Apollo Ghost Review: Advanced Electric Scooter for Heavy Riders 

 November 19, 2020

By  Rando

Heavier riders have a more difficult time finding an electric scooter. Most of the popular commuter electric scooters have a 220 pound weight limit which really restricts heavier adults to ride these type of scooters. Even if you do find an electric scooter for heavy riders then usually the power and range go down or you have to make some other compromises. 

The good thing is that due to the immense popularity of electric scooters, the variety and quality of e-scooters has gone up. There are absolutely amazing and very advanced electric scooters for heavy riders, such as the Apollo Ghost. This scooter is by far the most advanced electric scooter in their list that will blow away the Xiaomi M365's of the world. 

Apollo is a well-known and highly respected Canadian company and their mission is to bring electric and sustainable last-mile transportation to Canada. The Apollo scooters are the perfect mix of convenience and sustainability. 

In this review I will go over the features and specs of the Apollo Ghost, as well as the pros and cons. Hopefully this review will help you figure out whether the Apollo Ghost is the scooter for you.

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter for Heavier Riders Specs and Features

  • Total motor rated power: 1600 W
  • Number of motors: 2
  • Max. instantaneous power: 2000 W peak output
  • Top speed: Up to 34 MPH (55 KM/H)
  • Battery type: 52V 18.2aH battery
  • Max range: 39 miles (62KM); Max power setting:14 miles (23KM)
  • Charger rated input voltage: 110-220V~
  • Charging time: approx. 12 hours, 6 hours with fast charger
  • Riding modes:3
  • Acceleration: 0-15 MPH: 3.1 seconds
  • Max. incline: 25 degrees
  • Smart power management system
  • Standard power consumption: 2.2kWh per 100km
  • Frame: Forged Aluminium frame
  • Display: LED display with mode controls
  • Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Scooter weight: 64 LBS (29 KG)
  •  Max. load: 300 LBS (135 KG)
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes, electric re-generative braking
  • Braking distance:15 MPH to 0 MPH: 8 ft on dry flat asphalt
  • Suspension: Front and rear spring suspension
  • Water resistance: IP54
  • Lights: Front and rear LED lights and blue LED deck lights
  • Folded dimensions: 50.5 IN x 9.3 IN x 21 IN (128 CM x 24 CM x 53 CM)
  • Unfolded dimensions: 50.5 IN x 9.3 IN x 50 IN (128 CM x 24 CM x 127 CM)
Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter for Heavier Riders
Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter
Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter for Heavier Riders

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter Review

There are many reasons why the Apollo Ghost is a great electric scooter for heavy riders. Most importantly of course it has a 300 pound or 135 kg max weight limit, which is way more than most e-scooters allow. You can ride the scooter of you weigh a little more than 300 pounds but the limit is set for a reason.

Another benefit of the Apollo Ghost is the weight of the scooter, which is only 29 kg or 64 pounds. The weight of course is much higher than your standard lightweight commuter scooter but for an e-scooter with a 300 max weight limit, the scooter is pretty light. Usually scooter for heavier riders are much heavier, which greatly reduces the portability.

The Ghost has a built-in fold and lock mechanism, allowing the stem to remain attached to the deck, even when folded. This simple, but important feature allows the electric scooter to be carried and picked up with ease.

Power, Speed and Range

The Ghost features two powerful 800 Watt brushless motors that add up to 1600 Watts of total nominal power. When at peak, the motors offer 1000 Watts of power each or 2000 Watts maximum instantaneous output. This is a lot of power and heavier riders need to have a scooters with more power otherwise you would move forward in a snails pace.

The top speed of the Apollo Ghost is 34 mph or 55 km/h. It accelerated to 15 mph in only 3.2 seconds. The very popular Xiaomi M365 has a top speed of 15 mph and accelerates to 15 mph in 6.3 seconds. The top speed and acceleration depend on the rider weight and the surface you ride. In real world conditions you might not reach those numbers.

The 52V 18.2aH battery has a maximum range of 39 miles or 62 km in economy mode. The max range in max power setting is 14 miles or 23 km. Those are very impressive stats and you pretty much get more range then you will ever really need. The battery is also very reliable and delivers a record 600 charge cycles. The battery pack will maintain full capacity for nearly 4 years when charging it 3 times a week. 

Suspension, Tires and Brakes

The Apollo Ghost does not compromise in quality at all, especially when it comes to suspension and brakes. Apollo Ghost features a dual spring system and this suspension can easily be adjusted to your liking with an hex key. The Ghost was designed with a lower ground clearance and this creates a completely new riding experience with dramatically improved handling.

The Apollo Ghost has two disc brakes with great stopping ability. The scooter comes to a full stop from a speed of 15 mph in just 8 feet. And from a speed of 25 mph it comes to a full stop in just 23 feet. The braking ability is as good as its acceleration. The motor also has the electric re-generative braking, which is activated when the brake handle is pressed. The re-generative braking slows down the scooter and also re-charges the battery.

The 10-inch air-filled tires work really well together with the suspension system. These tires provide plenty of stability and traction.

Frame and Lights

The Apollo Ghost has a beautifully designed hollow frame that constructed out of forged aluminium, which gives the scooter sturdiness without the extra bulk.The annoying stem wobble that some other Apollo scooters were known for, has been eliminated thanks to the new single stem design.

The lighting system of the Apollo Ghost is much better than most electric scooters for heavy riders, which have poor lighting. The Ghost has 2 LED lights in the front and two in the rear, as well as blue LED strips along both sides of the deck. 

Special features of the Apollo Ghost

There are many special features that come with the Apollo Ghost that most other electric scooters for heavy riders don't have, such as the key lock ignition and multiple locking spots allow you to leave your scooter outside worry-free.

You will also have ride control features like the single/dual motor and eco/turbo switches put you in control of your ride. The custom-made Apollo display offers the highest reliability in the industry along with a number of customizable controls.

When ordering from Apollo you will also get industry-leading 12 month warranty and 7 days a week support. you can also buy spare parts and accessories from the Apollo Store, such as the Apollo seat. The Apollo Ghost does not come with a seat but if you want to have a seat option then you can buy it separately.

You can also get many other accessories from the Apollo store for your Apollo scooter, such as locks, helmets, lights, phone holders and apparel.

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter for Heavier Riders
Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter for Heavier Riders
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Apollo Ghost Pros and Cons

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Riders?


  •  2 x 800W dual motors 
  • 34 MPH and 39 mile range
  • Great acceleration
  • 300 pound max weight limit
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Dual suspension and 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • LED display with mode controls
  • Advanced lighting system
  • Folding handlebars
  • Key lock mechanism
  • Fold to lock mechanism
  • Adjustable suspension
  • 12 month warranty 


  • IP54 water resistance rating
  • Seat has to be purchased separately
  • Can be too expensive at $1,499.00 USD
  • Little too heavy to be ultra portable


The Apollo Ghost does not have many cons as you can see and the reasons is that the Apollo company has sold more than 10,000 electric scooters and they known what it takes to make great scooters. Every new release and model builds and improves upon previous models. The Apollo Ghost is an example of this.

This scooter might be out of the price range for some people and even though it is fairly light, it could have been even a bit lighter. Also the IP54 water resistance rating means the scooter can be ridden in light rain, it does not tolerate very heavy rain.

The Apollo team have put a lot of emphasis on smaller details and it is a very durable and reliable electric scooter. So if you can afford it then get it and you won't regret it.

Apollo Ghost Review from Jason!

Jason verified buyer

Definitely worth it!

This is my first e-scooter and it’s pretty amazing. I was debating between this and the Pro but this ended up being a better match for my needs and I prefer the looks of this scooter. The full suspension is great, it’s built well, and is absolutely fast and powerful. It takes some time getting used to the fast acceleration in dual-motor turbo mode. I’ve gotten this thing up to 38 mph on flat ground (I weigh 160). 

Full disclosure, the first Ghost scooter sent to me was not working properly but Apollo responded the very same day and sent me a brand new scooter. You’re in good hands with this company. I noticed in another review someone stated that the stem could be sturdier, but I haven’t noticed any wobble on mine. If you clamp it down properly it feels very sturdy and holds up well to sudden stopping and starting.

 Initially, the trigger throttle wasn’t my favorite but I'm used to it now. The instructions on YouTube are easy to follow and there isn't much assembly needed. I ditched the dinky bell it comes with and bought an additional headlight to mount on the handlebars.

As far as accessories like that go, I prefer buying them separate anyway because you have more freedom to customize and it reduces the overall cost of the scooter. I like the regenerative braking option (I have mine on setting 3) because it helps reduce the speed of the scooter without slamming on the brakes, especially if you’re going fast.

 If I could choose one thing to change about this scooter it would be an upgrade to hydraulic brakes, but overall the braking power is good. The deck lights are AWESOME. I added the green lights you see in the pic. Battery and range seem to be as stated.

 I like to cruise in dual-motor turbo mode and haven’t had any range issues. I use this mostly for fun, and occasionally to commute to work. It’s pretty heavy so most people probably can’t carry it far, and it’s definitely bigger than your typical city rental scooter. If you buy this get ready to turn heads. I highly recommend!

Apollo Ghost review

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