Hiboy S2 Pro – Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter 

 November 6, 2020

By  Rando

Picking the right electric scooter for your needs is not an easy task for sure. Sometimes people spend weeks going through various electric scooter models before choosing the right one. If you are in the market for the cheapest long range electric scooter then you need to consider the Hiboy S2 Pro.

It is a new and upgraded model released by Hiboy and it comes with many features that make this e-scooter a real option for many people. This scooter is not for everyone but if you go through this review of the Hiboy S2 Pro and think through what type of an e-scooter you need then you might just come to the conclusion that this one is the best choice for you. 

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter Specs and Features

  • 350 Watt brushless motor
  • Lithium Ion 36 V, 11.4 Ah battery
  • Speed: 19 mph and 13 mph
  • Range: 25-30 miles 
  • 6 hour battery charging time
  • 10-inch solid rubber tires
  • Scooter weight: 36.3 pounds
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 265 pounds
  • 3-step folding system
  • Reinforced fender with bracket
  • Dual rear shock absorbers
  • Cruise and speed control
  • Hiboy supported app
  • Smart dashboard control
  • Front and rear lights
  • Seat attachment option
Hiboy S2 Pro - Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter
Hiboy S2 Pro - Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Pro Review - Best Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter

The cheapest long range electric scooter is not necessarily the best. Generally a person needs to make a compromise between quality and price. You can certainly get a better long range electric scooter but you would have to spend double the money. There are several reasons why the Hiboy S2 Pro is a great scooter not just because of the price.

Speed and Range

The 350 Watt motor is relatively standard for an long ranged commuting e-scooter. A 350 watt motor has enough power to handle the urban roads and environment very well. The top speed of 19 mph or 30 km/h is a little bit faster than the popular Xiaomi 1S electric scooter. And it also has 100 watts of more power available. This extra power is useful for riding over hills and for riders that are heavier.

The lithium Ion 36 V, 11.4 Ah battery of the Hiboy S2 Pro has a maximum range of up to 30 miles. The range you can achieve depend largely of the weight of the rider, the speed at which you ride at and the road surface you ride on. Little heavier riders on a hilly surface might get 25 miles of range. 

When compared to other similar e-scooters then the range is far better. The Xiaomi 1S only has a range of 18 miles, which is a significant difference. Getting anywhere between 25-30 miles of range out of a electric scooter that costs less than $600 is really remarkable.And one of the major reasons for prefering this scooter over others.

Hiboy S2 Pro - Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Pro Portability

The portability is another crucial factor that lots of people seriously look at. When it comes to portability the Hiboy S2 Pro is decent but not the best. Just like most other electric scooters have, the Hiboy S2 Pro also has a simply 3-step folding system. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly fold and unfold the scooter.

The weight of the scooter is 36.3 pounds or 16.5 kg, which is a little bit heavier than the Xiaomi 1S at 28 pounds and Ninebot E22E at 29.8 pounds. This might not be a big issue for stronger and bigger men but for women the extra few pounds can be an issue. It is something to think about for sure. 

Hiboy S2 Pro - Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Pro Ride Quality

If you are planning to ride your scooter for a daily basis then ride quality becomes more important. Thanks to the dual rear shock absorbers offer a smooth and comfortable ride. Having a suspension adds a lot of comfort and greatly improves the ride quality. Most e-scooters in this price range do not have a suspension at all. Although this is a rear suspension then it is still much better than nothing at all.

The large 10-inch solid tires improve ride quality as well due to their size. Generally the tire size for electric scooter is 8-8.5 inches. These larger tires really do make a difference. The advantage of solid tires is that you don't need to worry about punctures but air-filled tires on the other hand add a bot more comfort when riding.

Solid tires don't offer very much grip in wet conditions and the scooter itself has not been designed to be ridden in the rain. It is best to avoid riding in the rain as much as possible.

The double braking system of the Hiboy S2 Pro increases not only ride quality but ride safety as well. It is really crucial to have solid brakes on your scooter. And the  eABS regenerative anti-lock braking along with the disc brakes, make stopping much safer and gives the rider more confidence. 

Hiboy S2 Pro - Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter

Special Features of the Hiboy S2 Pro

The cruise and speed control features give you more flexibility and it is very easy to switch between different speed modes and to activate cruise control.To turn on the cruise control, you need to hold the throttle for 5 seconds, After hearing a beeps, the scooter would maintain current speed.

The Hiboy App is that you can connect to your scooter via Bluetooth. It allows you to easily customize speed and cruise control, customize acceleration brake response and lock the scooter. Plus you can get information about your speed, speed mode and battery level. Some people really like to have such apps while others don't but it is very useful to have such an app if you should need it.

Of course you have headlights and taillight. These headlights have a range of 15 meters, which are pretty good but when riding in the dark it is better to add more lights, as well as reflectors. 

The rear fender is reinforced with a bracket. This really useful because the rear fender tends to get lots of abuse and fall apart after a while but this reinforced fender helps to prevent this from happening. 

The maximum carrying capacity of the scooter is 265 pounds, which higher than the Xiaomi 1S with only a 220 pound max weight limit. This means it is a great scooter for those people who weigh over 220 pounds but less than 300 pounds. 

You also have the possibility to purchase additions to your scooter, such as the Hiboy seat, if you also want to have the option of sitting down when scooting around. And you can also buy the waterproof scooter storage bag, helmet and mudguards. All from the Hiboy Official Store!

Hiboy S2 Pro - Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter Pros and Cons

Best Cheapest Long Range Electric Scooter?


  • More power when compared to other similar scooters  
  • More range than competitiors
  • 265 pound weight limit
  • Rear suspension system
  • Double braking system
  • Cruise control and speed modes
  • Comes with Hiboy App
  • Large puncture proof tires
  • Easy 3-step folding system
  • Bright headlights
  • Option for adding seat


  • Little heavier than competitors  
  • Not designed to be ridden in the rain
  • Doesn't take a lot of abuse
  • Some scooter arrive with faults


No scooter is ideal and the Hiboy S2 Pro has its fair share of flaws and drawbacks. It could be a bit lighter, have better water resistance rating and be more durable on rougher roads. 

But it has much more positive sides, such as long range, more power, quality brakes and suspension, puncture proof tires, cruise control, Hiboy app, bright headlights, easy folding mechanism, 265 pound weight limit etc.

It is certainly one of the best cheap long range electric scooters you can get but you have to make the ultimate decision. 

I strongly suggest to order the Hiboy S2 Pro from the official Hiboy store. This way you can get free shipping inside the United States,12-month warranty and and ful 30-day money back guarantee. 

Great Customer Service

Debi Barton - verified buyer

Had a glitch with our first purchase and without hesitation... our scooter was replaced. Our replacement came in and a cable was broken while still in the box. Again... without hesitation... it was replaced. My son is special needs at 33 and can not drive a car. But oh boy how he rides this scooter. He has this new found freedom. His smile is priceless!! Very very happy with this scooter and the company!!


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