Apollo Pro – High Speed Electric Scooter For Adults 

 October 6, 2020

By  Rando

The Apollo Pro is one of the highest performing electric scooters for commuting you can get. This high speed electric scooter for adults leaves all the others far behind. If you are tired of your slow e-scooter with a max speed of 15 mph and battery that quickly empties then the Apollo Pro is the ideal choice. 

It is certainly not a budget-friendly electric scooter and if you don't have extra money to spend then this scooter is certainly not for you, But if you have the money and the desire to own a highly performing electric scooter that doesn't disappoint then continue reading. 

I will give a quick review of the Apollo and hopefully this will help you make an informed decision about whether to buy this scooter or keep looking. 

The Apollo Pro Models Specs and Features!

There are 3 different models of the Apollo Pro:

  • Apollo Pro 52 V
  • Apollo Pro 60 V
  • Apollo Pro Ludicrous

The Apollo Pro 52 V is the standard version with a price tag of $1,899USD. The Apollo Pro 60 V is an upgraded version with a price tag of $2,499USD and the Ludicrous is the most upgraded Pro scooter with a hefty price tag of $3,499USD. So what do you get for all of this money?


Apollo Pro 52 V

Overall Rating: 4/5

  • Acceleration: 6.2 seconds to 30 MPH (~50 KM/H)
  • Motor rated power: 2000W (2 x 1000W)
  • Max. instantaneous power: 2400W (2 x 1200W) peak output
  • Top speed: 38 MPH (60 KM/H)
  • Battery: 52V 22.5aH battery with range of up to 56 miles.
  • Brakes: Cable or hydraulic (+$150) brakes.
  • Standard Apollo display
  • Apollo Pro 60 V

    Overall Rating: 3/5

  • Acceleration: 5.3 seconds to 30 MPH (~50 KM/H)
  • Motor rated power: 2400W (2 x 1200W)
  • Max. instantaneous power: 3200W (2 x 1600W) peak output
  • Top speed: 42 MPH (67 KM/H)
  • Battery: 60V 21aH battery with a range of up to 50 miles.
  • Brakes: Hydraulic brakes
  • Standard Apollo display
  • Apollo Pro - High Speed Electric Scooter For Adults

    Apollo Pro Ludicrous

    Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Acceleration: 4 seconds to 30 MPH (~50 KM/
  • Motor rated power: 2400W (2 x 1200W)
  • Max. instantaneous power: 3200W (2 x 1600W) peak output
  • Top speed: 44 MPH (71 KM/H)
  • Battery: 60V 21aH battery with a range of up to 56 miles.
  • Brakes: Re-gen & hydraulic brakes
  • Dedicated app & phone mount
  • Apollo Pro (52 V) Standard Features:

    • Forged aluminium frame
    • LEd display showing battery charge, speed, distance.
    • 10-inch pneumatic (air-filled tires).
    • Scooter weight is 77 pounds or 34 kg.
    • Maximum carrying capacity is 150 kg or 330 pounds.
    • Lights: Front dual white LED light and rear dual red LED light with red braking alert.
    • Folded dimensions: 50.4 IN x 26.7 IN x 20.6 IN (128 CM x 68 CM x 52.5 CM)
    • Packing dimensions: 52.4 IN x 14.2 IN x 24.8 IN (133 CM x 36 CM x 63 CM)
    • Suspension: Front spring and rear hydraulic.
    • IP-54 water resistance rating.

    Apollo Pro Review: Best High Speed Electric Scooter For Adults?

    The Apollo Pro is one of the quickest high-performance electric scooter you will find. It is constructed out of forged aluminium with a solid stem, has smooth lines and impressive details. It is an almost unbeatable combination of comfort, acceleration and power.

    The top speed of the Apollo Pro is around 38-42 mph or even higher with a lighter rider and longer runaway. Reaching speeds of 70 km/h is really fast and scary for most people as well. The acceleration of the Apollo Pro is even more impressive than the top speed.

    It takes only 1.7 seconds to reach 24 km/h and 3.8 seconds to reach 40 km/h. You can also choose from the Apollo Pro 52V, the Pro 60V or the Pro 60V Ludicrous. Apollo Pro comes with 2 high-efficiency brushless motors with 1000W of power with 1200W of peak output in each motor.

    The range of the Apollo Pro is also extremely impressive. On full speed mode the range is around 48 km or 30 miles and at eco mode the range is up to 90 km or 56 miles. This range is achieved by the 52V 22.5aH battery powered by LG cells. The Pro also has 2 charging ports. A single charger can fully charger the scooter in 10 hours, while 2 chargers get the job done in just 5 hours.

    If the top speed, acceleration and range is not enough to impress you then the brakes certainly do. It takes just 3 meters to come to a full stop at a speed of 24 km/h. 5 meters is considered to be excellent already. 2 high-performance disc brakes and an electric re-gen brake provide excellent stopping ability. The 52V Apollo Pro has dual disc brakes, which can be  upgraded to hydraulic for around $150 US.

    The dual spring shock absorbers along with 10-inch pneumatic tires make the Apollo Pro very comfortable to ride even at such high speeds. If you add to this oversized deck, hydraulic disc brakes, well-balanced steering and high build quality, you get a package that is hard to beat.

    The weight of the Apollo Pro is 34 kg or 77 pounds with a sturdy stem ring lock, folding stem and 2 securing clasps to secure in place. The kickstand is a bit short, the stem can not be locked into place when folded and the handlebars do not fold down.

    Just like the other Apollo scooters, the Pro also has a IP-54 water resistance rating.

    If you are looking for a high-performance electric scooter with power, control and comfort that is not extremely heavy then the Apollo Pro is an excellent choice. Also you can choose from the 52V Pro, the 60V Pro or the most powerful Pro Ludicrous models.

    The Apollo Pro scooter, especially the upgraded versions, are certainly one of the best high speed electric scooters for adults.

    Apollo Pro Scooters Pros and Cons

    The fastest electric scooters for adults have a price!


    • Highest build quality and design  
    • Apollo Pro scooters have incredible range, speed and acceleration.
    • The braking system is the best you can get.
    • Suspension is top of the line as well.
    • Can climb 40 degree inclines with ease.
    • 150 kg (330 pound) pound max weight limit accommodates heavier riders as well.
    • Ability to change settings to suit your riding style.


    • The price of the Apollo Pro, especially the Ludicrous is too much for most folks.  
    • The charging time of 10-12 hours is a bit too long.
    • Rear fender tends to rattle at high speeds
    • Shipping to outside of US and Canada is complicated and takes long.


    If you have the money to spend and if you really want a fast high performing scooter that never runs out of battery, then the Apollo Pro is the one. The standard version is impressive by itself and the 60 V and Ludicrous models are even more impressive.

    The Apollo support team is also very responsive and helpful. All customers get  a 24 month warranty and free shipping within Canada and US. Although shipping outside of US and Canada is not so straight forward. 

    You can also buy upgrades and spare parts from the Apollo store, such as the fast charger which reduces charging time by 50%. 

    Very few can actually afford an expensive electric scooter like this and if you can then it is money well spent.  


    When you first step on the Apollo Pro deck, you will tower over most vehicles on the road; this is a significant upgrade if you've been riding an entry-level scooter such as the Gotrax or something from the Segway ES1 – ES4 series. I have the 52-volt model, and this scooter is quick. The dual motors come in handy for hill climbing and zooming down open roads. The Apollo Pro has climbed some of the most challenging hills in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (rated by bicyclist) on my daily commute to work and back in mode 1 with a little help from the dual motor on the steepest hill.

    Let's talk about the range for a second, I'm 185 pounds or 84 kilograms, and I've ridden 31 miles or 50 kilometers and still had plenty of battery life left in eco mode. Overall, the Apollo Pro is a great scooter for the price, and the build quality and customer service has been excellent. I have two cons: The kickstand should be a bit sturdier because of the scooter weight. The second is you're going to need a large trunk because you're going to want to take this scooter everywhere.


    Verified Buyer

    John G.

    Verified Buyer

    Magic carpet ride

    APOLLO Scooters has done it they brought back something thats hard to find with online shopping, and thats VIP Customer service, beautiful looking scooters, my new Pro is amazing, the ride quality is unreal, feels like your floating, if you ever dreamed of flying then dont think twice, buy the Apollo Pro Scooter


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