Electric Trike Scooter for Adults: Mototec 48v 1200w 

 November 7, 2020

By  Rando

Standard electric scooters are very useful and practical in an urban environment, as well as environmentally friendly. The popularity of electric scooters is really incredible and manufacturers have trouble keeping up with the demand. The major issue with your standard e-scooter is that they perform well only on smooth and flat urban roads. If you live in an area with lots of off road tracks or if you just want to have a scooter with more power then an electric trike scooter for adults, such as the Mototec 48v 1200 Watt trike scooter.

The most popular electric scooter in the world is the Xiaomi M365 but this 250 Watt scooter is useless on off road tracks. An electric trike scooter for adults is a much more practical choice and it is a lot more fun.

There are many reasons why the Mototec 48v 1200 W is the ideal electric tricycle scooter and in this review I am going to go over the best features of the Mototec 48v 1200 W. as well as the pros and cons. Hopefully this review is going to help you out and maybe this electric trike is exactly what you have been looking for.

Mototec 48v 1200w Electric Trike Scooter for Adults

Mototec 48v 1200w Electric Trike Features and Specs

  • Motor power: 1200 Watt Servo Motor
  • Transmission: Differential Gearbox 
  • Battery: Eight 12v 12ah Batteries (48v in all)
  • Battery life: Over 300 charges
  • Brakes: Front/Rear Hydraulic
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400 Lbs
  • Top Speed: 18+ MPH
  •  Range per charge: 20+ Miles
  •  Seat: Wide Saddle
  • Seat Height: 37 inches
  • Recharge time: 4-8hrs
  • Scooter Weight: 216 Lbs
  • Ground Clearance: 6 inches
  • 24 inch air filled front tire
  • 12 inch air filled rear tires
  • Scooter Dimensions: 62x34x46 inches 
Mototec 48v 1200w Electric Trike Scooter for Adults

Mototec 48v 1200w Electric Trike Scooter for Adults Review

This powerful electric trike scooter for adults is everything that your standard rental type scooter is not. It does not have fancy technology and electronics. It does not have a companion app or any other fancy gadgets. It is not a foldable scooter that you can pick up and carry it long with you as well. 

But it is ideal for those individuals who might have some sort of disability that stops them from using a stand up electric scooter. And for people who live on the countryside and need to use of road tracks. Some people buy such a scooter not for any practical reason but because they are lots of fun. The 1200 Watt motor will provide you with lots of fun.

Power, Speed and Range

The 1200 Watt servo motor has lots of torque, which makes it an ideal all-terrain scooter. You can ride on all types of road surfaces with no problems at all.

The top speed of the Mototec 48v 1200W electric trike scooter is around 18 mph or 29 km/h. The top speed of course depends of the rider weight, as well as the road surface you ride on. But it certainly has plenty of speed and power to your destination in a rapid pace. 

The battery has a total of 48 volts  with a maximum range of 20 or so miles. Yet again, the range greatly depends of the terrain you are riding on the the rider weight. The more experience you have with this electric trike scooter the better you can assess how long the battery will last in certain road conditions.

But a max range of 20 miles is comparable to standard commuting electric scooters and this should be enough range to get your daily commutes done and still have some battery power left. 

Recharging time for the battery is 4-8 hours, depending of how depleted the battery is. You can just let the battery charge overnight or you can if the battery is getting low you can charge the scooter for a few hours and be on your way again.

Ride Quality

The scooter comes with two 12-inch air-filled rear and tires and a large 24-inch air-filled front tire. These pneumatic tires absorb a lot of the vibration and bumps and make the ride quality comfortable. This electric trike scooter for adults does not have suspension but these large and wide tires act like suspension.

The front and rear hydraulic brakes offer plenty of stopping power and you need it when riding this 216 pounds scooter at 18 mph. High quality brakes are a major requirement and thankfully there is no need to worry about the braking ability of this trike.

The detachable wide saddle seat also provides plenty of riding comfort when going over rough terrain or bumps.If you want you can remove the seat if you feel more comfortable riding without it, which is a great option to have. 


Mototec 48v 1200w Electric Trike Accessories

The weight limit of the electric trike is 400 pounds, which is twice as much as your standard commuting e-scooter. This trike can therefore accommodate even very heavy riders. Which is why this trike is ideal for those individuals who who might be overweight and have some disability. 

It also has easy to operate twist throttle and comes with battery meter lights, key and a carrying rack. If you have any luggage or groceries you can simply secure them on the carrying rack. 

If you are planning or simple need to ride during low light conditions then you absolutely need to attach more light and reflectors to your scooters. Very often electric scooters don't have any light or have a fairly basic lighting system, which is not bright enough for night time riding.

Mototec 48v 1200w Electric Trike Scooter for Adults

Mototec 48v 1200w Electric Trike Pros and Cons

Best Electric Trike Scooter for Adults


  • Powerful 1200 Watt servo motor  
  • Differential Gearbox
  • Large air-filled front and rear tires
  • Plenty of Top speed and Range
  • High 400 pound weight limit
  • Front and rear hydraulic brakes
  • Removable wide saddle seat
  • Carrying rack


  • A little heavy at 216 pounds  
  • Lack of suspension
  • Could come with bright front and rear lights
  • Braking cables are a bit loose
  • Twist throttle is not the best


Overall it is one of the best electric trike scooter for adults and it is ideal for those individuals who might be handicapped or have some disability. It is also a practical vehicle for people who need a all terrain trike for commuting that can handle heavier adults, 

It does not have many of the features that your standard electric scooter has, such as apps, LED display, folding design etc. What makes this trike really stand out are its 1200 watts of power, 400 pound weight limit, quality brakes, quality design and manufacturing. Ideal for those who need a solid and reliable workhorse.

It is sold out in many places and it can be somewhat expensive for some people. The electric trike is available at  $1,099.00 at www.inthewholegolf.com.

I absolutely love the scooter

I have an indoor Zappy I use to get around the house, but living in Florida, taking it outdoors has issues. Sand causes the front wheel to loose traction, etc. The Mototec is perfect for the outdoors. One thing that I'm having a hard time getting use to is the initial twist of the throttle. It could really use a soft start or a throttle similar to the one on the Zappy. I'm a retired aerospace engineer (age 74) and am really impressed with the quality of the design and manufacturing with this trike.

William Francke

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