Highest Rated Foldable Electric Scooters For Commuting 

 August 2, 2020

By  Rando

The Benefits of Foldable Electric Scooters for Commuting

Foldable electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities. There are a few reasons for this boom. Firstly, foldable electric scooters are the perfect vehicle for short journeys. 60% of city commutes are less than 5 miles and foldable electric scooters are much faster than walking or taking public transport for those short trips.

Secondly, foldable electric scooters can be easily stored and carried with you, making them ideal for "first and last mile" journeys when you need to complement other forms of transport, such as taking the bus or train.

 Finally, foldable electric scooters are environmentally friendly, helping to reduce pollution and traffic congestion in cities. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that foldable electric scooters are becoming the preferred choice for city dwellers.

Of course cars are much faster on open roads than electric scooters but we all know that urban roads are rarely clear of traffic. An e-scooter allows you to easily beat traffic by weaving around vehicles and other people. Not only will you be able to arrive to your destination faster but you will not be sweaty and out of breath.

Another major benefit that comes with electric scooters is that they are portable. Within just a few seconds you can fold your electric scooter and carry it along with you. This is why city commuters who still have to use the bus or subway find the folding electric scooter so useful. Personal electric scooters are also light enough and small enough that you can easily store your scooter in your office corner.

What to look out for when buying a foldable electric scooters?

There are lots of different models of electric scooters to choose from and making the right choice is not easy for sure. Also there are many things you need to take into account when buying your very own e-scooter. You obviously want to make the right decision and not regret your decision once you buy.

There is a well-known adage "You get what you pay for." A lot of people automatically want to choose the cheapest folding electric scooters they can find. But cheap e-scooters are unreliable, come with poor batteries that don't last. You will not get a great riding experience from cheap e-scooters, your scooter will quickly break down and you will go back to your old time wasting commutes.

But investing a little bit more money on a reliable electric scooter with high quality tires, breaks, motor and battery, makes a world of difference. The investment will pay off very quickly because you don't have to spend money on ridesharing costs and public transport passes. Plus the maintenance is easier than with a car or bike.

I have made a short list of some of the highest rated folding electric scooters you can buy that are not cheap but still affordable most people.

1. Glion Dolly 225 Foldable Electric Scooter

The Glion Dolly 225 is one of the best foldable electric scooters but it many ways it is a relatively poor electric scooter. The Glion Dolly 225 is not designed for speed, range or rider comfort. It has relatively poor brakes, no suspension and solid tires that make riding uncomfortable. So why would you ever buy one?

Because it is one of the best portable folding electric scooters you can get. It is designed for bringing on commuter buses and trains. It is a basic and compact commuting scooter.

The telescoping stem, folding handlebars, folding stem and telescoping towing handle are features that make this scooter extremely portable.

Along with the compact design and low weight, the Glion Dolly 225 can be quickly folded, carried along just like a luggage on dolly wheels and fitted in tight spaces in a train or bus.

For the right individual this electric scooter can be a life saver. To get a good idea hoe the folding mechanism works and how amazingly portable it is, take a look at this video.

Lamar - verified buyer

I did research for a week before deciding on this electric scooter. This scooter sits right in the middle range of power and pricing and seems to be like the Toyota Camry if I was to compare it to a car. Here is the good:

1. Comes fully assembled and ready to use. This was a big deal for me cuz I didn't want to be a mechanic.

2. The battery takes 3 hours or less to fully charge. This is a big deal cuz some scooters take 8-12 hours to charge.

3. This scooter is very easy to fold down or fold up. You use the lever and pull up or down and make sure it locks into position and you are good to go.

4. This scooter only weighs 26 lbs and is easy to carry when folded. I drive a Mercedes and didn't want some big & heavy scooter ruining my interior or putting a hole in my seats.

5. The speed on this scooter is good but not dangerous fast. I'm 5'10" and 180 lbs and I was able to get up small hills no problem.

Lastly to be fair and balanced..I'll list the 2 flaws. First...there is no speed or distance meter. Unless you download a companion app you'll never know how far you've gone or how fast you are going. Second...there are no shocks so you do feel the bumps. I try to avoid big dips, rugged alleys, or potholes.

Overall...this is a great scooter that's fun to use and easy to set up. In this price range you won't find anything better built or faster.

2. Xiaomi M365 Foldable Electric Scooter With Puncture Protection Fluid

The Xiaomi M365 foldable electric scooter has been the top selling scooter in the world for the past 2 years. It is a great value for your money. The top speed is a respectable 15 mph, which means you can cover 2 miles in just 8 minutes.

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter has dual breaking system that features rear mechanical disc break and electronic front braking system. This prevents lock-ups when breaking and greatly increases ride safety.

The ride with this e-scooter is also very smooth thanks to the air-filled tyres. The 8.5 inch shock-absorbing tyres also come with anti-slip threads. This means the scooter can also be ridden on light off-raod terrain, such as gravel and grass. Thanks to the puncture preventing fluid, the likelihood of punctures is kept to a minimum.

The motor has 250 Watts and the battery charging time is 5.5 hours. Maximum range is 18.5 miles and weight is a fairly light 27.5 pounds.

Folded dimensions for the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter are 43 x 17 x 19 inches or 108 x 43 x 48 cm. And unfolded dimensions are 43 x 19 x 45 inches or 108 x 48 x 114 cm.

Xiaomi M365 UK electric scooter

 I am loving it!

Nicci - verified buyer

I have a wonderful time with my scooter like best friends, a bit on the weighty side, easy to use, open and close, switch on and off etc. Real good for level riding, struggles a little on uphill /slopes (unless riding down), sometimes feel like it can go a little faster at times.

Most definitely need damper vibration to be added as alot of uneven surfaces alongside peace of mind knowing the wheels have pre inserted liquid as road and pavement surfaces (interchangeable) can be in bad shape. 

3. Ninebot Segway Max G30 Foldable Electric Scooter

The Ninebot Segway Max G30 electric scooter is the latest model from Segway. The range for this e-scooter is a very long 40 miles or 64 km. If you are looking for a long-range scooter then this is a great choice.

The 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres come with an added jelly layer for minimizing puncture risks. The top speed is 15.5 mph or 25 km/h.

Also the front and rear lights can be customized and give an added level of safety when riding in low light conditions.

Motor power is a standard 350 watts and weight is fairly heavy 18 kg.

Folded dimensions are 11.7 x 42.3 x 53.4 cm and unfolded dimensions are 11.7 x 42.3 x 120 cm. Maximum rider weight is 100 kg.

I had the es4 initially and i decided to upgraded the Max. I am very pleased with the upgrade, I like the power, the stability and handling. The brake system is a great upgrade and the shock absorbing is also much better. Over all I am very much pleased with the upgrade. I ride my scooter at least 4-5 miles everyday and this one is a better choice for the journey. I highly recommend this scooter.

Zebada B

Verified Buyer

4. Pure Air Pro Foldable And Water Resistant Electric Scooter - With Puncture Protection Fluid

Pure Air Pro - best cheap electric scooter for UK

The Pure Air Pro foldable electric scooter is one of the best water resistant folding scooters for typical British weather. It has a IP-65 water resistance and unlike most other electric scooters, the warranty also covers for water ingress.

The 350 Watt motor has 3 power settings and a multifunctional display unit. The acceleration is smooth and built-in anti-skid electronic breaks provide reliable and safe breaking power.

The 10 inch air filled tyres of the Pure Air Pro electric scooter provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience. The pre-installed puncture prevention fluid greatly minimizes the risk of punctures during riding.

The chassis are reinforced and this means the e-scooter can easilt carry 120 kg, which is much more than other similar electric scooters.

The weight of this foldable electric scooter is 37.5 pounds or 17 kg. Maximum speed is 15.5 mph, range is a respectable 22.4 miles and charging time is a relatively short 4.5 hours.

Folded Dimensions (LxWxH) : 45.3 x 19.7 x 19.7 inches  / 115 x 50 x 50 cm 

Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH) : 45.3 x 19.7 x 47.2 inches  /
115 x 50 x 120 cm

I was in two minds about getting one of these scooters so when I was passing the shop in Victoria I popped in just to have a look, The young lad in the shop was very helpful answering any questions I had, I took the plunge and got one, I went for this model as I am 101kg and the 120kg limit was a bonus, it is well built and fun to ride, I had a couple of things to do so I left it at the shop and they put it on charge so it would have some power in the battery so I could use it straight away, I use when I come to London to view jobs, the battery life is very good, I was in London all day going from job to job and I got back on the train with 1x bar left on the battery,

At £540 they are not the cheapest scooter on the market but the Pure air pro is very well made and you get what you pay for,

Gary Ilsley

verified buyer

5. GOTRAX XR Ultra Foldable Electric Scooters

  • The Gotrax XR Ultra is a one of the most popular and highly rated foldable electric scooters for commuting. It is a budget-friendly scooter that checks all the boxes for a reliable and quality electric scooter.
  • The innovative one-step folding system of the XR Ultra has made the folding process effortless and very fast. The stability of the scooter is also much better than other similar scooters.
  • The LG Battery 7.0AH battery have a range of up to 17 miles in ideal conditions. The 300 Watt motor can reach a top speed of 15.5 mph and has a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs.
  • The scooter has dual disc braking system with anti-lock braking function. The 8.5-inch tires are big enough to handle small bumps easily. The water resistance rating of IP54 for the XR Ultra means it is protected against splashes of water.
  • The scooter is extremely light at just 26 pounds with folded dimensions of 41x15x6 inches. If you want to learn more then read this thorough review of the GOTRAX XR Ultra electric scooter.
  • Definitely a scooter that I would recommend

    For the last 3 months I have used it daily to go to work, I ride a minimum of 4.5 miles a day and a maximum of 8-10 miles a day and even so I have one or two bars of battery left, I go to the supermarket, to the bank and I move in areas near my house.

    Positive points:
    Yeah it goes 15.5 miles per hour like they say on the page
    You can go through uneven ground, low grass and potholes and it still feels smooth
    It has gotten wet many times with heavy rains and storms and when I return, it works perfectly.
    You can leave it parked in the bike racks with a good chain.
    In Orlando Florida, you can drive it on the sidewalks without problem (a police officer advised me to use rear lights when driving it at night, you get ones that you put on your shoes for $ 5)

    Points to improve:
    It is very easily scratched, the chain, some rocks, or any tube or wall that touches the scooter can scratch it, especially in the area of the black GOTRAX sticker, that part was scratched in less than a week. (although it feels that it is made of good materials and generates security as daily transport)

    The disc brakes are quite long, it takes almost 4 or 5 feet to come to a full stop, I think they have progressive braking to keep you from falling, but sometimes when you're going 15.5 miles and you see less than 6 feet of a drop on the ground, you wish you had a quicker brake, anyway, thank you that it has the rear manual brake.

    I wish it had a rear light, so as not to have to spend the rear lights that I put on my shoes, also, because of the low cost of the scooter it is not something that I would qualify as negative.

    NOTE: The cruise mode is very good to not have to continue accelerating, but sometimes, when the cruise mode is activated you feel that you are going slow because it does not keep you at 15 or 15.5 miles but it keeps you at 14 or 14.3 miles


    Verified Buyer


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