Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat 

 September 2, 2020

By  Rando

Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat

In recent years the options for personal transportation have greatly increased thanks to the popularity of electric scooters. With so many different electric scooters to choose from it is not easy to pick the right one. Sure, you can choose a standard $400 commuting scooter but that is not fun. If you really want to have some fun then why not choose fat tire electric scooters with a seat?

Fat tire electric scooters with a seat are similar to standard electric scooters but with sturdier and fatter wheels. These fatter tries can endure all types of weather conditions and terrain, even snow and sand. Not to mention that fat tire scooters just look cool. They get lots of attention when cruising around the neighborhood for sure and the rider comfort thanks to those huge tires is a lot better when compared to your standard small wheel scooter.

Mototec offers some of the best fat tire electric scooters with a seat. In this review I will quickly go over the fat tire scooter models they have to offer. Mototec is a well-known trustworthy company and if you are seriously planning on buying one then Mototec is the best place for sure.

Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat


Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat - Fat Tire 2000 W Lithium scooter

The Mototec 2000 Watt fat tire e-scooter is a really powerful fat tire scooter. It has close to 3 HP and can easily handle any type of hilly terrain. The powerful 2000 Watt motor can reach speeds of over 20 mph.

The 60 volt, 18ah lithium-ion battery has a range of over 20 miles on full charge. The lithium battery technology that this scooter uses makes the battery lighter, smaller and extends battery life. The battery on this thing is of very high quality.

The tires on the Mototec 2000 Watt fat tire electric scooter are very large indeed. The 18″ x 9.5″ pneumatic tires can easily go over obstacles without you even noticing. If you want an even smoother ride you can simply decrease the tire presure, no suspension needed.

Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat - Fat Tire 2000 W Lithium electric scooter

The frame is made out of high-tensile steel. It has a twist throttle drive system and direct drive rear hub motor. Hydraulic brakes are both in the front and rear. The carrying capacity is 450 pounds and the scooter itself weighs 123 pounds.

Other features of the Mototec 200 W electric scooter include:

  • Padded seat for comfort
  • Tilt adjustable handlebars
  • Kickstand
  • Battery level display
  • LED headlight
  • Key start
  • Battery charger
  • Rear reflector as well

The assembly process is very easy and you just need to secure the handlebars. For the best price go to UrbanScooter.com, the authorized Mototec dealer. The price at UrbanScooters is a 30% discount $1,169.00


Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat - Knockout 48 V 1000W scooter

If you want a cheaper and less powerful fat tire electric scooter with a seat then the Mototec Knockout 48V 1000W scooter is the perfect choice.

Although it is a less powerful fat tire scooter, it still has plenty of power to reach speeds of 20 mph, which is still faster than most standard commuting scooters. The 48v battery system has a max range of 20 miles when fully charged and on a smooth road.

The 1000 Watt Mototech fat tire scooter has also rront and rear shock absorption system. The frame is also made out of high-tensile steel and has front and rear hydraulic brakes.

Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat - Knockout 48 V 1000W electric scooter

The maximum carrying capacity is up to 450 pounds, weight of the scooter is 170 pounds. The air-filled (pneumatic) tires are 18″ x 9.5″.

Other features include:

  • Long padded seat with back support
  • Battery level meter
  • Handlebars that are tilt adjustable
  • Key ignition
  • Kickstand
  • LED light
  • Rear reflector
  • Rear brake light
  • Charging time is between 4-8 hours

This Mototec scooter is a bit more comfortable due to the long padded seat with extra back support. Less power but the price tag at $789.00 is more affordable. At the moment the product is out of stock so you might have to wait a bit. You can get a 21% discount at UrbanScooter.


Fatboy 800 Watt electric scooter - Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat

The Mototec FatBoy electric scooter is the cheapest model from Mototec but that doesn’t mean it is less fun.

The 48 v 800 Watt rear hub motor can reach speeds of 20 mph, which is plenty fast for cruising around the neighborhood. The Four 12v / 12ah sealed lead acid batteries of the 800 W FatBoy scooter has a range of 15 miles on a single charge.

The 15″ x 6″ wide high-quality pneumatic tires make the ride very comfortable. The handling is also very easy on this scooter due to the extra-wide cruiser handlebars. The seat can also be detached so you can ride the scooter standing up or sitting down.

The frame is constructed from high grade steel with durable ABS plastic body, deck, and mudguards over both of the tires. It also has variable speed twist grip throttle with rear drum brakes and front disc brakes.

Fatboy 800 W electric scooter - Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat

The weight of the Mototec Fatboy e-scooter is 90 pounds compared to the 170 pounds of the Mototec 1000 Watt scooter. Although the carrying capacity is only at 250 pounds.

Other features include:

  • Removable wide and cushy saddle seat
  • Smart battery charger
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Large headlight
  • Battery level meter
  • Kickstand
  • Key ignition

It is the cheapest fat tire electric scooters with a seat from Mototec. The price of the scooter is $548.00 at a 22% discount from UrbanScooters, although at the moment it is out of stock as well.


Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat - 2000W lithium

The Mototec Knockout 2000 Watt lithium scooter as twice as much power and also double the range of the standard Knockout fat tire electric scooter. In addition it is lighter weight with mirrors, under-seat storage and removable batteries for remote charging.

The powerful 2000w 60v rear hub motor can reach speeds of 25 mph. The  60v 36ah lithium-ion battery system has a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, compared to around 20 miles for the 1000 Watt Knockout scooter.

Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat - Mototec 2000W lithium

It also has front and rear shocks, as well as hydraulic front and rear brakes The frame is made out of high-tensile steel. It has massive 18″ x 9.5″ pneumatic street tires. The carrying capacity is 450 pounds and scooter dimensions are: 75x15x46 inches.

Additional features:

Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat - 2000W lithium scooter

  • Rear LED light
  • Front LED light
  • Under seat storage compartment
  • Cushioned double seat with backrest
  • Tilt adjustable handlebars
  • Key Ignition
  • Mirrors
  • Kickstand
  • Battery charger

The Price tag for this scooter is a solid $1,599.00, which is 20% discount when ordering from UrbanScooters. Just like with other models, the scooter could be out of stock. So order it right away when it becomes available if you really want this one.

Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat Conclusion

These were the Fat tire electric scooters with a seat that Mototec has to offer. There are plenty of Fat tire Mototec electric scooters to choose from. These are the highest quality fat tire scooters for the bet price possible. You get a lot of value for your money unfortunately these scooters are often out of stock due to their popularity.

Fat tire scooters are just cool and comfortable to ride and certainly worth the money. It is your decision whether you want a cheaper but more basic model or a more expensive model with better specs and features.

We had previously gotten an electric scooter for my husband, but he wasn't too happy with it. So, my daugher started checking on this type of scooter "The Fatboy". Well, let me tell you my husband is so happy with his birthday gift, that he can't thank us enough. It was the best purchase that we made. Thank you, I will definitely recommend this bike to anyone who is looking for an electric scooter.

Rosario Negron // Birthday Experience

The Knockout is popular in our neighborhood. My wife and I both have one. We got them on recommendation from a neighbor, and I’ve seen another one around town, too. The scooters are heavy, sturdy and pretty darn fast. A hell of a lot of fun to cruise around on. Assembly was easy, only took about a half hour. The customer service at Urban Scooters is really good, too. Thanks!

vincent h // Thank you

You guys helped me with a scooter a few years ago. I’ve had a good time with it, but then I saw this new fat tire scooter. It delivered last week and it’s a pile of fun. The power caught me off-guard at first. I almost lost it first time out of the garage, so be careful. My neighborhood has its share of hills, and they’re no problem. It’s solid and heavy, but easy to balance. Quality is very good. I’ve been getting lots of attention on it.

Richard H. // Fun fat tire scooter


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