High Speed Electric Scooters for Adults: Turbowheel Lightning+ 

 September 8, 2020

By  Rando

In this post you will learn one of the best high speed electric scooters for adults and why you need to have one.

Everybody seems to want to have their own electric scooter and why not? They are fun, practical and convenient. Usually the first electric scooter people buy for themselves is a standard budget-friendly e-scooter, like the M365 or the Ninebot Segway E22E. For some individuals these electric scooters are more than enough to cruise around in but others get bored with these basic scooters and desire something with more power, speed, range and comfort.

There are lots of high speed electric scooters for adults you can buy, such as the Dualtron X for example. But for most people the price tag is a little too much. Also it is is not very practical as well. The Turbowheel Lightning + on the other hand is a much better choice for several reasons.

In this review of the Turbowheel Lightning + I will give a detailed overview of this scooter and explain why it is one of the highest performing scooters you can get. If you are looking for speed, acceleration, raw power but also long range and ride quality then you might want to stick around. This electric scooter will massacre all the standard rental scooters you might have cruised around before.



Turbowheel Lightning+ Features and Specs

High Speed Electric Scooter for Adults - The Turbowheel Lightning+

  • The upgraded dual motors of the Lightning + offer a stunning 1200 watts of sustained power with 3,600 watts of peak power. The maximum cruising speed is a stunning 45 mph or 72 km/h. The standard electric scooter, such as the M365, only goes 15 mph. The speed and especially the acceleration of the dual 1,200 motor is scary. It has plenty of power to go up most hills without even slowing down.
  • The 60v battery pack with a capacity of  21Ah/1260Wh has an established range of 50+ miles when fully charged. This scooter will solve the problem of low battery because most people just won’t reach this point.
  • The Lightning + electric scooter is fitted with large brake pads and Nutt hydraulic brake kit, which makes the braking more effective and precise than with cable braking.
  • The front and rear suspension have spring and hydraulic damper with adjustable screw setting. It easily absorbs all the bumps and potholes on the road.
  • The weight of the scooter is 77 pounds, which is considerably heavier than your standard scooters. It is a bit of a downside but it is inevitable for such high powered motors and long lasting batteries.
  • The maximum rider weight is 330 pounds or 150 kg, which is really great news for heavier riders.
  • The Turbowheel Lightning + is fitted with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, as well as the regenerative braking power from the motors.
  • Front and rear deck lights are integrated with an optional headlight that can be attached to the handlebars if you want to ride during te night.

Turbowheel Lightning+ vs The Turbowheel Lightning

High Speed Electric Scooter for Adults - Turbowheel Lightning

The Lightning + is an upgraded version of the Turbowheel Lightning scooter model. It comes with several new and improved upgrades that add lots of value.

The Lightning + comes with Xstasy fold-in handlebars, which makes it possible to quickly fold down the scooter to a compact size, 16.7-inches less width (10-inch wide) in the folded position than the original. This makes it easier to store the scooter at home, in the car or on a train. The new and ergonomic rubberized grips are also neat upgrade.

The motor power has been increased from the dual 1,000 Watt motor to the dual 1,200 watt motor. This gives more power for climbing hills, increases top speed and acceleration, while only adding 1 pound of extra weight.

The brakes have also been upgraded with the Nutt hydraulic brake kit and larger brake pads. This gives more precise control when compared to the cable braking system.

The battery pack has been upgraded from the 957 Wh Sincopower battery to the 1260 Wh LG battery with 8 more volts when compared to the standard Lightning. The means improved acceleration a higher 5 mph potential top speed.

Is It One Of The Best High Speed Electric Scooters for Adults?

High Speed Electric Scooter for Adults -Turbowheel Lightning+

It is certainly one of the top high speed and performance electric scooters in its price range. It is tremendous amount of power even for riders weighing 250 pounds and over. It has lots of torque and feels sturdy to drive even at high speed.

The range is very impressive with only a 3 hour charging time. The battery on this scooter is certainly world class. A little heavy at about 80 pounds but you need a heavier scooter handle the powerful motor and battery.

 The Turbowheel Lighting +basically offers similar capabilities tas the Dualtron EX but at a $690 lower cost. It is great value for money.

Most importantly the scooter itself operates flawlessly. You don’t have to worry about get flat tires, battery issues or electrical problems. It is sturdy and strong. Many similar scooter can also reach high speeds but feel shaky and uncomfortable to ride or they have inherit flaws that you have to deal with.

Another great plus is that when ordering the Lightning + from eWheels you get 1-year warranty, while other dealers only provide 3-6 month warranty. They also offer fantastic customer service and will answer any question you might have and solve any problem.

On top of that you can also spare parts from eWheels, such as chargers, rapid chargers, inner tubes, tires, battery pack etc. There is also a possibility to order an optional seat for the Lightning + electric scooter for an extra $110 with free shipping for existing customers. Hybrid knobbly tires are also in stock, should you want off-raod tires.

High Speed Electric Scooter for Adults - eWheels

Customer Feedback and Reviews

A really fast and effective way to figure out if a scooter is worth buying or not, is checking out the customer feedback and reviews. There are plenty of reviews at eWheels about the Lightening+ electric scooter. I strongly recommend to go over the comments and see what customers are actually saying.

The scooter along with the customer service have received 5-star reviews by almost everyone, which is really remarkable. Why buy an inferior scooter if you can buy a superior one and ride circles around your friends? Although there is one problem, the scooter can not be shipped outside of North America due to the import tariffs, restrictions on shipping battery packs and the high cost of international freight costs.

4.9 stars out of 5 shows clearly that this is one of the best high speed electric scooters for adults, especially heavier adults.

High Speed Electric Scooter for Adults - eWheels

My first electric scooter was the Turbowheel Swift. After putting about 200 miles on the swift I decided that I really enjoyed the scooter and I was ready for an upgrade. Now I am reviewing the Turbowheel Lightning+ after putting 576 miles on it. This scooter still operates flawlessly, no flat tires, no electrical problems just runs really well and strong. I kind of wish I could get some kind of commission by all the referrals I sent to Jason at Ewheels because I am constantly being stopped and ask so many questions and where do I get one.

The only problem I have had is I burned out a charger by hooking up the wrong one to the lightning plus, I called Jason and told him what happened and he sent me another charger in two days free of charge and I thought that was very nice of him. I explain to him it was my fault the reason it burned out and he said don’t worry about it just think of me next time you’re in the market for another scooter. I guarantee you if I purchase another scooter I probably will be knocking on Jason’s door once again.

I weigh 190 pounds and so far my top speed was 40 miles an hour. By the way the swift now has 350 miles on it and still performs flawlessly as well. I give the swift to my wife but my neighbors love and enjoy riding it almost as much as me. I live in South Carolina and don’t see a whole lot of adult electric scooters but there sure is no lack of interest. Thank you Jason for awesome business practices and by the way the Turbowheel Phaeton sure looks awesome!

Barry Bencsics

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