A few years ago it was really difficult to choose the right electric scooter because there weren’t that many available. But these days it is also difficult to choose the right electric scooter but because there are so many different e-scooter on the marketplace. It is not easy to make the right choice and people

Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter ReviewThe Xiaomi M365 has been the world’s most popular electric scooter for a several years. Xiaomi created the ideal electric scooter that ticks all the boxes and appeals to the masses. In order to maintain their lead at the top of the e-scooter marketplace Xiaomi have decided to upgrade their most

 The electric scooter boom has exploded in many places around the world where electric scooters are legal. In the UK it is illegal to use electric scooters on public roads, cycle lanes, pavement or bridleway. But things seem to be changing fast and authorities are realizing that electric scooters are a great way to lessen

    The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is most likely the best selling electric scooters and has been for the past couple of years. The Xiaomi M365 Pro is the upgraded version and is most likely the best selling electric scooter in Europe. But is the best selling electric scooter necessarily the best? With so

    The CITYRIDER is one of the best lightweight electric scooter for commuting. Some people want to buy a scooter that has lots of power and range just for the thrill of it but most people actually want a budget-friendly and lightweight electric scooter for short commutes in the city. The CITYRIDER is one

When you are planning to purchase an electric scooter for personal use then you have to take into account lots of factors. The weight limit is one important factor for sure. Different electric scooters have different weight limits so you need to make sure you make the right decision. So what is the weight limit

What are the best electric scooters for college students? Electric scooters are a practical, fun and cheap mode of transport for everyone, from young children to business people, adrenaline junkies and older adults. In an urban environment using an electric scooter is much more convenient and practical, especially when combined with public transport, which is

Table of Contents 1 The Levy Electric Scooter Review Additional Features Of The Levy Electric Scooter Is It The Best Electric Scooter for The Money Emily H Chip R Timothy C Share0 Tweet0 Share0     I think it is fairly clear now that electric scooters are not just a fad but are here to

Reliability is one crucial aspect that matters to consumers, especially if people plan to buy an electric scooter for their own personal use. The truth is that a large portion of the electric scooters on the market are not very reliable at all and are not worth the investment. So what is the most reliable

Table of Contents 1 So What Electric Scooter Should I buy Then? Do you need an urban commuting scooter? Are you looking for a high performing electric scooter? Do you want the electric scooter to have a seat? The maximum weight an electric scooter can carry How much are you willing to spend? Conclusion  

Table of Contents 1 The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Features The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Portability The MANTIS – Top Commuter Electric Scooter: Additional Features Conclusion Mantis fun Mantis Pro – First 100 Miles     If you live in a densely populated urban environment and commute to work then you

If you are looking for a fast electric scooter for a heavy rider then you really need to do some serious research. The standard electric scooter is designed for average people with a weight of up to 220 pounds or so. If you are 300 pounds and over then your choices for electric scooters are

In this post you will learn one of the best high speed electric scooters for adults and why you need to have one.   Everybody seems to want to have their own electric scooter and why not? They are fun, practical and convenient. Usually the first electric scooter people buy for themselves is a standard

    A few years ago electric scooters were a novelty and it was fun to cruise around with a rental electric scooter. People discovered that not only are scooters fun to ride around with but they are also very practical. In an urban environment they are very often more practical then a car or

If you are looking for the the best urban electric scooter for long commutes then you will find it really difficult to find the best one. You must take into account lots of factors and compare a large variety of electric scooters between each other to find the best urban electric scooter for long commutes.

    In this EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter review I’ll give a thorough overview and detailed description of the new 2020 relaease of EMOVE Cruiser. It has received rave reviews from customers and it is considered to be one of the best practical, high-quality long-range electric scooters on the market. If you are thinking of

Table of Contents Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter: Quick Overview Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter: Specs and Features Nanrobot D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter: Breaks and Suspension Why You Should Buy The Nanrobot D4+ Check out this video review of the Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter. Luca V Reid E4 Plus – Top Affordable Electric Scooter 2021

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Technology has chanced our lives greatly in the past 15-20 years. The smart phone technology is a great example and it is hard to imagine our lives without one. In some areas technology has advances very rapidly but in some areas the progress has been slow. Transportation is an opposite example where

Table of Contents 1. The UberScoot Off Road Electric Scooters With a Seat 1.1 UBERSCOOT 1000W ELECTRIC SCOOTER 1.1.1 Standard features for the 1000 Watt UberScoot off road electric scooter with a seat 1.2 UBERSCOOT 1600W 48V ELECTRIC SCOOTER 1.2.1 Standard features for the 1600 Watt UberScoot off road electric scooter with a seat 1.3

Table of Contents 1. Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat 1.1 MOTOTEC FAT TIRE 60V 18AH 2000W ELECTRIC SCOOTER 1.2 MOTOTEC KNOCKOUT 48V 1000W FAT TIRE ELECTRIC SCOOTER 1.3 MOTOTEC FATBOY 48V 800W ELECTRIC SCOOTER 1.4 MOTOTEC KNOCKOUT 60V 2000W LITHIUM ELECTRIC SCOOTER 1.5 Mototec Fat Tire Electric Scooters With Seat Conclusion 2. Xiaomi