Dualtron X Electric Scooter Review – Worth The Money or Over-Hyped? 

 August 26, 2020

By  Rando

Dualtron X is an electric scooter that is designed for performance. It is not a standard practical scooter you would buy for commuting. This scooter is is designed for performance and if you are looking for something really extreme then the Dualtron X will be the one. The Dualtron X has a top speed of 55 mph and a range of 93 miles. It also has a hydraulic suspension and dual disc brakes. If you are looking for an extreme electric scooter then the Dualtron X is the one for you.

Everything stat about the Dualtron X is extreme and unreal when compared to your standard scooter. In this review I will explain exactly the specs of this scooter, how it compares to other similar e-scooters and whether or not it is worth buying. Although it has massive amount of power it has its share of problems and it is certainly not for everyone.


Dualtron Electric Scooter Review

Power and Speed

Dualtron Electric Scooter Review

The Dualtron X is certainly one of the most powerful electric scooters on the market with a 6720 Watt brushless DC motors that can reach speeds of 55 mph. Riding a scooter that reaches speeds in the excess of 55 mph is scare as hell for normal people

Not only is the top speed incredibly high but the acceleration of the Dualtron X is also incredible. It can reach 25 mph in just 4 seconds and 15 mph in just 2.2 seconds. When you hit the power you really need to hold on with both hands.

Another stand out feature of this e-scooter is the incredible range it has. The manufacturer claims that under ideal conditions the range can be up to 93 miles and this is made possible by the 60 volt – 49 Ah – 2,940Wh – LG 3500 cells battery. It has to be said that the realistic range under normal riding conditions is most likely around 50 miles.

The X has a manufacturer-claimed range of 93 miles. We haven’t done a full range test on it, but expect that under real riding conditions, it should be closer to 50 miles. If you need a powerful long range scooter then the Dualtron X is one of the best in this category.

Riding Stability

Dualtron X Scooter review

One of the major issues with electric scooters that reach those high speeds is the stability and handling at such high speeds. What makes this scooter very stable at such high speeds is the strong suspension, wide tires, weight and steering damper that add lots of stability.

Of course you need solid and very reliable breaks on a scooter like this. The Dualtron X has large fully hydraulic disk brakes on the rear and in front. The 160 mm rotors and also ventilated to increase performance. Also the brake levers are progressive, solid and it takes little effort to apply the brakes. The fully hydraulic breaking system is very useful because you won’t be able to break too hard by accident.

Everything about the Dualtron X is very different from your standard scooter and the wheels are no exception. The 5 inch wide and 13 inch diameter wheels are massive and takes some time to really get used to riding.

The steering differs greatly from scooters that have skinny tires. Obviously a much larger scooter is less precise and when changing direction there is a lot of momentum. It takes a bit longer for the steering to respond but once you get used to it the scooter feels very responsive.

Dualtron X Reviews

Getting to high speeds on a scooter can be intimidating but the extra wide tires keep the scooter straight and stabilized without you having to do anything. Plus the adjustable steering damper which connects the scooter body to the stem through the hydraulic piston, allows the rider to tighten or loosed the steering to make the ride more comfortable.

The suspension of the Dualtron X with dual coil cover, will make the rider very smooth even when riding over potholes or bumps. The springs make the suspension really soft and this makes the scooter very responsive. Although the softness is really important, it is just as important to have some stiffness, which is provided by extra shock the spring is wrapped around. The combination of coil cover shocks makes the suspension on this scooter very responsive for such heavy.

Other Features of The Dualtron X

Dualtron X Electric Scooter Review

This scooter has a lot of deck space and people who are really tall should still have plenty of room to comfortable fit on the scooter. There is also an attachable seat option, which some riders prefer when travelling at such high speeds.

On the lighting department the Dualtron X also has nothing to be ashamed of. It has front and rear lights with turn signals as well. It also features a central light that is very bright and this light makes nigh riding a real possibility.

Obviously this scooter is not very portable, weighing in at 150 pounds. The stem of the scooter is foldable but that is all you can expect from the scooter in this area. It is not designed for carrying around obviously.

The Dualtron X model comes with the fingerprint reader for locking and unlocking and there is alo the standard EYE LCD throttle control and display. There are also important features, such as the electronic horn, turn signals and lights.

This was a quick Dualtron X review and hopefully you found it helpful.

dualtron X review specs

When to Buy and When Not to Buy the Dualtron X

Lets constinue with the Dualtron X electric scooter review. The cost of the Dualtron X electric scooter is about $6000. So it is very expensive and most people can’t afford it even if they want it. You really have to think about whether or not you actually really can afford one of need one.

Another important issue is the legality of riding such a beast at full speed. For example in the USA, the Dualtron X is limited to 15 mph by a wire that can be unplugged but there are still very few places where you can actually unleash the full potential of this scooter.

Laws and regulations in many places make it pointless to own such a powerful electric scooter. Why buy a very expensive scooter that you are unable to put to its full potential? It is certainly not a practical choice for most individuals.

But if you really want one and need one then why not? Especially if you have the roads to unleash the full potential and if there are no silly laws and regulations that stop you.

Hopefully this Dualtron X electric scooter review was of any help. If you have $6000 to spend on an electric scooter and you love to go fast then this scooter is for you.

Maxim S.
Verified Buyer

Awesome scooter

Very friendly and supportive seller, nearly instantaneous communications. Highly recommending. The scooter itself (Dualtron X) is a super-machine 🙂


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