Apollo Explore – Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults 

 October 7, 2020

By  Rando

Apollo scooters are well-known for their high build quality, powerful motors and long range batteries. The Apollo Explore is the second most powerful e-scooter in their lineup. It is in the price range that is certainly expensive but not overly expensive. There are many reasons why the Apollo Explore is the ideal electric scooter for those seeking for high performance. 

In this review I will give a thorough overview of this powerful electric scooter for adults. You will find out what are its specs and features. Overall performance, as well as pros and cons. 

Apollo Explore key specs and features

  • Motor rated power: 1000 Watts with 1400 Watts of peak output
  • Top speed of the Apollo Explore is 31 mph or 50 km/h.
  • Apollo Explore has 3 riding modes: Gear 1: 15 MPH max. speed (25 KM/H); Gear 2: 25 MPH max. speed (40 KM/H):  Gear 3: 31 MPH max. speed (50 KM/H).
  • Acceleration: 3.5 seconds to 15 MPH (25 KM/H); 9.6 seconds to 25 MPH.
  •  Able to handle 20 degree inclines.
  • Designed to be ridden in streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, trails.
  •  52V 18.2aH battery has a range of 34 miles or 55 km.
  • Charging time is approx. 9 hours and 50% less with the fast charger.
  • 2.2kWh per 100km power consumption.
  • Frame is constructed out of forged aluminium.
  • LED display that shows battery level, speed and distance.
  •  10-inch pneumatic (air-filled) tires.
  • Front and rear LED lights along with deck and stem LED lights.
  • Weight of the Apollo Explore is 23 kg or 52 pounds.
  •  Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Braking distance: 11 feet from 15 mph to full stop.
  • Front spring and rear dual spring suspension.
  • IP-54 water resistance rating.
Apollo Explore - powerful electric scooter for adults
Apollo Explore - powerful electric scooter for adults

Apollo Explore Review - Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults

Power and Range

The Apollo Explore has been designed for speed and performance in mind. The 1000 Watt motor with 1400 Watts of peak output  can accelerate the scooter to 15 mph in just 3.5 seconds and 25 mph in 9.6 seconds. In comparison the popular M365 reaches 15 mph in 6.3 seconds. So the difference in performance and power in massive. the top speed on 50 km/h or about 30 mph in a lot more than most people will ever need.

The 52V 18.2aH battery has a claimed range on full charge of 55 km or 34 miles. In real world conditions though you can expect the max range to be a little lower at about 45 km. 

The charging time is 8 hours which is quite a long time but high capacity batteries require more time to load. The upside is that you most likely will not ride 45 km in one day so you don't need to charge the battery very often. If you want to load the battery faster then you can always purchase the quick battery charger from the Apollo store that reduces charging time by half.

Brakes and Ride Quality

If you have a powerful motor, as the Apollo Explore has, then you also need high quality brakes. Very often electric scooters that have lots of power have poor brakes. But the disc brakes of the Apollo Explore are one of the best you can get. 

The disc brakes are able to make the scooter come to a full stop from a speed of 15 mph in just 3.4 meters or 11 feet. In comparison the Xiaomi M365 comes to a full stop at the same speed in 16.8 feet. In city traffic with other vehicles and people moving around this can mean the difference between having an accident or just avoiding it.

Ride quality is also an extremely important aspect of powerful electric scooters for adults. If the ride quality at high speeds is poor then the extra speed is not worth it. The spring suspension and large air-filled tires of the Apollo Explore do a very good job at lessening the impact of potholes and rough roads. More importantly the ride is smooth at high speeds.

Apollo Explore Portability

The Apollo Explore folds down to a compact size of 46 Inches x 7.7 Inches x 17 Inches (117 CM x 19.5 CM x 43 CM). Which is quite a small size for such a powerful adult electric scooter. This is possible due to the collapsible stem and handlebar. The stem is quite stable when locked into place. The folding mechanism is simple to use and locks into place when you hear an audible click.

The 23 kg or 52 pound weight of the scooter makes frequent lifting more challenging. It is obviously significantly heavier than less powerful scooters but for short distances the Apollo Explore can be lifted and carried upstairs or stored in public transport.

Lights and Other Features

The Apollo Explore has front and rear LED lights, as well as LED light on the deck and stem. These LED lights make the scooter very visible in the dark and will certainly attract some attention because of. 

The only issue with the front LED light is that it is positioned low, which doesn't able you to see very far ahead. If you plan on riding in the dark quite often then some extra LED light would be a good idea.

The deck of the Apollo Explore is fairly large with dimensions of 20 x 9.3 inches. The ground clearance of the deck is 5.3 inches. Also the deck to handlebar height can be adjusted from 38.4 inches to 27.6 inches.

The maximum weight limit of the scooter is 120 kg or 265 pounds. Which  can accommodate heavier riders as well. If you weigh a little bit over this limit then it is no big deal but the weight limit is set for a reason.

The water resistance rating of IP-54 is standard for all Apollo Scooters, which means the scooter is protected against dust ingress sufficient to prevent the product from operating normally but it's not dust tight. The product is fully protected against solid objects and splashing of water from any angle. Basically the scooter can be ridden in light rain but doesn't handle heavy rain.

Apollo Explore - powerful electric scooter for adults

Apollo Explore Pros and Cons

Is The Powerful Electric Scooter for Adults Worth The Money?


  • Excellent overall build quality. 
  • Plenty of top speed, acceleration and range for daily commutes.
  • Disc brakes are really effective and reliable.
  • Very smooth to ride on rough roads and at high speeds.
  • 24 month warranty from Apollo Scooters
  • Free Shipping within US and Canada.


  • A bit heavy for carrying around
  • Needs better LED light for riding at night.
  • Could handle heavier riders over 265 pounds.
  • Shipping outside US and Canada is not the best.


All in all the Apollo Explore is a fantastic scooter for those who are looking for a powerful, robust, reliable and easy to ride scooter. It ticks all the boxes for most people with some minor issues. It could weigh a little less or have better LED lights but other than that there are no real cons.

The support team at Apollo Scooters are also the best. The customer service is the best there is, you can purchase spare parts or upgrades for all Apollo scooters. The 2 year warranty is unheard of. 

The cost of $1,300 seems much but for what you are getting, this is great value for money. There are other similar electric scooters but the warranty and customer support are not on the same level.

Love at first sight - Apollo Explore

Kaushal S. -

Verified buyer

Just like you promised. Apollo Explore was indeed my love at first sight. I was hesitant in getting one as i had my eyes on another scooter. But thanks to Apollo team that i didn't go with my decision, and i got the explore. It seems like a toy, but its a beast. The ride is more comfortable and smooth because of the bigger base to stand on and the strong suspension. The pickup is quick and you will feel the power instantly.

The scooter was ready to take off as soon as i received it. The best part about Apollo is they give 2 years warranty unlike other scooter companies. They have awesome customer service which makes you develop trust and they know what they are doing. I am so happy to be a part of this movement. I even got a flat tire after riding it for more than 100km, but they were very helpful in guiding me and making me a step by step instructional video on how to change the inner tube for the explore.

Thank you again for everything. 

Alex Y.

Verified Buyer

Fantastic scooter and does exactly what I wanted

I bought the Explore to get around the pitlanes at the racetrack between sessions when racing my car. As things are so spread apart it can take up to 15-20 minutes walking to make a trip to the bathroom or concession stand at times. I was looking for speed and something my buddies could jump on with only a brief safety talk. This thing hit the spot.

Fast, but not crazy enough that I'll worry about a new person hurting themselves on it. I also just spent the day bombing around town picking up groceries and doing other small tasks. The people I came across love it. I got a lot of complements and people asking where I got it.

Way more fun to use this than driving around slowly in a car to do the same task. Customer service was fantastic and so was shipping. It was shipped from Montreal and arrived in the Toronto area next day.


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