EMOVE Touring: Best Urban Electric Scooter For Long Commutes? 

 September 7, 2020

By  Rando

If you are looking for the the best urban electric scooter for long commutes then you will find it really difficult to find the best one. You must take into account lots of factors and compare a large variety of electric scooters between each other to find the best urban electric scooter for long commutes.

It is far from easy to make your final decision and very often people make the wrong decision and are disappointed with the scooter their chose to buy. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on an electric scooter that doesn't fit them.It is very easy to make the wrong choice.

I am going to make your job much easier and introduce you to the EMOVE Touring electric scooter, which is certainly one of the best urban scooters for longer distances you will ever find. There are lots of reasons why the EMOVE Touring is more superior to other similar electric scooters. In this review of the EMOVE Touring I will explain the reasons why. Certainly everyone has their own opinion, expectations and needs but this electric scooters ticks most of the boxes.


EMOVE Touring Specs and Features

  • The EMOVE Touring has a top speed of 24 mph or 38.5 km/h. The 500 Watt motor has the power to accelerate to 15 mph in 4.5 seconds as well. It has plenty of top speed and acceleration to easily ride through urban environment swiftly but it is not a “monster” scooter with speed and acceleration that are hard to control.
  • 48V 13AH LG battery with battery management system protection has a range of 25 miles when fully charged. In real world conditions it might be a bit lower but it is still more than enough for most. For example the Xiaomi M365 has a range of 18.5 miles.
  • The EMOVE Touring has excellent brakes as well and is able to come to a full stop from 15 mph in 16.6 feet. It has rear wheel drum and regenerative braking. Ideally there could have been front braking as well but it doesn’t affect braking that much.
  • The area where the EMOVE Touring really shines is its ride quality. It is light and agile but also comfortable on long rides as well. It certainly has one of the best ride quality in its price range. It is the front and rear suspension that works really well. It has rear dual spring suspension and triple front suspension. This type of suspension allows the scooter to be both soft and stiff at the same time. The deck is also very wide which also makes the riding very comfortable and convenient.
  • The foldability and portability is another huge plus for the EMOVE Touring electric scooter. This is due to the light weight and compact folding size of the scooter. At a weight of only 39 pounds it can be carried up the stairs in one hand.
  • it has several folding mechanism, such a folding stem, folding handlebars and foldable telescoping stem. These folding mechanism allow the scooter to fold down to a compact 109 x 20 x 29cm(LxWxH).
  • The Touring also has front and rear LED lights, which are sufficient enough to make the rider visible but really bright enough to offer significant lighting.
  • It has a water resistance rating of IP54, which means the Touring is suitable for riding under light rain. This is a feature that many other electric scooters, such as the M365, don’t have. The deck is elevated from the deck as well to protect the rider from splashes.
  • The front tire of the EMOVE Touring are air-filled (pneumatic) tires and the rear tire is solid. Tire size is a standard 8 inches, which could be a bit bigger. The tires along with the suspension are enough to handle urban terrain without much issue.
  • The scooter can handle a 308 pound rider, which is a lot for such a lightweight scooter. The standard for such a scooter is around 200-220 pounds. It is a real plus for a heavier rider.

EMOVE Touring - best urban electric scooter for commuting

What Makes The EMOVE Touring The Best Urban Electric Scooter For Long Commutes?

There are several aspects that make the Touring the best urban electric scooter for long commutes.

EMOVE Touring electric scooter

  • First of all it has long range at up to 25 miles and the battery itself will last for a long time.
  • It has a large deck and a compact size, which makes it deal for long rides and bringing the scooter along wherever you need to go. The weight of 39 pounds or 17 kg makes it light enough to carry along.
  • It has enough speed and acceleration to keep up with the traffic.
  • The front and rear suspension make the ride very comfortable and smooth. The braking system is also one of the best.
  • On top of that you also get 12 month warranty and unlimited customer support from.
  • You can also buy EMOVE Touring seat with baseplate if you want to have the option of sitting as well.

At a price of $899 it is great value for money. If you order the EMOVE Touring from VoroMotors you will also be able to buy spare parts if you need to, such as:

  • and more

You can also order various accessories for the Touring, such as:

  • and so on

EMOVE Touring The Best Urban Electric Scooter For Long Commutes

Another benefit is the great customer support you get. Every question will be answered right away. They have created a fantastic Youtube series where everything is explained thoroughly as well.

You will be surprised how much difference there is between your standard rental scooter and a high quality electric scooter, such as the Touring. With better speed, range, power, comfort and portability, it is much better to own an electric scooter.

If you are a bigger person then your options are also very limited. These are the reasons why the Touring is one of the best urban electric scooters for long commutes.


A really important addition to the EMOVE Touring is the removable seat option. This is very useful for those people who prefer to ride the scooter in a seated option. Since the EMOVE Touring has a range of 25 miles then it can be hard for some people to stand the entire time. 

The only problem is that you need to buy the seat separately for $65 on the VoroMotors store.

Best Scooter Under $900

Jorge- verified buyer

This scooter is the overall best scooter under 900$. I ride aggressively and this scooter doesn’t disappoint. I live in NYC and the roads are atrocious, the rear solid tire allows me to ride worry free of flats. The ride quality is really good and the deck space is very generous. I love jumping up and off curbs, and going full speed over speed bumRead more about This scooter is the overall best.

The stem, front and rear suspension allow me to jump pretty high like I’m on a trampoline. And you can wheelie with ease cause the stem feels like a pogo stick. The front and headlight are helpful at night, pedestrians will see you approaching them. Cars behind you will see your brake lights too and reflector.

 I weigh 140lbs. I get a top speed of 26mph, once battery drops below 90% I get a consistent 23-25MPH on flat and very slight inclines. Range going full speed is 21-24 miles with many stops and full acceleration starts. Acceleration is perfect it takes me around 4 seconds to cross an intersection, and I hit 18mph with ease.

 Brakes are strong and can easily be adjusted by rotating a nut on the brake line. Folding and unfolding is super easy and the scooter is easy to take up 2 flights of stairs. The bell is good, the horn is loud and the trigger throttle is calibrated well. I often ride with my gf standing behind me since there is so much deck space and we fit comfortably. Together we weigh 260lbs.

Ride quality still feels great, suspension works great and doesn’t bottom out, stem feels sturdy for me to control. Max speed is 22-24mph, 26mph on declines. Range is a consistent 17-21 miles with constant stops and full acceleration starts. 20 degree inclines are no issue. We go 17-21mph up hills together and I go 21-24mph up hills.

A final thing is the build quality. I got hit by a car and the scooter was dragged under. It survived with very few, small unnoticeable scratches and the handlebar stem bent. I was shocked at how durable the scooter is, it was basically unscathed. Voro provided handlebars for 40$ and it was a very easy and quick fix.

There are a ton of videos released by voro on youtube showing how to maintain and fix any Emove touring issues. The only complaint I have is when hitting large bumps or going over terrain that makes the scooter violently shake, the brake line can pop out. You’ll feel the brake lever go really soft and your scooter will take a very long time to brake and come to a stop. You must stop immediately and pop it back into place because that can be a very serious issue to have while traveling at high speeds. 

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Hello! My name is Rando and I created this site to help people find the best electric scooter for their needs. Hopefully this site will help you decide which electric scooter you should buy.

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