MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter 

 September 12, 2020

By  Rando

The MANTIS - The Top Commuter Electric Scooter

If you live in a densely populated urban environment and commute to work then you are the right person to benefit from a top commuter electric scooter. Commuting in a densely populate city is very complex, annoying, time consuming and unpredictable.

Sitting in your car in traffic on your way to work or home, waiting for the bus to work or using the overcrowded subway is far from ideal. Every person wants to reduce their commuting time and also cut other costs associated with commuting. By far the best way to achieve this is by getting yourself a top commuter electric scooter. It is the best solution to the annoying problems that daily commutes bring about.

You just don’t want to buy some randon electric scooter for the cheapest price. A commuter electric scooter has to have many features and qualities that make it worth buying. Not all electric scooter are suitable to daily commutes in an urban environment. One of the best all around urban electric scooter is the MANTIS. In this quick overview I will give you reasons why the MANTIS is one of the best electric scooters for commuting.

The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Features

The MANTIS - Top Commuter Electric Scooter

The MANTIS electric scooter from Fluid Free Rides has been designed as an all around electric scooter. It is ideal for swift inner city commutes with excellent acceleration and braking. It has large batteries for long rides, has the ability on trails and is stil light enough to be carried in one hand

  • The MANTIS has a top speed of 60.5 km/h or 37.5 mph and in ideal conditions with a light rider the top speed might be up to 40 mph. The acceleration is also awesome, reaching 24 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and 40 km/h in 5.2 seconds. In comparison the acceleration for the Xiaomi M365 is 6.3 seconds for reaching 24 km/h.
  • If you live in a hilly urban area then the MANTIS is ideal for that. It has enough torque to power up a 60 meter 10% gradient hill in just 9.2 seconds, compared to 20.8 seconds for the Xiaomi M365 scooter.
  • The range for the FST Li-ion 60V 17.5Ah battery is 30 miles or more in energy saving Eco mode in real world conditions. The manufacturer claims the range to be even up to 50 miles but that is a bit unrealistic in the real world.
  • This massive power of the 2x 60V 1000W BLDC is balanced with very strong and reliable semi-hydraulic disc brakes. The cable-actuated dual semi-hydraulic disc brakes along with the grippy 10″x2.5″ air tires, keeps the speed in check very effectively. It takes just 3.3 meters to come to a full stop on a speed of 24 km/h. For the Xiaomi M365 the braking distance is 5 meters.
  • The ride quality due to the dual spring shocks is very comfortable and smooth. The scooter is both agile and stable on every surface you ride on. You can confidentially lean into curves when taking turns because the contact between the surface and tire remains constant. The MANTIS has great control and is nimble to ride, which makes it the top commuter electric scooter.
  • The maximum weight capacity for the MANTIS is 265 pounds or even a bit more. Ideal also for heavier riders.

The MANTIS - Top Commuter Electric Scooter

The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Portability

Speed, acceleration, range and ride quality are all very important aspects of a top of the line commuter electric scooter. But portability is also a crucial factor and the MANTIS has some positives and negatives when it comes to overall portability.

Since the MANTIS electric scooter is very fast and long ranged, it is inevitable that it is not the most light weight scooter. It is fairly sizable and heavy, weighing in at 65 pounds. It has folded dimensions of 49 x 24 x 19 inches, which is quite bulky for bringing on a commuter train during rush hour.

The stem-folding mechanism of the MANTIS is very solid and the clamping mechanism doesn’t need any adjustments. Once the stem is locked into place there is no wobble or creaking when you push the handlebars.

When folded the folding stem locks into place. A latch on the handlebars allows the handlebars to be secured to the rear fender. This makes it possible for the scooter to be carried from the stem. This features makes the MANTIS more portable.

The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Additional Features

MANTIS electric scooter - Top Commuter Electric Scooter

There are many other features of the MANTIS that makes it a top commuter electric scooter. For example the deck of the scooter is very spacious (51.5 cm x 21 cm) with 14.3 cm of ground clearance. A grippy rubber mat also covers the deck for extra grip on wet conditions.

The MANTIS has front and rear button lights, as well as side LED deck lights. None of the lights are very bright so if you are planning on riding at night you might want to add some more lights to make yourself more visible.

The overall build quality is really excellent. The construction is really solid, the motor is very quiet and all the cables are wrapped up and routed very nicely in a bundled together protective mesh.


The Kaabo MANTIS - Top Commuter Electric Scooter

The MANTIS electric scooter is deal for those who are looking for a high performance, ease to ride and robust scooter for daily commuting. It is packed with a lot of performance with excellent, speed, handling, ride quality and acceleration.

The MANTIS electric scooter is manufactured by Kaabo and exclusively distributed by Fluid Free Ride in the US. Fluid Free Ride offer 6 months limited warranty for manufacturer’s defects and 15 days no questions asked returns of unused products. They also have a great customer service and parts in store for repairing and maintaining the scooter.

The price for this top commuting electric scooter is $1,699.00, which seems a lot but really isn’t if you consider what you get for your money. If you have any questions about the MANTIS then contact the very helpful customer service at Fluid Free Ride or check out the almost 300 reviews that the MANTIS has.

The mantis is a great scooter. It accelerated at an unbelievable pace and top speed is as advertised. The only down side is that the charger that comes with the unit is a bit slow. Charging speed is better with the 5A quick charger. Overall I love the scooter!

Mantis fun

This is my 3rd scooter and appetite has grown past 12 months. First one was $250 junk from Amazon. That lasted 1 month. Then I got Ninebot by Segway ES4 - after 900 miles motor went, but Segway replaced it free. But I wanted something with little bit longer range and real brakes.

Man did this scooter deliver! Brakes are awesome, but learn to use them correctly. Suspension is best I have ever experienced by large margin. And of course this Beast is fast. 10" wheels make a big difference for riding quality.

I though it was a bit expensive side when I ordered it, but now I feel I got what paid for.

Awesome and very happy!

Mantis Pro - First 100 Miles

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