Apollo Light – Compact and Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter 

 October 6, 2020

By  Rando

Apollo is a Canadian electric scooter company and their mission is to  bring last-mile transport to people. They have several electric scooters in their fleet, such as the City, Explore, Ultra, as well as the Apollo Light e-scooter. The Light is a compact and lightweight folding electric scooter, which is the ideal choice for daily commutes. 

There are many features that sets the Apollo Light apart from other e-scooters in this price range and category. It is certainly one of the best scooters in its class and if you are looking for a compact and lightweight e-scooter for commuting that has a bit more power and range, then the Apollo Light could be the one. But lets take a closer look and see what the Apollo Light has to offer. 

Apollo Light Specs and Features

  • Motor rated power: 350 Watts with 500 Watts of peak output.
  • Maximum speed of the Apollo Light is 20 mph or 35 km/h.
  • It has 3 riding modes: Gear 1: 8 MPH max. speed (15 KM/H); Gear 2: 15 MPH max. speed (25 KM/H); Gear 3: 20 MPH max. speed (35 KM/H).
  •  It has been designed and built to be ridden on streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, trails.
  • Acceleration: 6.2 seconds to 15 MPH (25 KM/H).
  • The range of the 48V 10.2aH battery is 22 miles or 35 km.
  •  Charging time of the battery is about 6 hours.
  • The weight of the Apollo Light is 37 pounds or 17 kg-s.
  •  Tires and 8.5-inch pneumatic tires.
  • Frame is made out of strong forged aluminium.
  • LED display with mode controls and stats, such as speed, battery life, distance.
  • Suspension: front spring and rear dual spring.
  • Rear drum brake with regenerative braking system.
  • Lights: Front dual white LED lights and rear dual red LED lights with brake alert.
  • IP54 water resistance rating.
Apollo Light - Compact and Lightweight Folding electric scooter
Apollo Light - Compact and Lightweight Folding electric scooter
Apollo Light - Compact and Lightweight Folding electric scooter
Apollo Light - Compact and Lightweight Folding electric scooter

Apollo Light Review: Comapct and Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter

The Apollo Light is the entry-level scooter from the Apollo scooters fleet. This scooter is lighter and more portable than other models but still has plenty of power, speed, range and quality.

This scooter is ideal for those individuals looking to buy their first electric scooter. It is considerably faster than shared scooters, the suspension makes riding in urban environments very comfortable, it is lightweight with plenty of range. The price tag is actually quite affordable as well.

The top speed for the Apollo Light is a swift 35 km/h or 21.7 mph, while most budget scooters have a max speed of 15 mph or so. The acceleration is also quite impressive reaching 24 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. The 600 Watt motor has plenty of power for such a lightweight scooter. Quick acceleration is obviously fun but also helps to get ahead of traffic.

The range at full charge and in real world conditions is about 26 km.The 490 watt-hour Dynavolt lithium-ion battery pack helps to achieve this. When riding at max speed the range will be reduced of course.

The 600 Watt motor has enough power to go up most hills but might struggle a bit on very steep hills, especially if the rider weight is heavy. The Apollo Light has both a rear drum brake and a regenerative motor brake, which have a plenty of stopping power. It takes 5.3 meters to come to a full stop at a speed of 24 km/h. Both of the brakes are on the rear wheels, which is not ideal but common for scooter in this price range.

The Apollo Light has pneumatic (air-filled) front tires and solid rear tires. Having a solid rear tire greatly reduces the chances of flats but compromises on ride quality, especially in wet conditions. Dual pneumatic tires are certainly better for overall ride quality.

The portability of this scooter is one of its major strongpoint. The weight of the Apollo Light is only 17 kg or 37 pounds. When fully folded the measurements are just 99 x 18 x 99 cm. You won’t find many electric scooters that are this light and portable while having a full suspension. The folding mechanism work very smoothly and lock in place tightly as well.

The cockpit is very basic and simple with throttle, LCD display, bell and single brake lever. The front and rear LED lights are mounted on the deck with a front fender LED light as well. The water resistance rating is IP54, which means it can be ridden in light rain.

Overall the Apollo Light is right up there with the Segway Ninebot Max and Xiaomi M365 scooters. and in many ways better!

Apollo Light Pros and Cons

Is it the best compact lightweight folding electric scooter?


  • Has plenty of speed, acceleration and range.  
  • Build quality is very high.
  • Suspension makes riding much smoother over long distances.
  • 17 kg (37 pound) weight is light enough to be carried for small distances.
  • Folds down to a compact size, making it easy to store.
  • Rear drum brake is very effective and requires little maintenance.
  • IP.54 water resistance rating.
  • LED lights in the front and rear making riding in dark possible.


  • Doesn't have as much power ans other Apollo scooters  
  • Shipping outside of Canada and US is a bit complicated.
  • 100 kg max weight limit could be a little higher to accommodate heavier riders. 


There are not many cons that I can think off. For just $750 you can get lots of value for money. It is a bit more expensive than the M365 for example but you get lots more value. 

Apollo Scooters also offer 24 months of warranty, free shipping within Canada and continental US, as well as 7 days a week support. If you live outside of Canada and US then shipping is a bit of a issue. You can also get spare parts and upgrades to the Apollo Light scooter from the Apollo online store.

All in all, the Apollo Light is certainly one of the best scooters you can get for the money.

So far it is excellent. It is slightly less powerful than the Apollo City scooter but it is more than enough for me (up to 35 km per hour) and also a few pounds lighter that makes a difference when i need to bring him inside a building. Apollo is a client focused organization which very appreciated when an issue arises. 

Laurent E.

Brandon P.

Verified Buyer

Where do I start!

Absolutely an amazing scooter. I ended up buying a child trailer for my year an a half old son, and believe me it tows it very well. It's a strong, fast, high quality built scooter. Im so happy that I waited a week for it. They told me the June shipment would be the 29th. And they shipped it 4 days early, so you never know. Good buy!


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