E-TWOW GT – Ultra Portable 25 mph Electric Scooter 

 November 5, 2020

By  Rando

If you are thinking about upgrading your existing electric scooter or looking for your first e-scooter then it is much easier to make a decision if you know exactly what you want. When people are looking to upgrade their current scooter they generally want something with more speed and power. The new 2020 version of the E-TWOW GT offers exactly that. This 25 mph electric scooter has more power and range but only weighs 26.5 pounds.

It is very difficult to find an electric scooter that is fast and powerful but is also lightweight. More powerful and higher quality batteries tend to weigh more as well. You might gain an extra 10-15 mph of top speed but in the expense of a heavier scooter. This is a compromise that many people are just not willing to make and you don't have to, if you choose the E-TWOW GT ultra portable and powerful electric scooter.

In this review of the E-TWOW GT I will go over the features and specs, as well as the pros and cons of this scooter. Although this scooter is exceptional in many aspects it is by no means perfect.But if you are looking for a 25 mph electric scooter that is lightweight then this scooter should be a serious consideration.

E-TWOW GT - Ultra Portable 25 mph Electric Scooter
E-TWOW GT - Ultra Portable 25 mph Electric Scooter

E-TWOW GT 25 mph Electric Scooter Specs and Features

  • Motor power: 700 Watts
  •  Total peak power: 1000 Watts
  • Battery capacity: 504 Wh 
  • System nominal voltage: 48v
  • Maximum range: 23 miles/37 km
  • Top speed: 25 mph/ 40 km/h
  • 8-inch solid front and rear tires
  • Scooter weight: 26.5 pounds
  • Rear drum brake & hinged motor joint
  • Electronic regenerative braking with bacl-up foot brake
  • Max weight limit: 220 pounds
  • Unfolded dimensions: 44.6 x 15 x 46.5
  • Folded dimensions: 41.7 x 6 x 12.8
  • Folding handlebars
  • Front and rear lights
  • Charging time to 80%: 2.5 hours
  • Kickstand
  • 1-year warranty

E-TWOW GT Review

If you look at the amount of companies that produce electric scooters then you would think most of these have been around for a long time. But surprisingly there are only 2 recognized companies that have been around for more than 6 years with a proven track record: MiniMotors and E-Twow.

MiniMotors have mainly focused on making high performance electric scooters while E-Twow has focused on making lightweight and ultra-portable electric scooters. With the GT model it is possible to get a lightweight scooter that does not have anemic performance.

Speed and Range

The ETWOW GT e-scooter has lots of power considering its light weight. 700 Watts of power with 100 Watts of peak power is far more than other e-scooters in the same weight class. For example the Xiaomi M365 which weighs 1 pound more, has only 250 Watt of power. This is a considerable difference and everyone who rides the GT scooter feels the power right away.

The top speed is a fast 25 mph or 40 km/h. This is 10 mph more than the Xiaomi M365 scooter. This extra 10 mph makes a really big difference, especially in a urban environment. The acceleration is also much better and even more important than the top speed. The extra power of the scooter also enables you to tackle hills with more ease.

The range is 23 miles or 37 km, which 4.5 miles more than the Xiaomi M365 scooter. The range is a really crucial factor for commuting scooters, especially if you use your scooter daily for long rides. It has to be said of course that the top speed and max range depend of the rider weight and whether you are riding uphill or on a flat surface. In real world conditions these numbers will probably be a little lower, especially if you are a heavier rider.


As mentioned before, the E-Twow company focuses on lightweight and ultra-portable electric scooters. The portability of the GT model is very impressive. Of course the weight of 26.5 pounds is the main reason why this scooter is very portable. 

But there are many other factors that makes this scooter extremely portable. The folding system is very simple and reliable. Unlike most electric scooters the GT model can stay upright  in the partially folded position. The scooter folds together to a compact 41.7 x 6 x 12.8 inches (L,W,H). Another thing that greatly improves portability is the foldable handlebars. Very few e-scooters have foldable handlebars and if you want to carry your scooter to public transport or fit it in a tight space then foldable handlebars make a huge difference.

E-TWOW GT - Ultra Portable 25 mph Electric Scooter

Suspension, Tires and Brakes

Suspension makes a big difference in the ride quality of an e-scooter, especially if you ride your scooter on a daily basis. The recessed rear spring & hinged motor joint make the riding extremely smooth, especially when compared to your standard rental scooter. Many popular e-scooters don't have any suspension at all. 

The 8-inch solid front and rear tires are flat proof and basically maintenance free. If you are not a handy person and don't want to mess with flat tires then this is great news. The only issue with solid tires is that the ride quality is not as smooth but the high quality suspension makes up for this deficit. 

The brakes of the ETWOW GT are again much better than most other popular scooters that people use. The new 2020 model is fitted with a front motor’s electronic regenerative braking, rear mechanical drum brake and a back-up foot brake.The addition of the rear mechanical drum brake improves the reliability of braking. The front electronic regenerative braking works really as well. This dual braking system along with the foot brake gives the rider lots of confidence in the braking ability of the scooter.

Additional Features

The scooter has both front and rear lights although they are not super bright and it is recommended to add more lights to your scooter when riding in the dark. It is also recommended to add reflectors to your scooter as well. 

The scooter also has a horn, which is a useful safety feature. The accelerator & braking action are made with the thumb control, which differs from many other e-scooters, The advantage of the thumb control is that it is more natural and ergonomic.

The maximum weight  limit is 220 pounds or 100 kg, which is the same as most other commuting electric scooters. The max weight limit could be higher to accommodate heavier riders as well. You can still ride the scooter if you weigh over 220 pounds but the weight limit is set for a reason.

The scooter has been designed to be water resistant, meaning you will be fine if you get caught in light rain. But the scooter has not been designed to be ridden in in heavy rain. Also make sure you store the scooter in a dry environment and avoid standing bodies of water that extend up to the deck level. 

E-TWOW GT - Ultra Portable 25 mph Electric Scooter

Why order the ETWOW GT from eWheels?

There are mant reasons why you should order the ETOW GT from e Wheels. 

Most importantly you get one year warranty for the parts & labor, while other dealers of Electric Scooters typically only offer a 3-6 warranty for the battery pack.

EWheels also offers spare parts for the scooter in their online store and you can also purchase accessories in the online store, such as shoulder strap and cell-phone holder.

Plus you get the best price possible for the scooter found anywhere.

ETWOW GT Pros and Cons

Is it the best 25 mph electric scooter?


  • 700 Watts of power and 100 Watts of peak power  
  • 25 mph top speed and 23 mile range 
  • Quality suspension system and puncture proof tires
  • Improved dual braking system
  • Scooter weight of only 26.5 pounds
  • Easy folding system and foldable handlebars
  • 2.5 hour charging time
  • Possibility to get spare parts and accessories
  • High construction quality
  • Almost zero maintenance scooter
  • Water resistant scooter


  • 220 pound weight limit  
  • Relatively small 8-inch tires
  • Front and rear lights are not very bright
  • Doesn't have a locking system
  • Does not have cruise control
  • Deck is a bit narrow
  • Cables could be secured, hidden better
  • Can be too expensive for some


This scooter is ideal for those who are looking for a lightweight scooter that still has lots of power, speed and range. The vast majority of scooters weighing less than 30 pounds don't have much power. And scooter that have lots of power tend to weigh too much. The ETWOW GT has the right balance of power and weight.

The scooter has many other benefits, such as quality braking system and suspension, puncture proof tires and moderate water resistance rating. Plus you have the option to get spare parts and accessories from the eWheels store. The 1-year warranty is also a great plus.

There are some issues with the scooter like with any electric scooter. The weight limit of 100 kg could be higher, lights are not very bright, deck is a little narrow, lack of cruise control etc. And for some people the price of $849 – $949 can be a bit too much.

It's nice and zippy. I use it for my commute in NYC.

Pro: The suspension is nice, the acceleration and braking feel good (definitely powerful), quick charging time, easy to operate. So-So: The thumb controls take getting used to, especially if you're trying to consistently go at a lower speed for the sake of battery life. Con: The lights aren't very bright, so they'll really only help others see you at night rather than adequately illuminating the path in front of you. The horn is also pretty weak. Why bother including it?

Charles Harris

Verified Buyer

When I did the research I found a couple YouTube videos that said this was the Reviewer‘s favorite scooter. I would have to say it really is all around the best scooter you can get. I have done a lot of research and there is literally no other product on the market with a better combination of range, power, speed, suspension, brakes, build quality, light weight, and I love the fact that the tires are solid so I never have to worry about it flat.


Verified Buyer


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