LAOTIE ES18 – 85km/h Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat 

 December 7, 2020

By  Rando

Urban commuter electric scooters are practical and convenient but off road electric scooters are much more exciting. You can find some incredibly powerful scooters with amazing features and specs, if you know where to look, such as the Laotie ES18 - incredibly powerful off road electric scooter with seat.

There is nothing more thrilling than riding a beast of a scooter, such as this with robust build and insane power. If you have private roads where you can take the scooter to its limits then you are in luck because this off road electric scooter is worth every penny.

In this review I will go over the specs and features of this off road electric scooter with seat, the pros and cons.. 

LAOTIE ES18 Seated Off Road Electric Scooter Specs and Features

  • Motor:2* HM 2800W (peak power) Motor 
  • Maximum speed: 85Km/h
  • Battery: 60V/31.2Ah 18650 Lithium Battery
  • Maximum range:Dual motor 50-60 km, single motor 100 km
  •  Controller: 45A Controller*2
  • Charging time:Standard battery 8-10 hours
  •  Max weight capacity: 200KG
  • Brake:Oil brake & electronic brake
  • Tires:11inch Pneumatic Off-road Wide Tires
  •  Scooter weight: 54 kg or 119 pounds
  • Folding dimensions:length, width and height) :127x28x51cm
  •  Body size:(length, width and height) :126x28x130 cm
  •  Climbing angle: 50 degrees
  • Water resistance rating: IP-54
LAOTIE ES18 - 85kmh Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat
LAOTIE ES18 - 85kmh Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat
LAOTIE ES18 - 85kmh Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat

LAOTIE ES18 Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat Review

Power, Speed and Range

You will not find this off road electric scooter with a seat in your regular shops and online stores. It is a unsurprisingly manufactured in China but the vast majority of electric scooters are. 

This off road electric scooter has 2x2000 Watt hall brushless motor. That is some serious power and this enables the scooter to reach a top speed of 85 km/h or 52 mph. You will most likely not need or even want to ride this scooter that fast but it just shows the potential this electric scooter has.

The range of the Laotie ES18 off road electric scooter is also very impressive. The 60V/31.2Ah 18650 Lithium battery has a maximum range of 50-60 km when using the dual motors and up to 100 km when using the single motor. That is extremely impressive and you might not reach exactly these numbers when riding on demanding off road tracks but you can have fun for a whole day without having to worry about the battery getting empty. The charging time is 8-10 hour when using the standard charger.

Frame and Wheels

You might think that since this off road electric scooter is built in China that the build quality is not as great but you would be mistaken. 

The frame of the Laotie ES18 off road electric scooter is made out of iron and aluminium alloy, which makes the scooter extremely sturdy. When riding on demanding off road tracks you must have a sturdy scooter. 

The scooter also has a very impressive 200 kg load capacity with corrosion resistance. Very few electric scooters have a 200 kg weight limit so it is great news for heavier riders. 

The large 11-inch pneumatic off road tires are idea for off road tracks off all kinds. These tires have anti-slip threads, great shock absorption abilities, strong wear and grip. These tires allow you to ride on mountain roads, gravel roads successfully tackle speed bumps.

Suspension and Brakes

Just like you need a sturdy frame for your off road electric scooter, you also need quality suspension and brakes. The designers at LAOTIE Scooters have made no compromises in this department as well with front and rear shock absorbing springs that cushion the bumps when riding off rough and tough off road tracks.

This off road electric scooter has a double braking system with an oil brake and EABS electronic brake for efficient braking. You won't find many off road electric scooters with an oil brake along with EABS brake but this system works really well. It allows for a fast response and low maintenance, which is perfect.

LAOTIE ES18 - 85kmh Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat
LAOTIE ES18 - 85kmh Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat

Smart Display and Lights

This off road electric scooter really is a full package, not only does it have a comfortable seat but it also comes with a smart display and full set of lights.

The built-in smart display shows you information, such as gear, speed, range and battery on the screen. On the left hand side of the handlebars you have front light button, turn signal button and volt lock with key. On the right hand side you have the Smart display with an USB port, speed limit button and single/dual engine button. you will also get the support mobile phone app.

You can effectively ride the Laotie ES18 off road electric scooter at night as well due to the ultra bright headlights. The front lights are mounted just above the front wheel and the horn is also integrated into the lamp. Unlike most other electric scooters you also have turn lights, brake lights and rear lights. A full combo of lights.

Jireh P

Verified Buyer

"Really love this scooter"

Power and speed: It was bigger than the images and videos but feels about right when I ride it. Suspension works well and really rides well dampening pot holes and bumps. In offroad, tires may lose traction and spin due to its power even using the offroad tires that came with it

Shipping: Shipping was great and was within timeframe. Allocate time when you order to set your expectation 1-2 months some people including me may worry about if you will receive your order but luckily

LAOTIE ES18 Pros and Cons

Best Off Road Electric Scooter with Seat


  •  2800W x 2 wheel motor 
  • max 85km/h speed and 100 km range
  • 11 inch rubber inflatable wheels
  • Quick folding design
  • Sturdy frame
  • Comfortable suspension and reliable braking system
  • Full set of light including bright headlight and turn signals
  • Impressive 200 kg max weight capacity
  • Built-in Smart display
  • Seat can be attached and detached


  • Little bit heavy at 54 kg-s  
  • IP-54 water resistance rating could be higher
  • Not legal on most public roads
  • Product can be damaged during shipping


Overall the Laotie ES18 off road electric scooter with seat is amazing and incredible value for money. Not only do you get a very sturdy scooter with high carrying capacity, powerful brakes and quality suspension but this scooter has one of the best lighting systems, quality off road tires and smart display. You will get all of this for only $1,339.99! Most similar off road electric scooters can cost double that.

It does have some drawbacks, such as the weight of 54 kg or the water resistance rating, which is enough for light rain but not good enough for heavy rain and puddles. Also since the scooters is shipped from China, the packaging can have some damage.

LAOTIE ES18 Quality Rating Score


95% Overall

The quality score of the LAOTIE ES18 is very high at 95% overall. 


E-scooter was just as told and just the same that on pictures. Very very good product. Made from very good materials and this machine is a beast on Power😊


Verified Buyer


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