350-watt Electric Scooter with Disc Brakes: Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2 

 December 7, 2020

By  Rando

People have become much more knowledgeable when it comes to buying electric scooters. Lots of people already have an electric scooter and are looking to buy a second one to buy in 2023. They just don't buy some random scooter that seems half decent but spend the time to search for a specific scooters for their needs. You might be looking for a 350 Watt electric scooter with disc brakes because that is what you want.

Searching for a 350 Watt electric scooter with disc brakes is a specific search, so finding exactly such a scooter is more difficult. One of those electric scooters that fits your search requirements is the Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2.

It is built by a German electric scooter company and this scooter is great value for money with amazing features. It is the favorite electric scooter of many leading experts and offers more quality and value than more popular electric scooters. 

Walberg Urban V2 350 watt Electric Scooter with Disc Brakes: Features and Specs

  • Motor: 350W Continuous, 650W Max
  • Top Speed: 28 km/h or 17 mp/h
  • Battery: Samsung LI-ION, 36V, 10.4 AH
  •  Max range:30 km or 19 miles
  •  Max weight capacity: 100 kg or 220 lbs
  • Scooter weight:17 kg or 37.5 lbs
  •  Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Throttle: Triggerfinger
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Unfolded dimensions: 115 x 55.5 x 92-112 cm
  • Folded dimensions:107 x 18 x 38 cm
  • Display: Speed, battery, distance, ride mode
  •  Adjustable Stem
  • Detachable bell
  • Reflectors
  • Water resistance: IPX4
  • Drive type: Rear wheel drive
  •  Lights: Front and rear LED lights
350 watt Electric Scooter with Disc Brakes - Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2
350 watt Electric Scooter with Disc Brakes - Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2

Walberg Urban V2 #HMBRG Review

Walberg is a German company and the scooters are built in Hamburg. The overall quality of this scooter is much higher due to German engineering and can not be compared to cheap electric scooters that come from China. 

Power, Speed and Range

Walberg Urban V2 #HMBRG has 350 Watts of power and 650 Watts of maximum output with a top speed of up to 17 mph or 28 km/h. Considering that most European countries and many other countries have a 15 mph speed limit on urban roads there is no need for more top speed. The 350 watt motor offers plenty of acceleration and can tackle uphills effectively as well. 

The range of the Samsung LI-ION, 36V, 10.4 AH is 19 miles or 30 km. This number is based on standard testing regulations with a 75 kg rider on a stable surface. In real world conditions with some uphills and heavier rider, you might not reach these exact range numbers.

Ride Quality

Riding the Walberg Urban V2 is really comfortable and smooth due to the 10 inch air-filled tires. These large pneumatic tires effectively absorb the bumps and vibrations you might experience. 

The deck offers enough space for people with bigger feet, turning even long rides into pure comfort. With the index finger throttle and 5.speed levels, the speed can be controlled continuously. The height of the handlebar can also be adjusted according to the driver’s height.

This 350 Watt electric scooter with disc brakes in the rear and front, look impressive and do an incredible job at safely slowing down the scooter. In an urban environment with lots of other traffic you really need reliable brakes for safety reasons. 

350 watt Electric Scooter with Disc Brakes - Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2
350 watt Electric Scooter with Disc Brakes - Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2

Portability and Lights

The weight of the Walberg Urban V2 is 17 kg or 37.5 pounds. It is not very heavy but not the lightest either.

Folding the scooter is takes just a few seconds. Due to the small pack size, it can be combined with public transportation or put into the trunk of a car. Unfolding the scooter is just as easy as folding it. The folding mechanism has been proven and tested, properly applied it is safe and reliable thanks to German engineering.

The scooters also has both front and rear LED lights. This lighting system is really important because it lits the road ahead improving your visibility and it also makes you more visible to others. The Walberg Urban V2 scooter has reflectors as well for improved visibility in low light conditions. 

Additional Features

Additional features are an improved cable route and a rail to lock the scooter, as well as built in mudguards, detachable bell, folding handlebars, rubber handlebar grips. The display shows the speed, battery and distance.

This 350 Watt electric scooter has disc brakes, large pneumatic tires, quality lights and many other features but it does not come with an app and does not have cruise control settings. Also the IPX4 water resistance rating means the scooter has minimum protection against rain. It is not suitable for riding in the rain on a regular basis. 

350 watt Electric Scooter with Disc Brakes - Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2

 Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2

350 Watt Electric Scooter With Disc Brakes


  • Quality German engineering  
  • Has enough power for urban commuting
  • High quality disc brakes
  • Comfortable 10-inch air-filled tires
  • 17 kg scooter weight
  • Reliable folding mechanism
  • Adjustable stem
  • Quality LED lights and reflectors
  • Index finger throttle and five-speed levels


  • IPX4 water resistance offers little protection from the rain  
  • Range is often less than advertised
  • Does not come with an app or cruise control
  • 100 kg weight limit excludes heavier riders
  • Lack of suspension


The Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2 electric scooter has many benefits, such as great build quality, powerful 350 Wmotor, reliable disc brakes, quality lights and reflectors, large air-filled tires, adjustable stem, easy and reliable folding mechanism etc.

And it also has some drawbacks, such as lower water resistance rating, no accompanying app, 100 kg weight limit, lack of cruise control and suspension.

You really have to weigh the pros and cons of this scooter and compare it to other similar electric scooters. It is not an overly expensive scooter at a discounted £649.00 at Pure Electric.


Hello! My name is Rando and I created this site to help people find the best electric scooter for their needs. Hopefully this site will help you decide which electric scooter you should buy.

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