Apollo Electric Scooter Review 

 August 31, 2020

By  Rando

Apollo electric scooter review

Apollo Scooters is a Canadian company that is all about bringing last-mile transport to people. They have scooters that are a perfect mix of sustainability and convenience. Their portfolio of electric scooters are tailored for all needs; whether you want range, speed and raw power or something light and portable.

In this Apollo electric scooter review we will take a closer look at the scooter they have to offer. The Apollo Explore is their most powerful scooter. It has a max speed of 40km/h and a range of up to 60km. It also comes with dual brakes, front and rear suspension, and solid 10-inch tires. If you are looking for something more portable, the Apollo Light might be the right scooter for you. It only weighs 12.5kg and can be folded up into a small package. Despite its small size, it still has a max speed of 25km/h and a range of 30km. Apollo also offers a variety of accessories to customize your ride, like baskets, phone holders, and lights. Whether you are looking for an affordable way to get around town or want to go on longer adventures, Apollo Scooters has an electric scooter that will meet your needs.

Most people who are looking to buy an electric scooter are not aware of Apollo electric scooters. Although Apollo Scooters are relatively new to the market, their scooters have received amazing ratings and the reviews have been just incredible. If you are looking to buy an electric scooter that is top of the line and of the highest quality possible then these are the scooters to buy.

Apollo Electric Scooter Review

Apollo Light Electric Scooter

Apollo Light Electric Scooter - Apollo Electric Scooter Review

Lets start the Apollo electric scooter review with The Apollo Light is the entry-level scooter from the list. This scooter is lighter and more portable than other models but still has plenty of power, speed, range and quality.

This scooter is ideal for those individuals looking to buy their first electric scooter. It is considerably faster than shared scooters, the suspension makes riding in urban environments very comfortable, it is lightweight with plenty of range. The price tag is actually quite affordable as well.

Apollo Light Stats and Performance

The top speed for the Apollo Light is a swift 35 km/h or 21.7 mph, while most budget scooters have a max speed of 15 mph or so. The acceleration is also quite impressive reaching 24 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. The 600 Watt motor has plenty of power for such a lightweight scooter. Quick acceleration is obviously fun but also helps to get ahead of traffic.

Apollo Light Electric Scooter - Apollo Electric Scooter Reviews

The range at full charge and in real-world conditions is about 26 km. The 490 watt-hour Dynavolt lithium-ion battery pack helps to achieve this. When riding at max speed the range will be reduced of course.

The 600 Watt motor has enough power to go up most hills but might struggle a bit on very steep hills, especially if the rider weight is heavy. The Apollo Light has both a rear drum brake and a regenerative motor brake, which have a plenty of stopping power. It takes 5.3 meters to come to a full stop at a speed of 24 km/h. Both of the brakes are on the rear wheels, which is not ideal but common for scooter in this price range.

The Apollo Light has pneumatic (air-filled) front tires and solid rear tires. Having a solid rear tire greatly reduces the chances of flats but compromises on ride quality, especially in wet conditions. Dual pneumatic tires are certainly better for overall ride quality.

The portability of this scooter is one of its major strongpoint. The weight of the Apollo Light is only 17 kg or 37 pounds. When fully folded the measurements are just 99x18x99 cm. You won’t find many electric scooters that are this light and portable while having a full suspension. The folding mechanism work very smoothly and lock in place tightly as well.

The cockpit is very basic and simple with throttle, LCD display, bell and single brake lever. The front and rear LED lights are mounted on the deck with a front fender LED light as well. The water resistance rating is IP54, which means it can be ridden in light rain.

Overall the Apollo Light is right up there with the Segway Ninebot Max and Xiaomi M365 scooters.

Apollo City Electric Scooter

Next in this Apollo electric scooter review is the Apollo City. There are many reasons for buying the Apollo City. It is one of the best all-around and versatile electric scooters available. It is ideal for urban commuters who are not satisfied with standard rental scooters.

With plenty of quality, great design, speed, range, rider comfort and portability, the overall package is very tough to beat.

Apollo City Stats and Performance

apollo city electric-scooter - apollo scooters review

With a weight of 18 kg or 39 pounds, top speed of 40 km/h and a range of 28 miles or 45 km, the overall package is fits the needs of most urban commuters. It is light enough to be carried to public transport, folds compactly together, has plenty of range and speed to boot.

The Apollo City can reach a speed of 20 mph in 6.9 seconds and 25 mph in 11.9 seconds. The top speed is considerably better when compared to the top speed of 15 mph for the Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot Max G30.

The 600 Watt brushless electric motor has plenty of power most hills without a problem. The maximum peak output for the motor is 800 Watts and it is highly efficient motor as well with a energy conversion rate of 86%.

 The 48V 13.2aH battery powered by Dynavolt cells have a range of 28 miles in eco mode and about 18-22 miles at full speed and real world conditions.

apollo city electric-scooter - apollo scooters reviews

What makes the Apollo City a very safe electric scooter are the brakes that feature three independent braking systems. The front wheel has a disc brake and the rear wheel has a drum brake, as well as the regenerative break. The scooter comes to a full stop from a speed of 15 mph in just 12.2 feet, which is an excellent result. The brakes on the Apollo City are one of the safest and strongest you can get.

The ride quality is also excellent due to the front and rear spring suspension, as well as the pneumatic tires. There is also plenty of deck size even for people with fairly large feet. The suspension can handle a 265 pound or 120 kg rider while still providing plenty of shock absorption. Although it is designed to be an on-road scooter it can handle some off-road tracks and dirt trails as well.

The portability for the Apollo City is another strongpoint. The triple folding mechanism folds the scooter to a tight 43x8x14 inch unit. The telescoping stem, handlebars and stem are all foldable. The folding mechanisms are quick to activate and strong. The folding and unfolding of this scooter can take about 16 seconds.

The telescoping handlebars can be adjusted from 38.4-inches to 27.6-inches. The Apollo City comes with a trigger throttle, which is not the most comfortable when used for a prolonged time but Apollo Scooter now offers thumb-style throttle for $69.

There is plenty of lighting on the Apollo City for staying visible for other vehicles even at night. The under-deck lighting along with the front and rear lighting lights up the Apollo city really well. It has much better lighting than the Apollo Light.

Just like the Light model, the Apollo City also has a IP54 water resistance rating, which can handle light rain. It is a top of the line premium urban electric scooter with just the right balance of speed, quality, design, range, comfort and portability. For $999 it is great value for money.

Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

Apollo electric scooter review - Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

The last of the Apollo electric scooter review list is the The Apollo Pro, which offers something a little different from the other models. While the Light and City scooters where mainly designed for being practical for the average city commuter, the Apollo Pro is designed for performance in mind. If you are looking for something with lots of oomph then the Apollo Pro could be the right choice.

Apollo Pro Stats and Performance

The Apollo Pro is one of the quickest high-performance electric scooter you will find. It is constructed out of forged aluminium with a solid stem, has smooth lines and impressive details. It is an almost unbeatable combination of comfort, acceleration and power.

The top speed of the Apollo Pro is around 38-42 mph or even higher with a lighter rider and longer runaway. Reaching speeds of 70 km/h is really fast and scary for most people as well. The acceleration of the Apollo Pro is even more impressive than the top speed.

Apollo electric scooter review - Apollo Pro scooter

It takes only 1.7 seconds to reach 24 km/h and 3.8 seconds to reach 40 km/h. You can also choose from the Apollo Pro 52V, the Pro 60V or the Pro 60V Ludicrous. Apollo Pro comes with 2 high-efficiency brushless motors with 1000W of power with 1200W of peak output in each motor.

The range of the Apollo Pro is also extremely impressive. On full speed mode the range is around 48 km or 30 miles and at eco mode the range is up to 90 km or 56 miles. This range is achieved by the 52V 22.5aH battery powered by LG cells. The Pro also has 2 charging ports. A single charger can fully charger the scooter in 10 hours, while 2 chargers get the job done in just 5 hours.

If the top speed, acceleration and range is not enough to impress you then the brakes certainly do. It takes just 3 meters to come to a full stop at a speed of 24 km/h. 5 meters is considered to be excellent already. 2 high-performance disc brakes and an electric re-gen brake provide excellent stopping ability. The52V Apollo Pro has dual disc brakes, which can be  upgraded to hydraulic for around $150 US.

The dual spring shock absorbers along with 10-inch pneumatic tires make the Apollo Pro very comfortable to ride even at such high speeds. If you add to this oversized deck, hydraulic disc brakes, well-balanced steering and high build quality, you get a package that is hard to beat.

The weight of the Apollo Pro is 35 kg or 77 pounds with a sturdy stem ring lock, folding stem and 2 securing clasps to secure in place. The kickstand is a bit short, the stem can not be locked into place when folded and the handlebars do not fold down.

Just like the other Appolo scooters, the Pro also has a IP54 water resistance rating.

If you are looking for a high-performance electric scooter with power, control and comfort that is not extremely heavy then the Apollo Pro is an excellent choice. Also you can choose from the 52V Pro, the 60V Pro or the most powerful Pro Ludicrous models.

Apollo electric scooter review - Apollo Pro scooters

Apollo Electric Scooter Review Conclusion

As you can see Apollo Scooters offer great value for money. The Apollo Light is one of the best entry level scooters that is lightweight and portable with enough speed and range. The Apollo City is one of the best all around city commuters you will find with lots of speed, range, rider comfort, high build quality and portability. The Apollo Pro has some crazy stats when it comes to pure performance with amazing top speed, acceleration, range and braking.

The ratings and reviews for all the Apollo Scooter models have been excellent. In addition to the great customer service and long warranty, the team at Apollo Scooters have delivered something really special.

For those who are looking for an affordable electric scooter, Apollo Light is the right one to buy with the 12 month pay option in your choice of payment. It’s not bad for the new rider. With the maximum speed of 35 km/h you can’t go wrong with the price in compare with the other electric scooter. We support our Canadian made product and it’s guaranteed and reliable. Overall experience? I’m happy to ride on it and it is so convenient and easy to store and keep and park anywhere you want unless it is not in the people’s way. It is better if you add a portable Apollo Light seat on it to give you more comfort, enjoyable and control on the whole unit while riding on it for a longer and short period of time. It’s worth the buy! Save you money In buying Metro Pass or Presto going to work. To be sure you buy the right regulated helmet for your protection. Hope you enjoy your new Apollo Light Scooter in the future. I’m happy to have it.


Apollo Light is a practical buy

Received my order on Friday September 11, 2020. After unpacking the scooter I was glad to see it was as advertise. Jump on for a quick spin around my neighborhood, and was happy to see that this scooter hit 25mph. I recently purchased a similar scooter (August of 2020 from a competitor nanro-something that made the same claim but failed, now the wifes ride) the Apollo city smokes this other scooter. The suspension and agility of the Apollo City is excellent. Suggested to my wife that we should sell or trade the other scooter so we can purchase another Apollo City. That's how much we like the Apollo City. I also put 30 miles on the scooter this weekend and was more than comfortable.

Larry R.


Apollo City

Gargantuan! When you first step on the Apollo Pro deck, you will tower over most vehicles on the road; this is a significant upgrade if you've been riding an entry-level scooter such as the Gotrax or something from the Segway ES1 – ES4 series. I have the 52-volt model, and this scooter is quick. The dual motors come in handy for hill climbing and zooming down open roads. The Apollo Pro has climbed some of the most challenging hills in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (rated by bicyclist) on my daily commute to work and back in mode 1 with a little help from the dual motor on the steepest hill. Let's talk about the range for a second, I'm 185 pounds or 84 kilograms, and I've ridden 31 miles or 50 kilometers and still had plenty of battery life left in eco mode. Overall, the Apollo Pro is a great scooter for the price, and the build quality and customer service has been excellent. I have two cons: The kickstand should be a bit sturdier because of the scooter weight. The second is you're going to need a large trunk because you're going to want to take this scooter everywhere.


Holy Cow! This Scooter is awesome.


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