Boosted Rev – Best Value for Money Electric Scooter in 2023? 

 December 3, 2020

By  Rando

Chances are that if you buy an electric scooter you will soon want to buy another one that is superior. It can be really tricky to find the best value for money electric scooter and very often people choose the wrong scooter. The e-scooter market has grown immensely over the past couple of years providing people with better models all the time. One of those really amazing scooters is the Boosted Rev. 

Very few people have heard of the Boosted Rev scooter but the ones that have used it consider it to be the best value for money electric scooter. It is certainly not the cheapest of e-scooters by any means but it has many qualities and functions that are far superior when compared to most other scooters you might be familiar with.

In this review I will go over the specs and features of the Boosted Rev, as well as the pros and cons and will answer the question, Is it the best value for money electric scooter for 2023?

Boosted Rev Electric Scooter Specs and Features

  • Motor power:1,500 Watts (750w x Dual Motors) 
  • Top speed:Up to 24 mph (39 km/h)
  •  Battery:Lithium-ion 370Wh
  • Maximum range:Up to 22 miles (35 km)
  •  Ride Modes: 3
  • Scooter weight:46 lb (20.9 kg)
  •  Climbing grade:Up to 25% grade
  •  Brakes:Regenerative electric, mechanical disc, rear fender stomp
  •  Tires: Air-filled all-terrain 9-inch tires
  • Maximum weight capacity: 110 kg
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Unfolded dimensions: 44” L x 24” W x 44.8”
  • Folded dimensions: 44” L x 24” W x 20” H
  • Lights: Front headlight and rear brake light
Boosted Rev Review - Best Value For Money Electric Scooter

Boosted Rev Review: Best Value For Money Electric Scooter?

Boosted Rev is a true blend of iconic design, vehicle-grade safety, and durability. The scooter is custom-built and every component is manufactured which  incorporates the proprietary powertrain technology to deliver the unbeatable performance and quality our riders expect.

The team at Boosted Boards  thought through every aspect of Boosted Rev, putting ease-of-use at the forefront of every design decision. Starting from the simple, intuitive Throttle Wheel that allows for one-handed acceleration and braking with the roll of your thumb. To the distinctive frame geometry, ergonomic handlebars, and wide, custom-designed tires makes Boosted Rev remarkably stable so you can feel confident and safe no matter what lies ahead.

Also the dual-motor drive will power you uphill and give you secure electric braking on the way down. It’s the no-wobble, no-hassle, vehicle-grade scooter that’s too good to share.

With the power of a total of 1,500 Watts and a top speed of 24 mph, the Boosted Rev will get you to your destination faster than a bus, car or subway. The 22 mile range gives you confidence that you will get to your destination without running out of battery. 

Boosted Rev Review - Best Value For Money Electric Scooter

The Boosted Rev is one of the safest electric scooters you can ride with a stable platform and 3 methods to brake, giving you the ultimate control. Boosted Boards has 10 years of experience with industry-leading electric skateboard software, which means the Boosted Rev offers the smoothest, most accessible, and most reliable braking and acceleration available today. With features like:

  • Regenerative Brakes
  • Wide Tires
  • Headlight & Brake Light

Easy to drive and easy to carry

Stop and go with the roll of your thumb. Its intuitive design means there’s almost no learning curve. 

  • Boosted Throttle Wheel
  • Foldable Steering Tube
  • Intuitive Display

Need to carry the scooter up the stairs, take it with you to public transport or store it in your office corner? No need to worry. The 46 pound scooter is light enough to be carried up stairs and compact enough to fit easily to public transport and tight spaces in the office or at home.

You can be sure that the Boosted Rev will last for a long time. Boosted builds reliable products that are known for their amazing build quality. 

  • Super Flex Composite Deck
  • Precision Forged Trucks
  • Tested for Everything
Boosted Rev Review - Best Value For Money Electric Scooter
Boosted Rev Review - Best Value For Money Electric Scooter

Boosted Rev Pros and Cons

Best Value For Money Electric Scooter?


  • Range: Go up to 22 miles on a single charge. (Range varies based on terrain, speed, and weight)  
  • Top Speed: Get there faster with a 24 mph top speed
  • Hill Climbing: Climb a 25% grade hill without breaking a sweat
  • Ride Modes: 3 ride modes help you maximize range
  • Wheels: Custom wide wheels to handle just about anything
  • Brakes: 3 reliable ways to brake, including a regenerative electric brake
  • Safe Design: Stay balanced on a wide, stable platform


  • Not suitable for riding in heavy rain 
  • Little bit too expensive for some at €1499
  • Front light could be brighter for night riding


Is the Boosted Rev best value for money electric scooter? Yes, if you can afford to spend this amount of money. No, if you can't afford to spend around €1500. 

The Boosted Rev is certainly one of the very best e-scooters in terms of ride quality, ride safety and overall scooter reliability. It is a very high quality scooter with 24 months warranty. 

If you are just looking to buy your first electric scooter and you are not willing to spend that much money, you would be better of choosing something in the £500 range. But if you are looking for a high quality scooter with great specs that will last for 2-3 years and more, then the Boosted Rev is the scooter to get.

I started out with a cheaper escooter but it slowly fel apart. The Rev really has some amazing performance that i never felt before. The acceleration is insane, and the added brake options are some i have never seen on other models. It is a bit high on price but i know i will still be riding this in 3 years. I would like to see some accessories like a basket in the future.

Luuk S

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