List of The Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults 

 August 4, 2020

By  Rando

It seems that everyone wants to have their own electric scooter because they are really fun to ride and very practical. That is all great if you can find an electric kick scooter that is a great fit to you. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs and expectations. Most electric kick scooters are not meant for heavy adults, which is why I did extensive research to find the best kick scooters for heavy adults. The best electric scooters for heavy adults have a few things in common: they have a strong motor, they can hold a lot of weight, and they have big wheels. If you are a heavy adult looking for an electric scooter, make sure to look for one that has these features!

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults

1. The iMoving Extreme

The iMoving Extreme Scooter is a real monster and it does things that most other electric scooters can’t do. With this scooter you can have some real fun. This electric scooter can easily be used for daily commutes or some serious off road fun over the weekends. This sturdy electric scooter can handle a lot of abuse unlike most other flimsy e-scooters.

The weight bearing capacity for this scooter is 330 pounds, which is a lot for an electric scooter. It also has 80MM super shock spring, light weight aluminium frame, 10-inch vacuum tires and 25 degree climbing slope ability.

best e-scooter for heavy adults - iMoving Extreme Scooter

The iMoving Extreme Scooter has a dual drive 800 W motor and the extreme model has a 1600W motor. Max speed is really fast 35 mph and for the extreme model the max speed is 40 mph. The battery on full charge for standard model lasts for 30 miles, 50 miles for the Adventure model and a whooping 55 miles for the Extreme model.

The electric scooter also has waterproof grade IP55 rating, so a bit of rain is no problem. The safety standard for this e-scooter is also world leading. Basically it is a beast and one of the best electric scooter for heavy adults who want to have some real fun.

2. The iMoving Street Scooter

Best electric scooter for heavy adults - iMoving street scooter

This is certainly one of the very best, if not the best electric scooter for heavy adults who don’t really want to go off road. It is ideal for fast daily commutes and it is built for heavier adults who still want to go fast and have a sturdy scooter with a long-lasting battery.

The iMoving Street electric scooter has more range, power and versatility than the average electric scooter. The suspension and 10-inch wheels are specifically engineered for the grind and bumps of street riding. More power, more range, more versatility than the average scooter. Built for the street with 10“ wheels and a suspension engineered for the bumps and grind of street travel.

best electric scooter for heavy adults - iMoving Street Scooter

More specifically the carrying capacity for the iMoving Street Scooter is 130 kg or 285 pounds. The climbing slope is 30 degrees, max speed is 40 km/h, max range is a solid 45-50 km, motor power is an impressive 1000 Watt motor. One of the most popular, the Xiaomi M365 e-scooter, only has 250W motor. The charging time is 5-6 hours and it features front and rear independent 140mm single disc mechanical break.

It is certainly one of the best e-scooters for heavy adults. Of course the price is higher as well but if you want an electric scooter with high carrying capacity with long-lasting battery and a sturdy frame, then you need to pay more.

3. Glion Snap-N-Go Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter

The Glion Snap-N-Go Foldable Lightweight electric scooter for heavy adults

Now for something totally different. The Glion Snap-N-Go Foldable Lightweight electric scooter is meant for individuals who are heavier and have difficulties walking and standing. A lot of people have difficulties walking and moving but this does not mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy life.

Most people are stuck in their wheelchair or bulky and heavy four-wheeled scooter. Walking for longer distances is not easy for some people and this 3-wheeled light weight scooter with a seat makes moving about much easier and faster.

Best e-scooter For Heavy Adults

It is one of the best electric scooter for heavy adults who can’t walk long distances for several reasons. It might be hard to believe but the SNAPnGO weighs just 31 pounds, about the same as a packed suitcase. It folds very easily and can be fitted in the trunk or back seat.

The Glion Snap-N-Go electric scooter is very easy to ride and highly maneuverable. The right thumb control is the gas, the left thumb controlLightweight Electric Scooter for heavy adults is for reverse and when squeezing the left break lever you will stop. You will come to a smooth stop when the throttle is released, thanks to the electronic motor break. The 3-seated electric scooter also has mechanical breaks for some additional stopping power.

Of course there are front and rear LED-lights, 3-speed settings for different riding conditions. The rider weight capacity is a solid 300 pounds as well.

Range is around 15 miles on full charge, 250W electric hub motor with 600W peak output. 3 pound removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack with 3-5 year useful life. 8 -inch honeycomb never flat tires.

4. Dualtron X - Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

Dualtron X Electric Scooter Review

If you want to own something totally outrageous then you need to get the Dualtron X. It is one of the most powerful and fastest scooters you can get your hands on. It is enough power to make a very heavy rider to very high speeds.

  • The maximum weight limit of the Dualtron X is 265 pounds and the scooter weight is a whooping 150 pounds.
  • The 6720 Watt brushless DC motors can reach speeds of up to 55 mph and it can reach 15 mph in just 2.2 seconds. The top speed and acceleration are out of this world for this scooter.
  • The 60 volt – 49 Ah – 2,940Wh – LG 3500 cells battery has a max range of 93 miles according to the manufacturer. For a heavy rider in real world conditions the range is not as high of course but you can still expect to have a range of 50-60 miles.
  • The Dualtron has front and rear hydraulic brakes, which are needed for such a high speed scooter. The huge 13-inch diameter and 5-inches wide tires are also massive when compared to standard scooters.
  • The suspension has dual coil cover. The spring adds softness to the suspension and the extra shock the spring is wrapped around adds stiffness as well. There is also an attachable seat option for those who prefer a seated version.

If you want to learn more about the Dualtron X then make sure you check out this review of the Dualtron X electric scooter.

Hopefully this list helps you to find the best electric scooter for heavy adults. If you want to check out some fast electric scooters for heavier adults then click here. This list will give you some more examples of very fast scooters that even heavy adults to easily ride.


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