Dualtron Eagle Pro – Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults 

 October 17, 2020

By  Rando

Dualtron is well-known for their high performing and powerful electric scooters for adults. Their Dualtron X has been a huge success and their other electric scooter models, such as Storm and Thunder and hugely popular.

The Dualtron Eagle Pro is the latest release of the Dualtron series and it might be their best electric scooter to date. With every new release and version the quality of electric scooters constantly improves and the Dualtron Eagle Pro has lots of improvements over the previous Dualtron electric scooter models. 

In this quick Dualtron Eagle Pro review, I will take a closer look at this powerful electric scooter for adults. It is priced much lower than the Dualtron X or Dualtron Thunder but you get a much more improved scooter.

Dualtron Eagle Pro - Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults
Dualtron Eagle Pro - Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults2

Dualtron Eagle Pro Specs and Features

  • Max 3600 Watt BLDC Dual Hub Motor
  • 1344Wh (LG) battery
  • Maximum range: 50 miles or 80 km
  • Top speed of the Dualtron Eagle Pro: 40 mph or 64 km/h
  • Maximum load capacity: 265 pounds or 120 kg
  • Front & Rear Disc Brake (ABS braking)
  • Front & Rear Suspension (Rear Adjustable (5 Stages) Rubber Suspension)
  • 10-inch tube tires
  • Scooter weight: 66 pounds
  • Dual headlight, rear taillight and brake light
  • Unfolded size:120 * 60 * 118.5 cm
  •  Folded size: 50.5 * 60 * 118.5 cm
  • Frame: Aviation grade aluminium, hard plastic, and steel
Dualtron Eagle Pro - Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults2

Dualtron Eagle Pro Review

Speed and Range

The Dualtron Eagle Pro is perfect for people who want a high performing electric scooter but don't want to spend almost $6000 for the Dualtron X. The dual 3600 Watt hub motors generate a huge amount of power and power the scooter to speeds of up to 40 mph. On flat roads and with a tailwind it is even possible to go faster than that. 

This powerful electric scooter for adults is built to last. Built with aviation grade aluminium, steel and hard plastic. The 1344Wh (LG) battery has a range of up to 50 miles, which is one of the best stats in its price range. It is 22 pounds heavier than the Dualtron Spider, which has a max range of 37 miles. In real world conditions the range for the Eagle Pro and Spider are about the same. 

Suspension, Brakes and Tires

There are many features of the Eagle Pro that stand out and one is the suspension system. The scooter has adjustable rubber suspension, which means you can replace the suspension rubber cartridges to adjust the strength of the Eagle Pro suspension to your riding style. These cartridges have different levels of elasticity. If you ride your scooter mostly on flat roads at high speeds then you can choose a rigid suspension configuration. If you mostly ride of hilly and bumpy roads then you can choose a softer suspension configuration.

The braking system of the Eagle Pro is again a stand-out feature. It has double 140 mm mechanical disc brakes, which  can be replaced with hydraulic brakes if you want. Disc brakes allow you to have more control over the scooter because you can control how much braking you apply.

The Dualtron Eagle Pro has ABS braking, which eliminates tire locks during sudden braking. When braking suddenly on an e-scooter it causes the tires to skid, which in turn causes the rider to lose control. 

The ABS braking system of the Dualtron Eagle Pro gives series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock. This enables the scooter to come to a full stop quickly without losing control and causing potential injury. When riding at 40 mph, it is crucial to have reliable brakes. All 3-rd generation Dualtron electric scooters come with ABS braking.

The 10 x 2.5 inch tubed tires of the Eagle Pro are considered all-road tires, which means they can be ridden on flat roads at high speeds, as well as off road. These types of tires are very comfortable to ride, especially with the suspension of the Eagle Pro. The only downside is that the tires can get flats quite often. The wheel design of the Eagle Pro is the same as with the Dualtron II, which means the tires are very easy to change.

Portability, Lights and Dashboard

The Dualtron Eagle Pro might be a powerful electric scooter for adults but it is certainly not the best in terms of portability. Weighing-in at 66 pounds it is fairly heavy, especially when compared to the 44 pounds of the Dualtron Spider.

But the scooter itself is foldable and folds down to a compact 50.5 * 60 * 118.5 cm. It has folding handlebars and folding steering tube. The scooter can be carried upstairs or stored in the trunk of your car. But it has not been designed to be the last mile solution, like the Xiaomi 1 S.

The Eagle Pro has dual headlights with rear taillight and brake light. This offers enough lighting to ride in the dark, although for safety reasons it is better to add more lights if necessary and also to wear a reflective jacket or reflectors. 

The dashboard of the Dualtron Eagle Pro is the Ey3 dashboard, which is common for all the newer Dualtron models. It is simple and easy to understand. The main screen shows the mileage, battery level and current speed. Lateral buttons on the right allow you to change the riding mode and toggle Cruise control.

You can also change mph to km/h if you prefer and also adjust the screen brightness. All 3rd generation Dualtrons, including the Eagle Pro, are equipped with an optional smart fingerprint security system. The smart fingerprint reader is compatible only with the new EYE throttle system.

Dualtron Eagle Pro - Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults

Dualtron Eagle Pro Pros and Cons

Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults


  •  Made from high-quality materials and is built to last. 
  • Incredible braking and suspension system.
  • ABS braking addition.
  • Plenty of top speed and range.
  • New Eye throttle system.
  •  Foldable handlebars and steering tube.
  • Replaceable rubber cartridges.
  • smart fingerprint identification system addition.
  • Great value for money.


  • A little bit too heavy at 66 pounds. 
  • Comes with disc not hydraulic brakes.
  • Front LED lights could be brighter.
  • Tires can become flat.


Overall the Dualtron Eagle Pro is a great value for money. Available at USA Mini Motors at $2290, it is certainly one of the best powerful electric scooters for adults. The speed and range are more than enough for most people. The improved suspension and braking system, along with the 10-inch tires making riding the scooter comfortable and secure. 

Each new generation of Dualtron electric scooters come with improvements and additions and the Eagle Pro is no exception. 


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