is enough and for others it is not. In real world conditions you might not squeeze 20 miles of range out of the scooter but maybe 15 miles or so.

Brakes and Suspension

The more powerful the scooter, the more powerful and reliable the brakes need to be. Especially when you are dealing with an off road electric scooter. The Velocifero has front and rear disc brakes which is expected for such a powerful and massive scooter. Disc brakes are very reliable, hydraulic brakes would be even better but would also cost more. 

The suspension system has to be on point for an off road scooters riding on bumpy roads. Otherwise the riding experience would suffer greatly. This off road electric scooter has single front and double rear suspension.

Many people have praised the ride comfort of this scooter and it is not just the double suspension that makes the riding experience smooth but also the comfortable seat. Since most scooters are small and narrow, it doesn't allow for having a wide seat. But since this scooter is very wide, the seat can therefore be wide as well. 

Tires, Frame and Deck

Obviously the stand-out feature of this seated off road electric scooter are the tires. These really are big wheels. These are 14-inches by 6-inches knobby terrain slaying tires. You won't see these types of tires on any other scooter, you can be sure of that.

These "phat tires" along with the suspension and seat, make the riding very smooth even on bumpy roads. Many customers have pointed out how smooth it is to ride this scooter and it is mainly due to the very large wheels.

The frame of any off road electric scooter needs to be very strong. The frame of the Velocifero is made out of high-tensile steel, which makes the scooter very sturdy. The scooter has been built to take lots of abuse.

The deck is made out of bamboo, which is really unique. The deck is also very wide and allows for a comfortable sitting position even for longer limbed riders. 

Lights and Other Features

The Velocifero has both dual front headlights and rear taillight. I would recommend to add additional lights to the scooter if you ride in the dark regularly. The original lights on these types of scooters are not super bright.

Another important safety feature is the side reflectors that improve visibility. The scooter has key start ignition and battery level indicator. It does not come with a dashboard but you can buy an optional digital speedometer to see how fast you are going. 

The scooter has a horn and a kickstand as well. The weight capacity is 310 pounds for this scooter. It allows for heavier adults to ride this scooter. Lots of people who have purchased this off road scooter are heavier adults with some disability. This type of scooter is also very useful for hunting trips.

It is a somewhat heavy scooter at 106 pounds but that is to be expected. The handlebars are height adjustable and foldable, which is very useful. 

Another cool feature of this scooter is the front and rear storage bags for your personal items. The overall look and design is also excellent and eye-catching.

MotoTec Mad 48v 1600w - Big Wheel Off Road Scooter 5

MotoTec Mad 48v 1600w (VELOCIFERO) Pros and Cons

Is This Big Wheel Off Road Scooter Worth The Money?


  • 1600 Watts of power  
  • Quality suspension and braking system
  • Huge knobby terrain slaying tires
  • Comfortable removable seat
  • Wide bamboo deck
  • Adjustable and folding handlebars
  • High-tensile steel frame
  • 310 pound weight limit
  • Front and rear storage bags


  • Not the best top speed or range  
  • Front lights could be brighter
  • Chain can rub on the chain guard when letting off the throttle
  • Seat post can be difficult to mount


Is this big wheeled off road electric scooter worth the $1,099.00 price tag? I would certainly say yes! This type of scooter is for individuals who have specific needs. It has lots of power and torque, is very comfortable to ride on and very sturdy as well. 

It has some minor flaws and weaknesses but so has every scooter. It is especially useful scooter for those people who are on the heavier side and might have some disability. But you can use the scooter for hunting or just taking it out on the weekend for some R&R. Either way you will get your moneys worth with this scooter for sure.

And there ain't many these types of off road scooter available so there isn't much to choose from.

I now get why it's called the Mototec MAD Scooter. It's mad powerful, it's mad amazing, and it's mad perfect! My favorite part about this electric scooter is that it's super comfortable. Or should I say, mad comfortable? It has what they call "phat tires" that add bounce and cushion while riding. That plus the suspension, seat and design are really good.

Ben Krausen

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