GOTRAX XR Ultra: your perfect budget friendly e-scooter 

 August 28, 2020

By  Rando

GOTRAX XR Ultra Commuting E-scooter1

The GOTRAX XR Ultra commuting E-scooter is a very popular and upgraded electric scooter of the previous generation GXL Commuter V2 electric scooter. This type of e-scooter is for people who want an e-scooter but do not want to invest that much money into buying one. There are many reasons why the XR Ultra electric scooter is a perfect fit for many.

It ticks a lot of boxes and is generally great value for money. But in order to get a better idea what the GOTRAX XR Ultra e-scooter has to offer, we need to take a closer look.I will go over the specs, features, the pros and cons of the XR Ultra so you would get a better idea whether to buy it or not.

GOTRAX XR Ultra Electric Scooter Review

Specs and Features of The XR Ultra

  • The XR Ultra commuting E-scooters most notable feature is the innovative portable folding design. It features a one-step folding system for better portability. Stability has been improved thanks to high-quality aluminum material and it also has a Red Safety Button that protects the handlebars from folding when riding.
  • It features LG Battery 7.0AH battery with a max range of 17 miles under optimum conditions. In real world testing in the fastest mode possible the range is expected to be 9 miles. The Smart Battery Management System of the XR Ultra is designed to extend battery life and also ensure battery safety.
  • The XR Ultra has a 300 Watt quiet motor, while the XR model has 250 Watts of power. The top speed is 15.5 mph and maximum load capacity is a standard 220 pounds. In real life though the top speed is most likely a bit lower. It is able to go up 15 degree steep hills although real-life tests show that the hill-climbing ability is actually not so great.
  • Like many other e-scooter, the XR Ultra features a dual braking system. Responsive braking while at high speeds, an anti-lock braking system for added safety, as well as disc braking. 8.5-inch front and rear wheel tires make the ride fairly comfortable on bumpy and rough roads.
  • The XR Ultra also features LED display that displays the headlight, battery life, 3-speed modes and speed indicator. The headlight of the XR Ultra has 26 feet irradiation distance and 8.5 degrees of irradiation angle. This is enough to keep the rider safe when riding in low-light conditions.

GOTRAX XR Ultra Commuting E-scooter: Best Features

There are lots of features of the XR Ultra that make it a e-scooter worth getting. One really important feature is its lightweight at only 26 pounds. It also folds up to a small 41x15x6 inches. 26 pounds is as light as you can get and most people should be able to carry a 26-pound scooter up the stairs or to the elevator.

GOTRAX XR Ultra E-scooter

The XR Ultra has a folding stem that reduces its size even more. The mechanism itself that folds the scooter are simple and fast to operate. The folding mechanism has clearly been improved from the previous generation GXL V2 e-scooter. When folded up, the e-scooter should fit in most car trunks without an issue

The cockpit of the XR Ultra is straightforward and easy to understand, which is great for beginners. The thumb-operated accelerator, brake lever and bell are all basic and easy to operate. Plus the GOTRAX XR Ultra also includes cruise control, which can be activated when holding the throttle for 10 seconds.

The bright LED display is also very functional and easy to operate. With a single push-button you can control lights, power and mode. There are 2 modes for the XR Ultra. The first mode limits the speed of the e-scooter to 9 mph and the second mode unlocks the speed limit to full power. This is a great feature, especially for beginners who might not have the confidence to go at full speed yet.

GOTRAX XR Ultra electric folding scooter

The 8.5-inch air-filled tires do a really good job in both dry and wet conditions. The traction and overall performance of these air-filled (pneumatic) tires are better than airless solid tires, especially in damp and wet conditions.

Another benefit is the IP-54 waterproof rating, which means the electric scooter is fully protected against solid objects and splashing of water from any angle. A little bit of rain should’t be a problem for this electric scooter.

GOTRAX XR Ultra Commuting E-scooter: Negative Features

There are also some flaws of the GOTRAX XR Ultra, which is to be expected from a e-scooter under $400. One of the problems is its inability to tackle hills very well. It doesn’t seem to have enough power and if you live in a place with ots of hills then it would be best to opt for a different scooter, such as the M365.

Another little detail that could be an issue is the fact that the 15″ wide handlebars do not fold. When boarding a crowded train for example then the handlebars that stick out could get in the way.

GOTRAX XR Ultra electric folding scooters

The GOTRAX XR Ultra e-scooter also doesn’t have a suspension, which is not a big problem when riding on smooth roads, thanks to the quality 8.5 inch pneumatic tires. But if you have to ride on rougher roads then it would be wise to consider buying an e-scooter with a suspension.

There is a rear reflector but for some reason there is no taillight. The best solution is simply to attach a red bike light to your helmet or backpack.

The deck of the XR Ultra is fairly small at 19×6 inches of standing space. For a person with wide feet there is not that much room for comfort. But the smaller deck size makes the e-scooter more compact.

GOTRAX XR Ultra Commuting E-scooter: Overall Verdict

For only $449┬áthe GOTRAX XR Ultra commuting e-scooter is great value for money. It is light, great design, strong frame, robust folding mechanism with decent speed, portability and range. Plus it has an IP-54 waterproof rating that far more expensive scooters don’t have.

If you have a tight budget but you still want an electric scooter that almost ticks all the boxes then the GOTRAX XR Ultra is certainly worth buying. But if you can afford to spend a bit more money then you can get an e-scooter with better speed, range and power, like the ZERO 8 for example.

Must-have Electric Scooter for Commuters

I'm 180lbs man, it works very well. I usually rides this electric scooter for commuting. Fashion appearance, durable design, comfortable riding attracts me most. As a commuter, I feel tired to rush into crowds every day. This scooter is totally a nice companion to me.

1. Unique Folding Merchanism - Fold and unfolded can be finished in 1 second. The whole folding part is very compact, and there is a safety buckle to ensure the folding latch won't fallen down during riding. Good design.
2. Powerful Motor - This 300W powerful motor can reach top of 570W, I can easily reach 16-18 mph no problem.
3. Long Travel Distance - 7. 0AH LG Battery is obvious bouns. It allows me to travel range of 16-18 miles. My weight is 180 lbs, so it is reliable.
4. Effective Brake System - I like the EABS and disc brake system, they can keep you stop in seconds, it feels very safe.
5. Cruise control - Just hold down the throttle max for about 5 seconds, let go, keeps you at full throttle. That's great function! It makes me feel relax to travel at least 10 miles every day.

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