2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter for Sale 

 November 8, 2020

By  Rando

The Mototec 2000 W 60v is a very popular electric chopper scooter for sale at the moment and for good reason. Electric chopper scooters are becoming more and more popular and you might have seen them cruising around the beach or your neighborhood. They look really cool and grab a lot of attention when they cruise by which is why so many people want to own one as well. Who doesn't want to look cool cruising around on an electric chopper and get attention from people walking by? 

Mototec is a well-known and trusted electric scooter manufacturer and the 2000 Watt electric chopper scooter is their most powerful and most popular model. In this review I will go over the features and specs of this amazing electric chopper scooter, as well as the pros and cons. Hopefully this review will help you come to a conclusion whether to buy this electric chopper scooter or whether you would prefer some other scooter.

2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter

2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter Features and Specs

  • 2000 watt rear hub motor
  •  60v 18ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • Tilt adjustable handlebars
  • Variable twist throttle
  • 32 mph top speed
  • 20 mile range in optimal conditions
  • Max Rider Weight: 450 lbs
  • High-tensile steel frame
  • 4-8 hours charging time
  • 18" tall, 9.5" wide tires
  • Hydraulic front and rear brakes
  • Front LED headlights rear reflector
  • 51-inch wheelbase
  • 28-inch seat height
  • Scooter weight: 123 pounds
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Battery level display
  • Kickstand
  • Carrying capacity: 450 pounds
2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter

2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter Review

Power, speed and range of 2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter

There are many reasons why this is the best electric chopper scooter on sale. First of all and most impressively it has 2000 Watts of power, which is really significant. The torque of this electric chopper scooter is amazing and it allows you to accelerate very fast and also tackle hilly terrain with ease.

The top speed is around 32 mph or 50 km/h, depending of the rider weight and the terrain you ride on. Top speed of around 30 mph for a electric chopper scooter is very fast indeed and it allows you to overtake most other standard electric scooter with ease.

The 60v 18ah lithium ion battery has a range of around 20 miles, again depending on the rider weight and the terrain you ride on. When compared to many other electric chopper scooters on sale, a range of 20 miles or 32 km is excellent. It takes 4-8 hours to charge the battery, depending how empty the battery is. 8 hours can be a bit too long but you can just leave the battery charging overnight.

2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter

Ride Quality of the 2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter

One of the major benefits of electric chopper scooters is their ride quality and comfort. The Mototec 2000W 60v electric chopper scooter does not have a suspension but the huge 18-inch tall and 9.5-inch wide air-filled tires provide all the suspension you need. 

These huge tires also provide incredible amounts of stability when riding and these scooters are very easy to ride, even if you have never ridden one before.

The high tensile steel frame provides plenty of stiffness to the scooter as well, which again is an important factor when determining ride quality. 

The hydraulic front and rear brakes are reliable and offer plenty of stopping power. The braking system has to be very reliable and luckily Mototec have out a lot of effort in making sure that brakes perform at all times.

Having a padded seat again makes riding the scooter very comfortable and the seat is wide enough to even larger adults. Tilt adjustable handlebars are a neat little feature that allow to adjust the scooter to fit riders with different heights.

All of these features really enhance the ride quality and enable you to relax and enjoy scooting around. It is much more comfortable to ride a fat tire electric chopper scooter than your standard rental type scooter.

2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter

2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter Standard Features

The electric chopper scooter comes with front LED headlight, which enables you to ride in low light conditions as well. Plus a rear reflector that also improves your visibility. Kickstand, battery level display, and battery charger are also included in the standard features.

The weight of the scooter is 123 pounds, which is quite heavy but it needs to be heavy. The maximum weight capacity is 450 pounds, which really allows heavier adults to ride the scooter as well. Lots of heavier adults have real trouble finding electric scooters to ride with because most of these have a 220 pound weight limit.

2000 Watt Mototec Electric Chopper Scooter Pros and Cons

Best Electric Chopper Scooter on Sale?


  • Very power 2000 Watt motor  
  • Great acceleration and top speed
  • 20 mile battery range
  • Large tires offer amazing ride comfort and stability
  • Reliable hydraulic front and rear brakes
  • 450 pound max weight capacity
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Tilt adjustable handlebars
  • Strong high-tensile steel frame


  • A little heavy at 123 pounds 
  • Front headlight could be brighter
  • Display could provide more information
  • Battery has only 60-day warranty
  • Plastic wheel covers look flimsy


This really is maybe the best electric chopper scooter for sale. It has lots of power, speed and acceleration. The ride quality is very comfortable and stable due to the huge tires and padded seat. It has a 450 pound max weight limit, which makes it ideal for heavier riders.

It has some drawbacks, such as weak front headlight, plastic wheel covers and short battery warranty. The battery is maybe a weak point and might not last for a very long time. But it is one of the best electric chopper scooters for the money. 

After I bought it for my son, I took a ride on it and bought a second one for myself! I've been cooped up during this whole pandemic and it's perfect for getting out in to the fresh air. I love the way the fat tires it hug the road. Super comfortable with the back support. Definitely smooth & sturdy.

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