Hiboy S2 – Affordable Electric Scooter with Seat for Adults 

 September 30, 2020

By  Rando

A few years ago it was really difficult to choose the right electric scooter because there weren't that many available. But these days it is also difficult to choose the right electric scooter but because there are so many different e-scooter on the marketplace. It is not easy to make the right choice and people often get paralysis from analysis. I have come across lots of people who are looking for an affordable electric scooter with seat for adults.

There are lots of affordable electric scooters available but very few of them have a seat option. It is really unfortunate that so many manufacturers have missed this because some people don't want to stand on a scooter for long periods of time. The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is one of the best scooters that fits these criteria. I will give a quick overview of the Hiboy S2 and maybe this scooter is exactly what you have been looking for.

The Hiboy S2: An Affordable Electric Scooter with Seat for Adults

Hiboy S2 - Affordable Electric Scooter with Seat for Adult
Hiboy S2 - Affordable Electric Scooter with Seat for Adults

Hiboy S2 Specs:

  • 17 Miles long-range and 18.6 MPH top speeds.
  • 8.5-inch solid tires & Aluminium Frame.
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System.
  • Customized Cruise & Speed Control.
  • Hiboy S2 App.
  • 3 Lights System.
  • Max. Load: 260 lbs.
  • Scooter weight: 29.5 pounds.
  • Battery charge time: 6 hours.
  • Dual rear shock absorbers offer a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • 350W brushless motor for stable power output.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Overview

There are many reasons why the Hiboy S2 is considered one of the best affordable electric scooter with a seat for adults. It is practical, affordable, minimalistic and fun at the same time. Some of the specs of the Hiboy S2 electric scooter are not very impressive but it ticks most of the boxes, which makes it a very popular scooter that easily rivals the Xiaomi M365.Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter review - electric scooter with seat for adults

The max speed of 18.6 mph and range of 12-17 miles are fairly standard for a scooter in this price range. The Hiboy S2 has 2 speeds modes: comfort mode and sport mode. The riding mode can be changed by double tapping on the dashboard screen: red indicates sport mode and green comfort mode.

The range and top speed estimates have been achieved in ideal riding conditions. So it is expected if you don’t reach exactly these numbers. The heavier the rider, the shorter the range, the slower speed and acceleration.

The Hiboy S2 App is a very useful with lots of neat features, such as:

  • Cruise control and customized speed
  • Customized acceleration brake response
  • Scooter locking ability for security
  • One click simple pairing
  • Easy riding mode change

The double braking system of the Hiboy S2 is really effective. The rear disc brake along with the front eABS braking works really well. The handlebars are not height adjustable so very tall or very short people might find this a little uncomfortable. 

Reasons why it is one of the best electric scooters with seat for adults

  • The main reason is the seat option. You can ride with the seat or without the seat. Riding with the seat makes it more comfortable over long commutes and the ergonomic design of the seat also adds more comfort.
  • Another benefit is the 260 pound weight limit. Most scooters in this price range, such as the Xiaomi M365 have a 220 pound weight limit. If you weigh over 220 pounds and under 260 then the Hiboy S2 is ideal.
  • Great rider safety with improved technology.The double braking system along with front, middle and rear lights add a lot to overall safety. Thanks to the Hiboy app it is possible to lock your scooter with your smart phone.  

S2 is Great Scooter, Company Offers Solid Customer Support


I love this scooter. I had a couple of issues with the scooter out of the box, but customer support offered quick, personalized service and resolved the issues quickly. I was impressed.

The scooter itself is a blast to ride. It's half the price of other, comparable scooters, which is hard to believe. I like the combination of electronic and physical breaking, and the cruise control is a nice touch.

The app doesn't really do much other than offer information about the battery, etc. I really wish it had an odometer. Other than this, I don't have any other negatives.

Hiboy S2 electric scooter


  • Great value for money. Ideal for those who don't want to spend lots of money.
  • The added seat option really adds lots of value to the scooter.
  • Maximum weight limit of 260 pounds is more than other similar scooters.
  • Great customer service! Very responsive and helpful.
  • Surprisingly robust and sturdy considering the low price!


  • The battery can lose quite a bit of power, especially for heavier riders.
  • The rear fender often breaks off which is mainly due to people using it as a rear brake. 
  • The IPX4 water resistance rating means it can be ridden on wet pavement but not in the rain. Water resstance rating could have been higher. 


The Hiboy S2 is overall one of the best electric scooters with seat for adults. It is greatvalue for money. For only $400-$450 you get a solid electric scooter that nearly ticks all the boxes. You can't expect a scooter in this price range to have incredible speed, range or acceleration. If you have a tight budget and you really wan an electric scooter then getting the Hiboy S2 is a no brainer. Plus the customer support at Hiboy are really helpful and responsive. 


Hello! My name is Rando and I created this site to help people find the best electric scooter for their needs. Hopefully this site will help you decide which electric scooter you should buy.

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