What is The Best Off Road Electric Scooter? List of Off Road Electric Scooters for Adults 

 August 20, 2020

By  Rando

Hollyburn P5 - off road electric scooters for adults

Due to the high demand for electric scooters, there is a need to push the electric scooter technology further all the time. A lot of the people who have tried standard electric scooters are looking for something more powerful and more exciting.

It is really incredible how far the technology of electric scooters have been taken is such a short time. In this post I will review the best off road electric scooters you can get and why you need to get an off road electric scooter.

If you think that all e-scooters are these flimsy vehicles with no battery and only go 15 mph then you are mistaken. These scooters are obviously not cheap but if you are tired of your standard electric scooter and have a bit of money to spend then why not pick one of these amazing scooter.

Off Road Electric Scooter For Adults

iMoving Extreme Scooter

Best off road electric scooter - iMoving extreme scooter

The iMoving Extreme Scooter is certainly one of the best, if not the best off road electric scooter. The difference between this scooter and your regular rental scooter is massive. This is a totally different beast and the grin on your face will never leave.

What makes the iMoving Extreme Scooter special is the versatility of the scooter. This e-scooter can easily be used for going to work or school in metropolitan areas, like a regular scooter or you can take it off road on the weekends for some excitement. It is extremely sturdy, can handle all conditions and take you anywhere you want to go.

The Extreme scooter has solid 10-inch vacuum tires, 80 MM super shock springs, 25 degree climbing ability and a solid 330 pound weight baring ability. The frame is aluminium and very light.

iMoving electric scooter - Best off road electric scooters for adults

On top of that this off road electric scooter has IP55 waterproof grade with industry leading safety standards.

The iMoving Extreme Scooter dual drive motor with a total of 1600 Watts, maximum speed of 35 mph and maximum range of 40 miles. It also has dual disc breaks for top of the line breaking power.

The cost of the iMoving Extreme Scooter is a little under $2000. It seems like much but for what you are getting, it is really not much at all.


Best Off Road Electric Scooters for Adults – DUALTRON X ELECTRIC SCOOTER

Off Road Electric Scooter for Adults - DUALTRON X ELECTRIC SCOOTER

If you are looking for something even more extreme, powerful and totally insane then have no worries. There is an off road electric scooter that has been taken to the ultimate technological limit.

The Dualtron X electric scooter is not something you have seen before. It is a unique beast that will blow every other off road electric scooter away. The specs for this e-scooter are hard to believe and the power it generates is just unreal. So lets see exaclty what the Dualtron X off road scooter has to offer.

First of all the motor has a maximum of 6,720 Watts that come from the BLDC dual hub motor. The battery is 60 volt, 49 Ah, LG 3500 cells and 2,940 Wh. Plus 180 Wh, 3 Ah stem battery for lighting and various accessories.


The maximum speed you can get out of this scooter is 55 mph and the battery will last you for a very long 93 miles per charge. If you are using a quick charger then the scooter can be re-charged in just 7.5 hours.

The Dualtron X off road electric scooter has hydraulic breaks with 160 mm disks and ABS standard. The climbing rate can be 70% or 35 degrees, depending of the weight of the rider and battery charge.

It is not a light scooter, weighing in at 145 pounds but you need a heavy scooter for the off roads. The maximum load this scooter can handle is 265 pounds.

The cost of the Dualtron X off road electric scooter is $5999! It is a lot for most people but this electric scooter is not for most people.

Also watch this amazing video to get an in-depth overview of the Dualtron X and how it looks in real life!




If you are wondering what is the best performing electric scooter in the world then the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is most likely it. At least according to several experts and customers. It is built by Mini Motors USA and it is absolutely of the highest quality with a price tag to match.

It is an easy to scooter to ride even off road and at high speeds due to the fully adjustable 3-step suspension along with replaceable rubber cartridges.

For example softer cartridges can be used in cooler climates and by lighter riders. The Dualtron Thunder off road electric scooter comes with medium elasticity rubber and extra cartridges as an added option.

 Everything about this off road electric scooter for adults is very different from standard scooters. For example the whole wheel assembly is removable and this makes servicing much easier and the 4″ wide tubeless tires make it super easy to fix flats.

The Dualtron Thunder comes with the Eye LCD display, which is new for all the Dualtron models. It has a lot of different functions and fingerprint reader can also be added. The finderprint reader is an important addon for extra security.

You know you are dealing with a serious piece of machinery when the scooter comes with ABS breaks. Yes, the Dualtron Thunder comes with ABS breaks. This adds extra level of reliability, safety and performance and you certainly need that with a scooter than can reach 50 mph.

Another awesome feature of this scooter is the front and rear LED lights, as well as illuminated handlebars and blue bottom lights. In the dark this electric scooter will be seen from afar and the lights make it really cool looking.

The weight of the scooter is 95 pounds with a max load of 265 pounds.

Be aware that the Dulatron Thunder is not fully waterproof and if water gets into the components then it can damage them. Also make sure you absolutely read the scooter manual before you use it. This is an expensive vehicle and you really don’t want to screw it up right away by doing something you shouldn’t have.


The Hollyburn P5 Off road Electric Scooter for Adults

Hollyburn P5 Off road electric scooters for adults

The Hollyburn P5 off road electric scooter is another high performance e-scooter with world class craftsmanship. It is made in the USA and it is designed to take a lot of punishment. There is nothing that this off raod e-scooter can’t do.

The Hollyburn P5 is constructed mostly from aircraft-grade aluminium, as well as stainless steel. It needs to be this strong to handle the 5200 Watt ZM3_R motor. The amazingly powerful 5200 Watt motor is on a vehcle that only weighs 89 pounds. The power to weight ration is really incredible with this thing. Keep in mind that the ZM3-R Brushless drive system operates at a 90% efficiency and has 8.1 horsepower to every 100 pounds of weight.

Hollyburn P5 off road electric scooter

Some other unique features of the Hollyburn P5 are cell-level battery fusing, Crusher Five-Point chassis armor and Pure sine wave vector control.

The battery compartment is large and this allows for future battery upgrades. The control system for this electric scooter accepts any battery voltage inputs from 36 to 84 V. This makes it much easier to make upgrades in the future.

The battery for the Hollyburn P5 is also unique because every cell in the battery is monitored and fused. This is really innovative and unique because it protects the battery from excessive charge and discharge, as well as over-charge. Plus the cost of a recharge is only 12 cents.

Off road electric scooters for adults - Hollyburn P5

The premium EK High Tensile chain drive is ideal for riding in the dirt. The P5 also comes with Rigid Industries Ignite LED Headlights that produce 1000 lumens of light output with a total of 2000 lumens of light output.

There are lots more amazing features that make this the ideal off road electric scooter for adults. Things such as regenerative interlock breaking, oversized hydraulic breaks, IP66 waterproofing, Magna Shell ST4® chassis and Crusher Five-Point® armor.




Hello! My name is Rando and I created this site to help people find the best electric scooter for their needs. Hopefully this site will help you decide which electric scooter you should buy.

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